September 16: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: RJ Doesn’t Approve of Bill and Brooke

Thursday, September 16, 2016 – Episode #7421


RJ Lets Bill Know He Disapproves

In an unusual turn of events, Bill Spencer harbors guilt.  He created a child with psychopath Quinn.  She is in their lives because of him.  Is that why he is giving Brooke his shares as a wedding gift?  To assuage his guilt over bringing Quinn into all of their lives?

Bill also gets a visit from Brooke and Ridge’s son RJ.  RJ has just returned to town, and has announced that with Caroline no longer in his dad’s life, he wants to see his family back together.  Seeing Brooke’s engagement ring, RJ calls it ugly, and makes it clear he doesn’t approve of Brooke’s engagement to Bill Spencer.

Bill wants RJ to know how much he cares about his mom.  How could you RJ wants to know; you have a son with her sister.

Its Impossible

Ivy confides in Quinn that she thinks their mission is impossible. Quinn assures Ivy that Eric will side with her over his granddaughter.

The Bold and the Beautiful Sept 16 2016

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – Episode #7165

Wyatt Wants to Start a New Fashion Company

Bill tells Wyatt that Spencer is a communications company, they don’t make clothes.  Wyatt says if the did they would be the best clothes anyone’s ever seen.  They could beat Forrester at their own game.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.  Bill realizes that Wyatt just wants to one up his brother.  Wyatt reminds him that Liam has to learn the fashion industry.  Wyatt already has that experience in the fashion industry and running a business.  Wyatt wants to start his own company; that is the next step for him.  Katie understands but taking on Forrester needs to be done carefully. They are king of the hill.  Wyatt states that is only because no one has challenged then.

Forrester are at the top of their game, they would never see this coming.  Forrester is a juggernaut.  Wyatt explains they are going to do it different – stripped down and efficient.  Katie tosses around some ideas.  Wyatt says its perfect.  He and Katie can run the company and Bill can just rake in the cash.  Katie thinks there is something in Wyatt’s idea.  Bill wants to know who is going to draw the pretty pictures.  They need a name. How about a Forrester Wyatt asks.  Ivy is out of a job right now.

Wyatt can’t see his career progressing at Forrester, so he needs to build his own team.   Bill notes he wants to be the boss.  He’s a Spencer Wyatt says, but he wants to prove himself and wants a challenge.  He can handle it – with the right help, Wyatt says.  He knows it’s a lot to ask.  Wyatt wants to earn whatever help Bill gives him.

News of Ivy’s Firing Spreads

Steffy checks the legality of firing Ivy with Carter who says that Ivy’s contract states she can be terminated at any time.  Quinn arrives and Steffy tells her that Quinn is now in charge of the jewelry line.  Ivy’s been fired.  Quinn is surprised.  Pam tells Steffy that Ivy is back in the building.  Charlie stopped her in the lobby.  Steffy leaves to take care of it.

With Steffy gone Liam, Carter and Quinn discuss what happened. Liam assures them it didn’t come out of nowhere.  Ivy did something and Steffy now feels like she can’t trust her.  Quinn wants to know what Ivy did.  Liam brusquely tells Quinn to do just do her job.  If Ivy had done that she wouldn’t be fired.

Carter realizes that Liam doesn’t feel good about Ivy’s firing.  Liam admits he hates this for Ivy, but Steffy felt it was necessary to let Ivy go, and Liam understands.

Steffy returns and tells Liam that Ivy is gone and will no longer be problem.  A teary Steffy tells Liam that Ivy still doesn’t get what she did to Steffy. She tried to get through to her, but she didn’t care. How could she work with her after that.  Liam is concerned about Wyatt.  He didn’t know that Wyatt was going to firre Ivy.  Liam didn’t like what Wyatt said that they would regret their decision.  Steffy said Wyatt did right by her, but the best thing for him is to stay far away from Ivy.

More to this…

Pam tells Charlie that she feels sorry for Ivy.  She didn’t see this coming which makes Pam think there is more to this than they know.


Tuesday September 16, 2014

Quinn Admits She Pushed Ivy into the Seine

Wyatt wants the truth from Quinn.  Did she push Ivy into the Seine he demands of his mother?  Quinn admits she did knock Ivy into the river.  She’s sorry but it doesn’t’ change anything.  Hope made her decision she married you, Wyatt.  Liam says that Quinn made Hope decision or her and they would see how much her marriage mattered when Hope found out what Quinn did.

Liam won’t respect a marriage born of deceptions.  The only reason Wyatt is married to Hope is because Liam wasn’t and the only reason Liam didn’t make it was because Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine.

Liam goes to leave.  Wyatt begs his brother to let him tell Hope, but Liam doesn’t trust Wyatt not to spin it.  Shoving Ivy into he Seine is criminal she could have been injured or killed.  Liam tells Wyatt to prepare himself; Hope is coming back to him.

Wyatt tells Quinn that if he was Liam he would be doing the exact same thing.  Quinn says Hope made a decision to marry Wyatt on his own.   Because of his crazy mother, Wyatt yells. Did therapy even help you at all Wyatt asks?  Did you go?

What is to stop Hope from running back to Liam?  Quinn offers to talk to Hope.  Wyatt yells there is nothing she can do to make this ok.  Who would want to have a kid with me with this twisted gene running through our family and you’re not exactly grandma material.  It wasn’t fate or destiny that brought Wyatt and Hope together it was Quinn.

Not Meant to Be

Hope tells Brooke that she has no doubt that Wyatt will make an amazing father but she imagined a life and family with Liam.  It’s hard to let go of that.  She and Wyatt are happy but she’s young and there’s much she wants to do.  She’s not ready to start a family.  Or do you still have feelings for Liam Brooke asks.

Hope says she’s moved on but admits that she would be married to Liam not Wyatt if he’d turned up in Paris.  A twist of fate kept her and Liam apart.  Isn’t that a sign she is supposed to be with Wyatt that perhaps she and Liam were never meant to be together?

Hope really loves Wyatt despite his crazy mother and knows they would be really busy.  A baby would hurt Liam also.  Maybe this isn’t the right time Brooke says.  When you don’t have any doubts – that is the right time Brooke advises. The universe has a way of working things out she tells her daughter.  Hope gets a call from Liam.  Hope agrees to meet Liam at his house.

Waiting for Hope at his home Liam remembers his relationship with Hope.  Hope arrives.  She admits she always loved this house and understands why he won’t hand it over to Wyatt and will never agree to take it away from him.  That’s not why he wants to see her though, Liam tells Hope.

Liam tells Hope she’s married to the wrong guy.  Liam retells all the stories of the manipulations in their lives. And it keeps happening to them.  Hope says but it didn’t happen in Paris we weren’t manipulated.  But we were says Liam.  Ivy was pushed; By Quinn Liam tells a stunned Hope.  That day changed our lives.  But this moment is going to change it back Liam says.

Ivy fills in Aly and Oliver

Aly arrived at the office to find Aly and Oliver planning a wrestling date for Oliver’s birthday.  Ivy tells them she hasn’t been able to avoid crazy Quinn.  Ivy told Charlie that she felt like she was pushed off the bridge in Paris and Charlie did some digging.  Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine Ivy told Aly and Oliver.

They discuss whether this news will break them up.  Aly isn’t sure.  The news that Liam wasn’t in Paris didn’t.  Aly tells Ivy she’s being strong.  It also affects her.  Ivy notes she could have died.  But that’s not what Aly meant.  Ivy says she should have known better than to fall for Liam.  She always was rooting for Liam and Hope Ivy notes.



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