September 12: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recpas and History: “I’m Going to Be His Wife”

Monday, September 12, 2016 – Episode #7417


Eric’s Going to Have a New Wife

Bill Spencer weighs in on Steffy and Wyatt’s separation by gong to see her at Thomas’ loft where she is staying.  He has two son’s involved in this mess so he needs the answers to some questions.  Clearly, Bill does what Bill does, he tries to enforce his will in the situation. He tells Steffy t pack her bags and go home to her husband.  Steffy isn’t having any of it though.  She tells him that he of all people should know that what he suggests isn’t an option for her.

Later, Steffy is at the Forrester Mansion, likely to try to get Quinn to leave; again.  But Steffy gets some shocking news. Quinn holds up her left hand and shows Steffy the sparkling engagement ring that Eric has just placed there.  Quinn tells Steffy that she loves Eric; and she’s going to be his wife.

Torn Between Two Lovers?

Meanwhile, over in Brooke’s kitchen, Ridge and Brooke’s relationship is going through a renaissance of its own.  Brooke has accepted Bill Spencer’s marriage proposal, but that decision is cloudied by the fact that she also wanted the gift that Bill is going to give her as a wedding present; the 12.5% of Forrester Creations shares that Ridge so desperately needs to get Quinn Fuller out of Forrester Creations.  Is she marrying Bill for love?  Or to do her ex a favor?

Through working together to protect their children’s birthrights it seems Ridge’s feelings for Brooke may be resurfacing.  He has told her that she will always be his “logan”.  Brooke smiles coyly over a cup of coffee and tells him that he can’t keep saying things like that “your logan”  But she is clearly pleased by it…


Friday September 12, 2014

Bill and Quinn

Bill warns Quinn that she got away with what she did in Paris and she got what she wanted out of it.  She was now to stop interfering and manipulating.  Quinn told Bill Liam was safe from her now that he wasn’t in Quinn’s way anymore.  Bill told her to let Hope and Wyatt live their lives uninterrupted also.  If Wyatt ever found out what she did in Paris he would be against her again.

Charlie proves Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine

Pam found Charlie in his office working a theory.  He was waiting for a text from a colleague in Customs proving that Quinn was in Paris.  Pam is initially disbelieving but when the customs documents are sent to Charlie showing Quinn flew into Paris the same day that Ivy fell into the Seine she is ready to go tell Liam.

Charlie however wanted solid proof and waited to get camera footage.  Another colleague in the Paris office who set up the surveillance for the Paris photo shoot had contacts that could get him footage from the cameras around Paris.  Charlie and Pam reviewed the footage.  They saw Quinn steal a scooter from the airport to follow Ivy and Laim to the Eiffel Tower.  They also had video of Quinn walking past Ivy on the bridge and pushing her into the Seine.

Charlie had proof that Quinn was the reason Hope and Liam weren’t married.

The Cliff House

At Forrester Creations Hope and Ivy finished their conversation.  Ivy told Hope a person’s decisions said a lot about the person.  Ivy said that Liam deciding to save her from the Seine said much about him and he didn’t seem like the kind of man who had trouble making quick decisions.  But Hope also made decisions that day.  Hope warily asked Ivy what it told Ivy about her.  Ivy simply said that Hope’s decision to marry Wyatt when Liam didn’t turn up on time told her that Hope must love Wyatt very much.  Hope admitted she did.

Meanwhile at the cliff house Liam and Wyatt also finished their conversation about Wyatt wanting to move into the Cliff house with Hope.  Liam told him it wasn’t going to happen.  Wyatt told his brother he could see a bunch of children having breakfast at that dining room table and playing in the backyard.  It was a family home where he and Hope would make new memories.

Wyatt  returned to Forrester Creations and filled Hope in on his plan to turn Liam’s Cliff House into their family home.  Hope was taken aback for two reasons – that he would want to live in a house where Hope had so many memories with her ex and that he was talking about children.  Wyatt told Hope that since they were married now he was ready to start a family.

Meanwhile at the Cliff House Liam was saddened by memories of what he and Hope had once shared and could no longer be.  Ivy arrived letting herself if.  Liam told Ivy about Wyatt’s plan.  They both realized he wasn’t ready to move on from Hope yet.  That conversation ended when Pam and Charlie arrived banging on the door.

Pam and Charlie entered with Charlie’s laptop.  They had something Liam (and Ivy) had to see.  And they wouldn’t believe it.  Pam and Charlie explained that Quinn had been in Paris when Ivy was pushed into the Seine.  They watched the surveillance footage and realized that Quinn had interfered in the course of Laim’s life yet again.

“That’s why you lost Hope,” Pam told Liam.  “It wasn’t some  act of fate.  It was Quinn…”



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