September 26: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: A Halted Wedding and a Family Confrontation

Monday, September 26, 2016 – Episode #7427


Quinn Stops the Wedding

Despite Eric’s disappointment that his family have decided not to attend his wedding to Quinn, the wedding gets underway.  Quinn is similarly devastated when she comes down the stairs and sees the empty seat assembled for Eric’s large family.  Quinn’s only family, her son Wyatt, is also absent.

Regardless, the minister starts the wedding.  Quinn and Eric look happy in each other’s company, but the sting from their family’s’ boycott is too much for Quinn who was hoping to put Quinn Fuller behind her and be the woman Eric’s love makes her; Quinn Forrester.

Quinn stops the wedding.  She can’t let Eric lose his family by marrying her.  With tears in her eyes, Quinn tells Eric that it is not going to happen.  They are not going to get married today.

Eric understands Quinn’s reasoning, but convinces her to exchange vows anyway.  Later, Eric has something to say to his family and a family meeting ensues.

At Forrester Creations

Back at Forrester Creations, everyone is gathered and suitable attired for a wedding. Anyone that has wavered in their determination to stay away from Quinn and Eric’s wedding, Ridge has brought back to the family position that no one will attend the wedding.

Thomas thinks that if they go over to the mansion now, Eric may be willing to listen, since they’ve made it clear how strongly they feel about the wedding taking place.

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Friday September 26, 2014

Bill Learns Ridge is Designing Again

Justin tells Bill that he just came back from FC and he learned something big – Ridge is designing again.  He’s drawing pretty little dresses again.

Bill is thrilled that he’s sketching his little heart which changes things for him and Brooke.  The dressmaker is designing again – all is right in Ridge’s world and all will be right in his and Brooke’s world also.  He tells Justin to get the jet fuelled up and ready to fly.  He and Brooke have been in limbo too long and that’s going to end today.

Brooke Gets Two Proposals

Brooke invites Deacon over to tell him that Hope didn’t go back to Liam – even though she wanted to – she’s pregnant.  She tells him only they and Liam know.  Deacon notes Wyatt doesn’t know?  Brooke states that Hope doesn’t want him to think she’s only with him because of the baby (isn’t she?).  Deacon says Hope will be an amazing mother; they will make great grandparents and hopefully more…

Brooke says at least she found out before she went back to Liam.  They discuss another pregnancy with questionable timing.  It all turned out pretty well…Deacon brings up their attraction.  They hurt a lot of people they loved and he regrets that but he will never regret his feelings for her.

Deacon can wait for her to accept his proposal.  Prison taught him patience.  Our daughter is starting a family; Deacon wants them to be a family too;  he wants Brooke to be his wife.  Please say that you want that too, Deacon asks of Brooke.

Bill arrives and tells Bill to vamoose.  Deacon notes his up- mood.  What is the convict doing her Bill asks Brooke.  Deacon notes he was invited unlike Bill.

Bill tells Brooke he heard that Ridge is designing again.  He hugs Brooke and tells her there is nothing standing in their way now.  Brooke is surprised by the news.  Bill wants her back – today.  He’ll move in today or get a place of his own – he doesn’t care.  But first they fly to Monte Carlo and get married on the Stella Maris.  We’d already be married if it weren’t for Ridge in Abu Dhabi and I’m even willing to bare my soul in front of the convict.  Ridge has his life back, I want ours back, Bill tells Brooke.  Will you marry me Bill asks Brooke.

Katie is Jealous

Maya felt she should say something.  You’ve both been through a lot.  She has a history with Caroline but knows what she’s capable of. I don’t want what happened to me and Rick to happen to you and Ridge Maya tells Katie.

Katie notes that Maya still holds a grudge.  Maya realizes she should have kept this to herself.  Forget she mentioned it Maya tells Katie.

Meanwhile Caroline and Ridge are drawing together and potentially feeling more…

Katie walks in to find Ridge and Caroline sketching.  Am I interruption she asks?  Ridge notes they were involved. Katie asks about their process.  She asks how it feels .  Both describe is as a rush of some kind.  Caroline finds it incredibly satisfying.  Caroline takes the design to show Eric leaving Ridge and Katie alone.

Katie asks Ridge how long the collaboration will last.  Are you jealous Ridge asks Katie. Does she have a reason to be?  Katie wants to know.

Katie asks if he’s ready to design on his own – has he tried?  Ridge gets test.  He has tried.  They have a partnership that is working why does she want to mess with it.  He can’t draw without Caroline.  They are a team.  Katie notes that Caroline doesn’t want it to end – she can’t imagine anything more satisfying.  Ridge tells Katie that whatever others are saying his work is Caroline is purely professional.  He’s in trouble and has to get the designs out he tells Katie as he hugs her.



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