September 22: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: You’ll Never Be One of Us

2014: Hope tells Liam she's pregnant 2015: Ridge has unviable sperm

Thursday, September 22, 2016 – Episode #7425


You’ll Never Be One of Us

With Eric dealing with the stress of his family’s opposition to him marrying Quinn, and the rest of the Forrester clan having already departed.  Of course Quinn is trying to point out that is exactly what Eric’s family is doing to him.

Steffy tells Quinn that she may call herself Mrs Forrester but Quinn will never be one of them.

Later, at home Eric and Quinn discuss his family boycotting their wedding.  Eric thought he could bring them round.  Quinn tells him that she doesn’t need him to take care of her; she just needs him to be him.

Operation Stop the Wedding

At Forrester creations Thorne and Ridge talk to Eric.  Thorne reminds him that his mother hasn’t been gone that long.  Later Ridge discusses the situation with Felicia.  He tells her that together they will stop Eric’s wedding to Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 22 September 2016

Monday, September 22, 2015 – Episode #7169

Brooke Tries to Temper Caroline’s Excitement

Brooke finds Caroline designing and asks where Ridge is.  Planning their future Caroline tells her. Brooke seems to understand but Caroline has no idea what it means.  Caroline thinks it’s a surprise when Brooke seems to know what is going on.

Caroline quizzes Brooke.   Brooke states that not all surprises are what they are cracked up to be.  Caroline says it’s kind of weird talking to Brooke about Ridge but its all she wants to talk about these days. Brooke remembers the feeling.

Caroline says he is so present.  Its like there is no one else in the world.  He’s such an open book.  Most of the time Brooke says.  Caroline thinks the way Brooke is speaking that it hurts to talk about him, but Brooke tells Caroline she is not pining for Ridge.  That time is over for her and just beginning for Caroline.

Brooke sees herself in Caroline.  She so wanted children with Ridge.  And you did Caroline says, and it will happen for her too Caroline says.

Later Caroline is working with Thomas on a design.  He’s still distracted by that night.  Thomas wants to know where Ridge is.  Caroline says what Ridge told her; planning their future. Caroline asks if his dad being such a big force in this world bother him.  Thomas assures her he isn’t trying to be his dad.  Caroline wants them to be closer (Ridge and Thomas).  Maybe a baby would help with that – it would bring them all closer Caroline believes.

Thomas is happy for Caroline.  He has changed and she likes it.  Thomas tells her that he was concerned that his father couldn’t provide what she wants most.  He even thought Ridge would make a promise and not keep it.  But Ridge has come through.

Caroline says they are having a baby.  She is so excited about her future with Ride.

Unviable SpermRidge has unviable Sperm

Ridge is eager to know what the timing on the reversal is.  The doctor tells him to be patient.  He’s surprised that his wife didn’t come with him.  Ridge tells him that she is working but tonight they celebrate.  If everything works out the doctor says.  But Ridge is confident.  His wife wants a baby and he wants to make her happy.

Happy wife, happy life, right says the doctor.

Later he is surprised that Ridge is still there.  He’s waiting for the results and wants to have the procedure later today .

Ridge’s results come in.  They won’t be reversing the vasectomy.  His sperm aren’t viable. Ridge wants to know what the treatment is.  In vitro is still an option.  Ridge wants him to run the test again.  The doctor says his wife just needs to understand there are no guarantees.  Ridge tells the doctor, he promised.

The doctor is sorry.

Ridge Confides in Brooke

Brooke finds Ridge back in the office.  Brooke wants to know if he scheduled the reversal. Ridge delivers his news.  A reversal  isn’t necessary because it wouldn’t make a difference, Ridge tells Brooke.  He has a problem with fertility Ridge confides in Brooke.  He’s infertile.

Brooke is genuinely sorry.  Ridge doesn’t know what to do.  He wanted to give her what she wants that’s why he was rushing through everything – the wedding day – but now he can’t give her what she most wants.  Ridge doesn’t know what to do. He just took Caroline’s dream away says a sad Ridge.  Brooke hugs her ex.  She’s sorry.

Free Agents

Zende enters and asks if he heart that right.  Did Thomas kiss Nicole.  Thomas tries to tell him it was nothing, but Zende seems to think kissing a beautiful woman isn’t the same as kissing your grandmother – now that is nothing, Zende argues  So Thomas Kissing Nicole must have been something.

Zende asks if Nicole liked it.  Isn’t that sexual harassment Zende asks Thomas.  Thomas coming off the back of a dubious sexual experience with Caroline asks if that is what Zende thinks this is.

Zende tells Nicole that he isn’t upset.  They are both free agents.  He must have misread things.  He thought there was something going on between them, but if he’s kissing other guys he was wrong.  Who she kisses, or who kisses her is none of his business.

