September 1: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Bill Needs Brooke; Brooke Needs His Shares

Thursday, September 1, 2016 – Episode #7410


Bill Needs Brooke

Bill and Katie reflect on their marriage.  Bill calmly tells his soon to be ex-wife that they just don’t bring out the best in each other anymore.

Besides, Bill is making wedding plans with Katie’s sister.  He goes from discussing the end of his marriage with Katie to telling Brooke her needs her; like he needs his hands or his eyes.  But does Brooke need Bill?  Or does she need the 12.5% of Forrester Creations shares Bill has pledged to give her as a wedding present.

September 1, 2016 B&B Spoilers

Ridge Needs the Shares

Meanwhile, Ridge laments that his daughter, the president of the company, doesn’t want to be at Forrester Creations if this woman (Quinn) is here.  Ridge can’t have that.  Brooke getting those shares from Bill would fix Ridge’s problem.  Between Ridge, Brooke and his kids they would own a majority shareholding.

Liam Needs Steffy

Over at Thomas’ loft, Liam is with Steffy.  Steffy reminds him that their situation isn’t only because of Quinn.  She isn’t totally innocent in the situation either.  She lost faith.  But Liam is determined that they will be together.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Episode #7154

Ridge is Heartbroken

Ridge reflects on letting go of Caroline and telling her to find someone else to have a family with.  Brooke turns up with some papers.  She was in the area.  He invites her in.  Ridge tells Brooke that Caroline is gone for good.  He ended it.

Brooke is surprised.  She thought Ridge was giving in and having a child with caroline.  Brooke asks if this is really what he wants.  Ridge says he is doing this for Caroline.  Brooke feels guilty thinking that she talked him into it.

Ridge says he’s raised his family.  He’s had his family.  He let Caroline go to have that family with someone else.  Brooke thinks he is making the right decision about not having another child, but wonders if it has to cost him his relationship.

Ridge says the life Caroline wants isn’t with him.  Brooke asks what Ridge isn’t telling her.  Does he really think that after all these years she can’t tell there is more to it than Ridge is saying.  What is he hiding.  What did Caroline do?

Ridge says it is all on him. It’s not like you can’t Brooke tells Ridge, its that you won’t, Brooke reasons.  No he can’t ridge says.  When he was living in Paris he knew he didn’t want any more children.  Ridge shows Brooke the letter .  Oh so you had a vasectomy Brooke says.

Caroline is Heart Broken

Caroline has checked into a hotel and tips the bellhop.  Her phone rings.  Its Thomas. He wants to pick her brain.  He knows it may not be a good time.  He knows she’s in the middle of something with his dad right now.  Caroline cries.  He asks if she’s okay. Caroline admits she isn’t.  Thomas tells her to send the address of the hotel.  He’s on his way.

Caroline reaches into her purse and pulls out Pams’ pills.  She pops one; then another.

Thomas arrives. What happened to have her staying in a hotel.  She and his dad got in a fight Thomas asks.  A crying Caroline tells him that Ridge ended it so that she could be a mother.  That he couldn’t be the father of her children.

Caroline catches Thomas up on what happened as they have a glass of red wine.  Thomas wishes there was something he could say.  Ridge is just not capable of staying in a relationship.  Caroline doesn’t understand ending things being the right thing to do.  But Caroline was okay about not having kids when she was with Ridge.  Relationships are about compromise but Ridge made a decision for both of them by ending things.

Thomas hates seeing how much Ridge has hurt her.  Thomas tells her she has to live her life and not let Ridge affect her decision.  But caroline doesn’t need to have kids not if it means being with Ridge.  He kept saying that the kids Caroline has can’t be his.  Caroline cries and Thomas comforts her.

Caroline would give up her dream of having children to be with Ridge.  Caroline just thought he would eventually change his mind. Caroline flops on the bed.  Thomas sits next to her.  Thoams says he admires his dad in many ways, but there is one thing he is determined to do differently – the way Ridge treats the women in his life.  He lived through Taylor and Brooke’s disappointments.  Ridge is all about what suits him in the moment.

Thomas tells Caroline that he would love to have another opportunity with her.  Caroline begins to space out. Thomas’ words echo and she becomes sleepy.  Thomas complements her.  he’s so nice Caroline says.  Thomas leans in and kisses Caroline.