September 14: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ridge and Brooke 8.0?

2015: Steffy has Ivy thrown out of Forrester Creations; Caroline and Ridge "marry" 2014: Wyatt learns that Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 – Episode #7419


He Doesn’t Understand You Like I Do

Later in another office at Forrester Creations Ridge and brooke are discussing her impending marriage to Bill.  Ridge understands that Bill wants her, Because, well, every man wants her.  Ridge pulls brooke in close against him and tells her that Bill doesn’t understand her the way he does.  Brooke smiles, clearly pleased and flattered.

Eric and Quinn’s Impending Marriage Makes Waves

From his position of power at Forrester Creations – the CEO’s chair – Eric Forrester tells his family emphatically that he is going to marry Quinn and she will be the next Forrester Matriarch.

Meanwhile over at the Forrester Mansion, Quinn is breaking the news to Wyatt.  Quinn tells her son that she is going to be Mrs Eric Forrester.  Wyatt is disgusted turns away and tells his mother not to say that.  Why Quinn wants to know?  Why can’t her son be happy for her Quinn wants to know.  Wyatt balls his fists in reaction.  He tells his mother that if his marriage to Steffy ends because of her marriage, its on her.

Septmeber 14 Bold and the Beautiful spoilers

Monday, September 14, 2015 – Episode #7163

Ridge and Caroline Elope

Ridge and Caroline MarryA giddy Caroline asks if they are really going to do this today?  Ridge say if she wants.  They can do the full blown wedding if she wants.  But Caroline just wants him.

Thomas watches Pam blindfold Charlie and play “guess the missing ingredient” in her lemon bars.  Thomas says he’s going into ridge’s office. Pam suggests she knock because Caroline is in there, and who knows what he will walk in on. Thomas notes that seems to be the case everywhere today.

Thomas enters anyway.  He has design revisions.  Ridge tells him to take his time with them.  He’s not going to have time to look at them.  They are getting married today.

A friend of his just finished his place in Malibu and it’s amazing, Ridge says.  Ridge and Caroline leave Thomas to hold the fort.  Thomas congratulates them as the leave.

Ridge and Caroline arrive at an impressive property in Malibu, ready to exchange vows.  They can call Carter to officiate if she wants.  Or they can do all the paperwork later.  Ridge has a place in mind. The two of them are becoming one.

Ridge takes Caroline’s hand as a symbol of what brought them together; two artists working together. He will hold her hand from now on, and neither one of them will ever let go.

They will not change as individuals. But they are a couple. It will change how they see the world and their sense of what it means to be home.  They both own pieces of each other they will never get home.  He can’t wait to call her wife and navigate married life with her and parenthood if they are lucky enough to have a child.

Ridge doesn’t care what is thrown at them.  They deal will with it together.  Ridge recites traditional vows.

This moment has been building for so long – since the first time they joined hands designing. Individually they were stuck but together the can move forward.  Together they’ve taught him to draw again and her to walk again.  That makes her unafraid of the bad things in these vows.  Together they can conquer anything.  Caroline recites traditional vows.

They exchange rings.  Ridge announces them man and wife and Ridge gets to kiss the bride.

Thomas and Nicole

Nicole tries to work with Thomas but he’s distracted.  Thomas admits it’s because Ridge and Caroline are headed out to get married today.

Nicole wonders if he’s really happy about his father marrying a girl he’s really into. Thomas says he’s not miserable.  He’s tryint to distract himself with his work

Steffy Fires Ivy

Steffy wants Ivy out within the hour.  She is President and has the right to decide who works here.

Liam suggests Steffy talk to her father about this.  Steffy says no.  Ridge will support her.

Ivy defends that she deleted the video.  This is her family’s business.  Steffy tells Ivy that is right, but Ivy is no longer part of it.  Steffy can’t work with someone she can’t trust.  Steffy states she is being nice.  Steffy isn’t sending Ivy to jail for blackmail, she’s sending her home.  Steffy tells her to go anywhere she wants as long as it is far away from her.

You need a reason to fire me Ivy says.  Steffy tells Ivy, she doesn’t trust her.  Ivy can talk to whoever she wants after she leaves the building.  Ivy says she is a Forrester and is not leaving.  Steffy goes to the phone and tells Pam she needs security up there.

Charlie arrives with another guard.  Steffy says Ivy has been fired.  Please escort her out of the building.

Liam says there is a better way to do this.  Ivy thinks that Liam is defending her, but he asks her to leave quietly.  Steffy has the authority to fire her and so does he.  Charlie is sorry, as he and the other guard manhandle Ivy out of the building.  Wyatt leaves with her.


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