September 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: His Logan is All Mine

Wednesday, September 15, 2016 – Episode #7420


It’s Gotta Be Killing Forrester

After meeting with a wedding planner and announcing to Brooke that they are going to be married in a couple of days (out of state to avoid the 6 month waiting period) Bill is a happy man.  Allison, is also happy for her boss.  She tells him that there is nothing standing in his way.  He can finally make Brooke Logan his wife.

Bill is even happier about his impending marriage to Brooke because it has the added benefit of sticking it to Ridge.  Bill gloats that his marriage has to be killing Forrester.  Ridge’s “Logan” is going to be all his.

But what Bill and Allison don’t realize is that there may be something standing in Bill’s way.  Not only have Brooke and Ridge be come closer through protecting their children’s legacies from Quinn Fuller, but their son, RJ, has just arrived home.  And he walked in on Ridge pulling Brooke against him all cosy.

I’m Still Mrs Spencer

Wyatt has gone to Steffy at her brother’s losft, where she has been living since Steffy moved out of their home in Malibu.  He wants to know if their marriage will really be over if Quinn marries her grandfather.  Or is it already Wyatt wants to know.  He can’t keep living in limbo like this.

Wyatt tells his wife that if she really can’t get past what has happened between his mother and her grandfather then he needs to know now.  Steffy gives Wyatt hope.  She tells her husband that they may be living apart, but she is still Mrs. Spencer.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015 – Episode #7164

Ridge and Caroline – Married

Caroline can’t believe they are married. Tomorrow they have to go to city hall to make this legal Ridge says.  But Caroline says that won’t make her feel any more like her wife than she does right now.

Ridge says his life was good; then she came along.  He is humbled to call her his.  When she came to LA all she wanted to be in the same room as him, and just maybe he’d look at her work.  She never even dared to dream this could happen.  They declare their love and kiss on the beach and move onto the honeymoon…

Thomas Kissed Nicole

Nicole is surprised by Thomas’ kiss.  He tries not to be predictable.  Nicole would like to hear the reason for the kiss.  Thomas asks if anyone has ever told her she talks too much. Nicole said she might be flattered by the kiss if it had something to do with her.  Thomas says Caroline is marrying her dad.  That’s a line he won’t cross.  Thomas flirts with Nicole.

Nicole is assessing his motives.  Thomas says sometimes a rose is just a rose.  Roses have thorns, Nicole counters.

Thomas gets a notification from social media.  She and his dad are married.

Is Steffy Sure about Firing Ivy?

Liam tells Steffy that Ivy wasn’t expecting to be fired like that.  Liam asks if she’s sure about firing Ivy. Steffy says she had no choice.  Ivy would have betrayed her again.  She’s out and she’s not coming back.

Liam gets it.  Holding the video over her head was inexcusable and that is on Ivy.  Liam says she is surprised because they made a pact about it staying buried.  And now Ivy is fired over it. Steffy understands but she can’t work with her.  Liam worries about what Wyatt said – regretting the decision – and wonders what that means. Wyatt doesn’t make idle threats, but he can’t see what he and Ivy can do.

Steffy thought at one time she and Ivy could be friends.  Liam says he didn’t think Ivy would be capable of blackmail.  Steffy notes that she was good at it too. Steffy warns that Wyatt aligning with Ivy could backfire. If Steffy doesn’t trust him, he’s gone too.

Steffy feels like a weight has been lifted (with the video gone) and they can move on with their lives. Ivy isn’t holding anything over her.  No matter how angry Wyatt gets he isn’t going to do anything to them.  Steffy considers this chapter closed.

Katie wants a new Career Challenge

Katie and Bill have lunch.  He’s not happy about Caroline marrying Forrester.  Katie changes the topic.  She’s looking for a new project at work.  A new challenge.  Lets make it happen Bill tells his wife.

Bill gets a call from Wyatt.  He needs to talk to him.  Bill will finish up lunch and head to his place.

Wyatt’s Revenge

At Wyatt’s Malibu beach house Wyatt tells Ivy that when he told Liam and Steffy they would regret firing Ivy, he meant it. Ivy would love that to be true but those two get whatever they want.

