September 27: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: A Mistake And A Family Confrontation

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 – Episode #7428


The Morning After

The morning after their wedding, Eric and Quinn discuss his family boycotting his wedding.  Quinn tries to reassure Eric.  They were just trying to protect you; Quinn tells her new husband.  Now it is their job to show his family that there is no need for them to protect him from her.

The duo head into work on their first day as a married couple.  Quinn talks to her son.  She tells him that she never would have put his happiness and marriage at risk if she didn’t truly believe in what she and Eric have.

Eric instructs Pam to get anyone who was in the building yesterday, who should have been at his wedding yesterday, into his office.  He has something to say.

Family Regrets

With Ivy having delivered the news to Forrester Creations that their boycott was unsuccessful; Eric and Quinn married anyway, Eric’s family starts to believe they made a huge mistake.  What the desperately wanted to avoid happened anyway with Eric’s heart being broken in the process.

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 27 2016
Eric’s family regrets their actions and Eric calls a family meeting of those who boycotted his wedding…


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