September 21: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Quinn Will Never Be Part of This Family

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 – Episode #7424


An Intervention…

Eric’s entire family stage a final effort to prevent Eric marrying Quinn.  They gather in the family home; the Forrester Mansion and Ridge speaks for them all.  Thorne, Steffy, Rick, Thomas, Zende and Pam look on in support.

Ridge tells his father that they all love, and care about him and they can’t let him marry Quinn.  He goes on to say that Quinn will never be part of this family.

Quinn makes also makes a last appeal to Steffy and her son.  Quinn tells Wyatt that he is her son.  Its her wedding day and she wants him to be there.  But it doesn’t look like Wyatt can support his mother in that.


Monday, September 21, 2015 – Episode #7168

Congratulations for Ridge and Caroline

Carter asks if Steffy has second thoughts about firing Ivy as the family prepares a congratulatory celebration in the office for their marriage.

Steffy tells Thomas this is weird.  She decides not to talk about it, and just be happy for them.

Eric asks Brooke why she’s so quiet.  Is she conflicted about Ridge marrying Carolien Eric wonders.  It would be understandable.

Ridge and Caroline arrive.  He turns to business.  He wonders what happened with Ivy’s firing. He also announces Thomas as officially part of the design team.

Ridge tells Brooke he’s seeing a doctor about the vasectomy reversal today.  So there is no need to tell Caroline anything.

On the sky lounge everyone discusses Ridge and Caroline’s wedding. They wonder how Brooke feels about this.  Quinn says she doesn’t seem happy about them being married.  Pam is picking a vibe from Brooke but she doesn’t think it’s about being jealous of Caroline.

In one of the offices: Brooke, Steffy and Eric discuss Ridge and Caroline’s marriage.  Brooke has reservations about Ridge’s sudden desire to have a child. Eric asks if she is opposed to Ridge having a baby.  Brooke just thinks there is something about him starting a family at this stage in their life.  Steffy agrees, she’s had the same issues. But Ridge is happy so she has his back.

Locking in Their Future

Ridge leaves the office to go lock in their future he tells Caroline.  Caroline tells Thomas she wants to savor this time. Thomas says she deserves that.

Nicole enters.  Her happiness shows Nicole tells Caroline. Caroline leaves.  Nicole tells Thomas that he’s handling it well, but she knows Caroline marrying her dad isn’t going down easy.


Pam give Zende some tickets that he asked her to get using the Forrester name.  He can tell Nicole right now.  He’s in the office with Thomas right now.  Zende overhears Nicole telling Thomas that she knew all along that Caroline was the reason that Thomas kissed her.

Ridge Sees the Doctor about a Vasectomy Reversal

Ridge sees a doctor who wants to know what changed.  His French doctor noted that he was adamant about having the procedure.  Ridge tells the doctor about his marriage to a younger woman and her desire to have a family.  So he wants to discuss the possibility of a reversal.  He wants it done as soon as possible.

The doctor tells Ridge before he does the reversal; he will do a fertility test.  There is not point doing the procedure if he isn’t going to get the results he wants.  Illness or trauma can affect him; like the fall he had in the Persian Gulf.

The doctor has  the lab put a rush on the test. Caroline calls. She wants to know where he is and what he is doing. All Ridge wills says he’s locking in their future. He loves her.

Ridge tells the doctor he is ready.  Let’s do it.

Brooke Has advice For Caroline

Brooke wants to talk to Caroline.  She congratulates her.  Brooke knows she had her doubts but she sees how happy she makes Ridge.  Brooke has one word of advice.  She knows Caroline wants to have a family but asks her to remember that it’s never a given.

Winning streaks don’t las forever Brooke warns.  You don’t always get what you want when you want it.  But she and Ridge are wonderful together, but if it has to be let that be enough.

Caroline wonders if Brooke is telling her not to be disappointed if she doesn’t get pregnant straight away.  But Caroline has no doubt she will have her baby soon.


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