Wyatt can’t do anything about them being together, but he bets they can shake up happy.  Ivy is glad she can count on him to have her back. Ivy wonders how long she’ll be welcome at the Forrester Estate.  Steffy’s influence is everywhere.  Wyatt promises Liam and Steffy will regret what they did to Ivy.

Wyatt calls Bill.  He’s coming over.  Bill and Katie arrive and Wyatt explains Ivy was fired from Forrester by Steffy.  She was escorted out of the building when she wouldn’t go quietly.

Wyatt is upset, about Liam.  He’s President of Spencer and VP when he knows nothing about Forrester or fashion.  Bill asks what Wyatt wants; he can’t give him Liam’s job.  Wyatt states that Bill’s 12.5% at Forrester has gotten him nothing.  They will never have a say.  And nor will he.  He wants to carve out his own space in his family business.  He belongs at Spencer.

He wants to bring another industry under Spencer.  A jewelry line Bill asks?  But Wyatt wants to start a whole new design house to compete with Steffy and Liam.  To bring them down.


Monday September 15, 2014

Make a Baby With Me

Hope tells Wyatt that of course she wants children but wants to be sure she can do everything first.  They’ve only just gotten married and she’s got her job.  Wyat tells her they wouldn’t have to do it alone – they could get help.  Wyatt wants to take the next step and have a bunch of mini Hopes running around a house.  What if we have boys Hope asks.  Wyatt states they will keep them.  Wyatt asks Hope to take another leap of faith and make a baby with him.

Quinn arrives.  Best idea I’ve ever heard she says enthusiastically.  She cant wait to be a grandma.  Wyatt tries to tell hism mother this is a private conversation .  Quinn tells Hope this is all shes ever wanted for her son a good wife and a family.  No matter how misguided some of the things she did to push things along Quinn says she’ll never be sorry.  Hope gets a text from Brooke and leaves mother and son alone.

Hope meets her mom at Forrester Creations where Brooke asks her how married life is.  Hope sasy good.  Brooke notes she expected a more enthusiastic reply.  Hope admits that everything happened so quick that she’s really just still trying to catch her breath. One minute she’d been about to marry Liam then she ended up married to Wyatt and now Wyatt wants to start a family Hope admits to Brooke.  Hope agrees that children are hard work but she’s always wanted them.

Hope tells Brooke she’s worried about a gene pool issue.  Its terrifying to think of Quinn as a grandmother to her children.  What if the crazy gene skips a generation and lands in her child Hope asks.  Quinn makes Hope uneasy.  Her mother in law has no real regard for anything except what she wants.

Brooke asks if Quinn is just a convenient excuse. You’ve had an image of you and Liam starting a family together – that can’t be easy to erase.

Quinn’s Secret is Out

Liam rushes into Wyatt’s house looking for Hope.  Wyatt tells him she isn’t there but he’s welcome to wait.  Quinn comes out of the bedroom and says oh no.  Liam tells Quinn he knows what she had done.  But maybe her son doesn’t.  Liam recounts that he had the life he wanted in his sights in Paris.  Quinn rolls her eyes and tells him to get a girlfriend.  Then something unbelievable happened Ivy was pushed into the river.

Where are you going with this? Wyatt wants to know.

“Figure it out Wyatt who in this world would want to stop me from getting to Hope.  Who would want to stop that from happening?”  Liam asks of his brother while staring at Quinn.   Wyatt is disbelieving but his protest ends when Liam pulls out a copy of Quinn’s passport proving she went through customs on the day (and from the same flight) as Liam and Ivy.  Liam then shows Quinn at the airport.

Quinn claims she was there for a confidential job interview.  But Liam them shows her stealing a scooter and then the money shot – Quinn pushing Ivy into the Seine.  An angry Wyatt turns to his mother and asks if she did this, pushed an innocent woman into the river.

Ivy and the fallout

Ivy discusses what happened with Charlie and Pam after Liam leaves.  Pam fills Ivy in that Quinn had once been after her Uncle Eric as well.  Pam and Charlie are aware that Ivy has been seeing Liam but Ivy states that while she thinks Hope needs to take some responsibility for her choices in Paris also, if Hope is what Liam wants and he gets her back, Ivy will be the first person cheering at their wedding…




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