September 20: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: A Lifelong Romp in the Hay

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – Episode #7423


Life-long Romp In The Hay

Eric and Quinn continue their discussion about his family not accepting her as his future wife.  Eric suggests that he will put her above his family.  Quinn looks for clarification.  Is he saying that he will write off his entire family (with the exception of Ivy who has been supportive) to have a life-long romp in the hay with her?

Quinn thinks there has to be a way to get his family to understand that she is not the enemy.  Eric assures Quinn that she is going to be Mrs Eric Forrester, and there is nothing that Ridge or anyone else can do to prevent that.

Brooke Needs to Marry Bill

Brooke is torn.  Bill has the jet loaded and ready to take them to get married.  But RJ, Brooke son with Ridge, has objected to her marrying Bill Spencer.  RJ wants his family back together and believes that Brooke and ridge belong together.

Bill pressures Brooke to just go and deal with RJ after they get back; married.  But Brooke tells Bill that she can’t just dismiss her son’s feelings.  She has to be there for him.  She can’t just run off.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Steffy discuss recent developments and RJ’s ability to derail their plan to oust Quinn from the company.  Steffy tells her brother that they need Bill Spencer’s shares (that he is giving Brooke as a wedding gift).  To get the shares Brooke needs to marry Bill.  And that has to happen as soon as possible.

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