The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 22 – 26, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful Aug 22 – 26, 2016:  Steffy moves out and threatens divorce; Ridge, Steffy and Wyatt demand Eric and Quinn end their relationship; Katie and Bill’s divorce progresses…

    Liam, Wyatt and Steffy – Steffy Moves Out! Threatens Divorce

    Since learning that Quinn Fuller was responsible for keeping Liam away from his family all those months, Steffy has been adamant with her husband that she doesn’t want his mother anywhere near her, her family or the family business. Wyatt, who couldn’t condone what Quinn did with Liam agreed to his wife’s terms, but had no idea how hard they would be to enforce until Quinn turned up in Monte Carlo to see Eric Forrester!

    Wyatt and Steffy have been relentless in their opposition of Eric and Quinn’s relationship.  But despite initially kowtowing to family pressure, Eric rebelled when his family behaved as if he weren’t able to look out for his own interests. Eric then asked Quinn to move into the family home with him.

    For Steffy this is the ultimate betrayal, by her grandfather; and by Wyatt, who despite his promises has been unable to keep his mother from infiltrating their lives. Steffy promised consequences if Quinn’s behavior could not be moderated and this week, Wyatt will learn just what those consequences are.

    After telling Quinn that if she doesn’t move out of the Forrester Mansion then Steffy will move out of her home iwth Wyatt, Steffy goes home and breaks the news to her husband.  Wyatt seems honestly shocked that Steffy would take matters that far.  He tells his wife that he would anything for her and begs her not to leave him.  He’s not Quinn Fuller’s son; he’s her husband and he’s 100% dedicated to her…But Steffy will not have Quinn in her life…

    When Steffy doesn’t back down, Wyatt becomes angry wondering if its simply an excuse to go back to Liam.  Steffy of course retaliates that she’s had plenty of reason to do that when she learned Quinn kidnapped him.

    You’re leaving me he wants to know of his wife?  Steff defends that she stuck by him.  Until now, Wyatt quips as another wife leaves him because of his mother.

    With his wife leaving him, Wyatt goes to the Forrester Mansion and congratulates his mother on her achievement.  Wyatt displays anger management issues as he throws things in his frustration and anger.

    Steffy is making a point.  Quinn was warned.  Steffy’s threats are not idle.  She moves out and tells Quinn that she will divorce Wyatt unless Quinn gets out of Eric’s life.

    Liam finds that he has Thomas’ support.  Thomas isn’t pleased that Wyatt hasn’t been able to keep Quinn out of his sister’s life.  Thomas is adamant that Quinn is a threat to Steffy’s happiness; and if Wyatt can’t keep Quinn under control, then Wyatt is too.

    August 22 - 26, 2016 B&B Spoilers

    Quinn and Eric – Stand Firm

    Quinn has a very real ultimatum placed before her.  Despite fierce opposition from their families, Eric and Quinn have resumed their relationship.  In fact, Eric has taken their relationship a step further by asking Quinn to move in.

    But Eric and Quinn’s budding relationship could mean the end of another relationship.  Steffy delivers an ultimatum to Quinn.  If Quinn doesn’t move out; then Steffy will.  Quinn is clearly upset when she tells Eric about Steffy’s threat.

    And Steffy isn’t their only opposition.  Ridge again confronts his father and Quinn about their relationship.  Eric calmly reminds his son that he is his father; not his child and Ridge would do well to remember that.

    Steffy not only moves out of her marital home and in with her brother, Thomas, but she informs Quinn that unless Quinn ends her relationship with Eric, Steffy will divorce Wyatt.

    Eric and Quinn face demands from Ridge, Steffy and Wyatt that they end their relationship but they stand firm and oppose their families.  Quinn tells Eric that she hates being the reason that his family are turning against him.  But Eric remains committed to Quinn and when Wyatt shows up in a last desperate bid to save his marriage, Eric tells him that he can drag Quinn out of his home, but Eric will just come after her and bring her back…

    Ridge and Brooke

    Ridge confides in Brooke about the issues with his father seeing Quinn Fuller.  Ridge admits that Quinn Fuller is not your average gold digger.  Brooke thinks the whole thing is crazy and throws her support behind Ridge.