Nicole grabs Zende and tells him they are getting some air.  On the sky lounge Nicole tells Zende he can’t be taking this seriously.  It was one silly little unexpected kiss. She doesn’t want him all mopey.

Zende can’t believe Thomas.  Nicole says he’s going through something.  The kiss isn’t about her, its about forgetting and losing himself in his work.  Nicole tells Zende that Thomas is hurting.  Thomas was thinking about someone else and maybe so was she, Nicole tells Zende.


Monday September 22, 2014

I’m Pregnant Hope Tells Liam

“I’ve always wanted you I’ve always wanted a life with you.  I’m sorry I’m putting you through this,” Hope tells Liam apologetically.

“It’s ok”, Liam is reassuring.

“I’m pregnant,” Hope says still stunned be the news herself and seemingly shocked saying the words out loud.

“No you’re not”…Liam is shocked and disbelieving.

“I am”, says a shell shocked Hope

“You’re sure” Liam asks.  Hope admits she just took a test with tears in her eyes.  After last time she wanted to be sure.

Hope tells Liam she didn’t expect this, but that it changes everything –“I’m pregnant” she stated with tears running down her cheeks.  “And it’s Wyatt’s.”

Hope thought being late was just because of the stress she’s been under.  That’s what happened last time.  So she thought she’d just double check.  She had to be sure.

Liam asks how this is happening.  It’s never fair for us – just when we are finally getting back on track – really?

When you told me what Quinn did… How could she do this to us.  I’m’ so sorry Hope tells Liam.  Hope came over there wanting to start a life with Liam; to make plans with him.  But she had this feeling….Liam tells Hope that none of this is her fault.

Its like everyone on this planet is keeping us apart.  Liam says there has to be another way.  We’ll raise this child together.  There are all different kinds of families these days.

You’re talking about raising your brother’s child a stunned Hope tells Liam

Liam is not letting go of her. He’s not accepting any other way. Liam tells Hope  Tell everyone its mind Liam suggests.


But Hope can’t have a baby with one man and raise it with another.  This is a secret that could destroy his family.  Liam says he only cares about Hope.  He is not giving up on them.

Hope wants to be with him, but this is not the answer.  Wyatt is not who you chose for the rest of your life.

Hope notes that he is her husband though.  You just want me to walk away from my marriage.

Does anyone else know?  Have you seen a doctor?  Liam asks looking for a way out…

Hope says no.  It’s just you and me right now.  And if you won’t let me raise this baby with you we have to act quickly.  There is one other thing we could do Liam tells Hope.

Wyatt throws Quinn out

You and Hope have something extraordinary Quinn tells her son.  Liam can’t destroy that.  I won’t let you give up.  Wyatt tells his mom that he doesn’t want to be near her right now.  Hi futer and his marriage are in jeopardy because of her.

Quinn admits to being a little too over protective and she should respect him enough to linve his own life.  But Hope and Liam were together because of me and I had to make a move.  In her heart Quinn believes that he and Hope will grow old together because of what he did.

Quinn tells Wyatt that he has given Hope something Liam never has.  Quinn tries to convince Wyatt she can be a good mother.  Wyatt tells Quinn she is the last person he cares about now.  Hope is with Liam and he would understand because all of the baggage that comes along with that.  You put people’s lives in danger.  Who in their right mind would sign up for a lifetime of that?  Wyatt throws Quinn out.

Alone he texts Hope asking her to call him…

News Spreads

Eric, Caroline, Rick and Carter hear from Pam and Charlie what happened in Paris.  Ivy was pushed into the river by none other than….Quinn….It was Quinn Donna pipes up as Donna is winding up for the big announcement.  They all watch the video footage – again.

Quinn Fuller is a lot more dangerous than we thought Eric states,

Pam hands out lemon bars in honor of Charlie.  Ivy leaves.  She has something she has to go do.

Everyone feels bad for Wyatt.  His mother is completely nuts.  He’ll lose Hope they speculate.  Rick says there is no way Hope will stay with Wyatt now.  Donna feels for Wyatt.  Hope’s heart has always been with Liam.  There’s nothing standing between them now Eric notes.

At Quinn’s Loft

Quinn arrives home to find Ivy welding in her workshop – Its Ivy.  Ivy calls Quinn sick and depraved.  Then Quinn asks how long it took for Ivy to hit on Liam.  Ivy tells Quinn to never touch her again.  Ivy isn’t sure who she feels worse for Hope and Liam or Wyatt.  Wyatt is about to lose Hope and his marriage – everything he cares about because of Quinn Ivy tells her.