Eric Ends His Relationship with Quinn, But Can He Stay Away?

If the Forrester family ever doubted that Eric Forrester should be at the head of the family and the helm of the family business, proof was delivered this week in Eric Forrester’s calm handling of his granddaughter when she “forbade” him from seeing the woman who had put a spring in his step of late.

Steffy Forrester derailed in a hysterical blend of fear and anger when she learned the identify of Eric Forrester’s mystery lady.  Returning from a photo shoot on the Stella Maris, Steffy headed toward the hotel. She stopped in her tracks when she realized that Eric’s mystery woman had followed him to Monte Carlo to be with him.  They were kissing out front of the hotel.  They Eric got in the car and left for the Spencer Summit.

Steffy took the opportunity to go meet Eric’s new lady.  Steffy called out to her.  Quinn, with her back to Steffy, recognized her voice immediately.  She pulled her large sunhat over her face and ran.  Steffy gave chase.  Eventually, Steffy tackled the woman doing her best to evade her, to the ground.  It was then that Steffy realized that her grandfather was seeing Quinn Fuller.

Steffy derailed. Fury and fear mingled and Steffy exploded at Quinn.  Steffy accused her of targeting her grandfather to get to Steffy.  Quinn denied it.  Her being in Monte Carlo had nothing to do with Steffy it was only about Eric.  Steffy was horrified and told Quinn that she and her grandfather would be getting restraining orders.  She was to stay away from both of them.  Quinn then dropped her bombshell.  She couldn’t.  She was in love with Eric!

Eric Dumps Quinn in Monte Carlo
Eric has decided to end his relationship with Quinn for his granddaughter. But Can Eric stay away from Quinn?

Steffy went straight to her grandfather and confronted him about Quinn.  Steffy told her grandfather that Quinn was using him in order to get to her.  Quinn had targeted him, Steffy ranted, while Eric tried to calmly explain that it hadn’t started like that.  Quinn had simply come to him to try to get her job back and they’d ended up talking and enjoying each other’s company.  From there it developed into more.

Still Steffy wasn’t convinced.  And in her hysteria she told her grandfather that she wouldn’t stand for him seeing Quinn.  She forbade it.  After what Quinn had done to Liam (kidnapping him) Steffy didn’t want her anywhere near herself or her family.  Quinn was dangerous she reasoned and she would never forgive herself if Quinn hurt Eric.  It was her turn to protect him.

Eric calmly listened to Steffy.  He understood where her feelings came from. And finally he agreed that for the sake of his family he would tell Quinn it was over.

Quinn showed up not long after Steffy left and gave Eric her version of events.  She was apologetic and regretted coming to Monte Carlo, but when he’d dumped her via email, she’d know it couldn’t be the end of them.  And for his part, Eric had certainly seemed to be glad to see her.

But Quinn understood how difficult a situation Eric was in.  But she couldn’t leave Monte Carlo without knowing if this was it for them.  It was up to him.  All he had to do was say the word and he would never have to see her again.

Quinn was calm and sounded as genuine as she had about her feelings for Adam, or Liam.  Still, Eric did what he needed to do for his family.  He told Quinn that he believed there was good in everyone and that he had seen it in her in their time together.  She was good for him, but he had to this for his family.  Eric was sorry.

A rejected Quinn asked him to hold her one more time and told Eric as she left that she would always cherish their time together.

Eric had done the seemingly impossible. Averted a crisis between Steffy and her mother in law. But will it be so simple?  Quinn isn’t the only one who developed feelings in the relationship.  Eric told Steffy that Quinn had been good for his life and he surprises Wyatt with the revelation that he cares for Wyatt’s mother.

If Eric really has developed feelings for Quinn, and has been as lonely as portrayed in the past weeks, will he be able to stay away from Quinn? After all, Eric did try to end things on more than one occasion and they kept finding their way back to each other…mostly thanks to Quinn turning up in lingerie.


  1. Steffy sure put her foot down with Eric and Quinn she is afraid that Quinn will use her grandfather’s love for her own needs. Ridge is very nerves to with Quinn hanging around Eric. Ridge knows Quinn and what she can do. Thomas on the other hand is thinking of his sister and her merrige to Wyatt that now she can go back to Liam. But it’s not that simple leaving Wyatt I think that Steffy will decide to stick around and see what happens.

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