    Of course, Brooke is interested in protecting her children’s birthrights from Quinn also.  Ridge isn’t the only one who stands to lose his “birthright”  if Quinn takes over as the lady of the manor.  Brooke shares two children with Eric;  Rick and Bridget and while she may be supporting Ridge she’s also looking out for the interests of her children…

    Together Brooke, Rick and Ridge come up with a plan to protect the families interests while minimizing the impact Quinn can have.  All them have to do is minimize the influence that Eric has on the business and them, Ridge states.  Would be easy to do, if her weren’t the CEO...which means we’re in for another power play…

    Bill and Katie – Divorce Woes

    Steffy and Wyatt’s relationship isn’t the only one in its death throes. Bill and Katie continue to nut out the details of their divorce this week.  The Forrester Creations shares no doubt continue to be a sticking point…

    But with his marriage almost dissolved, Bill’s mind once again turns to Brooke and making her his…

    Sasha and Thomas

    Meanwhile Sasha and Thomas continue getting to know each other in their own little orbit.  Sasha tells Thomas that she has to leave him wanting more.  He smiles that she has succeeded.  Thomas and Sasha may be getting along well now, but what will happen when Caroline returns from New York with Douglas.  She ended her marriage so that she, Thomas and Douglas could be a family; and not Thomas is getting cozy with another Forrester Creations model…

    This week sees Thomas get a new roommate.  Steffy follows through on her threat with Quinn and Wyatt and moves out; and in with her brother. Thomas wonders if Steffy will move back in with Wyatt if Quinn moves out of the mansion.  Steffy who no longer trusts her husbands ability to control his mother, simple says that is one way it could go.  But she doens’t look convinced.

    Thomas has thrown his support behind Liam in reuniting with Steffy, and Steffy’s reaction to his question tells him that there is more going on in Steffy’s marriage than just Quinn.  Since Wyatt hasn’t been able to keep his mother under control and out of Steffy’s life, Thomas sees not only Quinn, but Wyatt also as a threat to Steffy’s happiness.

    And it looks like Thomas may take a bash at playing cupid when he sets Steffy up with a date.  Let’s see.  Who do you think the lucky chap will be???

    Coming Up: The Bold and the Beautiful…

    Also returning to the canvas is RJ Forrester, Brooke and Ridge’s son.  He is set to be aged to a teenager when he appears mid September.

    Ivy Forrester, last seen in taking a flight to Australia, and briefly in March on her way through LA while travelling the world with her dad, John, is set to return to the canvas late in August.  Look for Ivy to return on August 31, 2016!

    Ivy Forrestser Credits

    Need a refresher on Ivy Forrester?

    A quick rundown on what Ivy got up to last time she was in LA…Ivy has a contentious relationship with Steffy and was involved with both Liam and Wyatt…

     Next Week’s B&B Spoilers…

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Ashleigh Brewer to returns as Ivy Forrester on 31 August, 2016.

    B&B has cast Anthony Turpel as a sorased RJ Forrester.  RJ is now a teenager and will first appear on September 14, 2016

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

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    1. What ever happened to the investigation into quin murdering the guy that owned the hope diamond …is that going to come up soon? That would surley open Eric’s eyes as to the real quin with cops coming to the mansion asking her questions..I would like that story line..

    2. Steffy new that Quinn is truble and she knows now that Wyatt can’t do any thing about his mother she has a mind of her own she is enjoying some time with Eric and having fun in the good life why give it up? Ridge and the family are having a hard time with Eric he dosen’t want to listen to any body if he fulles it want be the family it will be on Eric alone. Thomas is having fun he has a new girl friend Caroline will have to find her own place with the baby I hope Ridge will take her back soon. I think that Thomas and Caroline want be a couple there is no chemistry like she has with Ridge why push them together? Team Ridge and Caroline.

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