September 23: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Eric Thinks his Family Will Rally Around him and his Bride

Friday, September 23, 2016 – Episode #7426


Quinn and Eric’s Wedding Day

With a prenuptial agreement singed giving control to Ridge if Eric is incapacitated, Eric moves on with preparations for his wedding day. Caterers and florists work around Eric dressed in a white tuxedo jacket for his nuptials.

The only guests who have arrived for his wedding are Pam and Charlie. With the issue of the company dealt with through the prenup that Quinn has signed, and Thorne agreeing to be his best man, Eric thinks his family’s concerns have been addressed. A confident Eric tells Pam and Charlie that everyone will rally around his bride and him. Eric wants this to be the most special day in Quinn’s life.

Eric must have Pam convinced at least. She makes a call to Ridge who is at Forrester Creations. She tells Ridge that she really believes that Eric is in love with Quinn. Pam seems to be having second thoughts about the family’s agreement to boycott the wedding as a group.

Ridge tells Pam that he knows this is hard. He wants her to grab Charlie and get out of there.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the Forrester Mansion, Ivy is helping Quinn prepare for her wedding, Ivy makes an observation. She notes that Quinn really cares for her Uncle. Ivy tells Quinn that Eric is very lucky to have her.


But will  Quinn get the wedding day of her dreams?  Since spoilers also hint that the day will see Quinn devastated.  With a prenup spelling out terms for Eric’s incapacitation does the stress of his families opposition to his wedding take it toll?

Quinn is heartbroken when Ridge convinces no one to attend their wedding. Eric and Quinn’s wedding proceeds.  Eric calls a family meeting that sees him suffer the health crisis his prenup was designed to protect his family from.  Wyatt at least has a change of heart…

B&B Spoilers 23 September 2016

Tuesday September 23, 2014

I’m Pregnant Hope Tells Liam

You haven’t told Wyatt.  He doesn’t have to find out.  You wouldn’t have any ties to Wyatt anymore.  We could have our life.

If you have Wyatt’s baby, it’s the end of us.

Hope says she want the future they always talked about but not like that.  She would always wonder who the baby would have been.  Hope’s not ok with what he’s suggesting.  Liam understands.  So she’ll have the baby with Wyatt and they’ll have that incredible bond.  But you can still be married to me Hope.  We can raise the baby together.  (Re-run of the Steffy is a pregnant conversation!)

Hope thanks him for his enormous sacrifice but she can’t let him do that.  Liam tells her he needs her and will love her child as his own.  Hope doesn’t think it will work.  She grew up wondering why her parents weren’t together.  There were wonderful father figures; Nick and Ridge; in her life but they weren’t her dad.  She just wanted her dad.  She told herself she wouldn’t do to her baby what her mom did to her.

Liam doesn’t pretend it would be easy.  But they will find a way because the don’t have a choice.  But Hope doesn’t want to damage a family that hasn’t even started.  She won’t do that to this baby what her mother did to her.  This is just how it has to be.

She refuses to become her mother.  She’s raising her baby with Wyatt.  Liam says she’s not her mother.  Hope states she’s dating two brothers and fell for both of you.

Liam states she sacrifices her own happiness instead.  But Hope believes she can have a good life with Wyatt and their baby.

But not the life she wanted Liam says.  But Hope wants what this child to have what she didn’t.  We have been some one else’s puppet for years but Quinn doesn’t get to win.  Hope also hates that Quinn wins but there is a higher force at work.  She’s going to raise her child with her husband; she owes it to the baby to try.

She will love him forever Hope says as she kisses Liam.  Of all the things taken from them, Hope says, they can never take their memories.  Hope leaves Liam’s house and on each side of the door Liam and Hope cry.

Hope prepares for a life raising her baby with its father – Wyatt – which means saying goodbye to the love of her life – Liam.

Caroline Supports Wyatt

Caroline visits Cousin Wyatt.  She heard everything.  She knows what it’s like to lose someone you love.  She hugs Wyatt.  Nothing has to change.  Wyatt agrees if it had been

Marriage is a sacrament and I have to honor it – is that what I want my wife to feel about her marriage.  Caroline tells him that marriage is a sacrament and sometimes it takes work caroline says venting about a laundry issue in her own marriage…

Wyatt tests Hope.  I’m here for you whatever you decide.

Caroline assures him whatever happens he will be fine.  Wyatt admits to trying to get Liam’s house a few days ago.  Now he doesn’t’ know if that family will be Liam’s…

Bill Thinks Liam and Hope Should Be Together

Brooke calls Bill to see her.  They discuss Quinn – She’s Wyatt’s mother – poor kid.  They agree on that at least.  Brooke thinks Hope belongs with Liam.  Bill admits he’s starting to hope for Liam and Hope will be together too.

After everything Liam has been through if Hope is what he wants he deserves her.  But that decision is up to Hope.  Wyatt has been great for her, but Liam has always been the man for HHope Brooke notes.  She doesn’t believe that ther is anything to stop her going back to L

At Quinn’s Loft

Ivy is surprised that Quinn believes Wyatt won’t lose Hope over this.  Quinn just speeded things along.  Did pushing me feel good?  Ivy wants to know.  She has her job and is working with her son.  Quinn tells her she needed a damsel in distress Ivy Forrester.  Ivy calls her obsessed but Quinn just says she’s a mother.  Ivy agrees she isn’t a mother but she had one and hers doesn’t push people into rivers.  Ivy tells her never to come near her again.  She didn’t just manipulate Hope, Wyatt and Liam’s life.  Quinn insists that Ivy should thank her for giving her a shot with Liam.

Ivy tells Quinn that yes she was starting to fall for Liam, but he wants Hope and always has. And  now have no reason to be apart.



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