September 28: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Eric Berates his Family

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 – Episode #7429


Wyatt and Quinn’s conversation continues about him not turning up to her wedding to Eric.  Wyatt tries to explain he had to side with his wife for the sake of his marriage.  His feelings for Steffy is what kept him away from her most important day of her life.

Quinn, wearing the stunning diamond necklace served to her in a champagne glass with breakfast in bed that morning, tells her son that a very very tiny part of her is proud of him for standing by his wife’s side.


Eric continues to rail at his family for the lack of respect they showed him by not turning up on his wedding day.  He tells Pam that if he hadn’t forgiven her, time and time again (Pam off her meds is kind of crazy in a dangerous way) she wouldn’t be standing there in this office right now.

Ridge becomes angry and upset.  He yells at his father that he doesn’t know the first thing about any of them and storms out of the office.

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Monday, September 28, 2015 – Episode #7174

Not the Daddy

Caroline is stunned once Ridge admits the truth, that he had a vasectomy in Paris and there is no point to reversing it because his sperm are no longer viable.  He can’t give her a baby. Of course, a pregnant Caroline is grappling with the fact that if Ridge can’t be the father of her baby, that Thomas, his son is.

Caroline asks Ridge if there isn’t a chance that he could still father a child, but Ridge tells her what the doctor  told him.  There is no chance.   Ridge wants nothing more than to give her the baby of her dreams, but he can’t.

Ridge explains to Caroline his actions over the past weeks, not telling her about the vasectomy and rushing into a wedding.  He just wanted to do those things so that he could give her a baby. Ridge offers to let her out of their marriage.  He goes to take off his ring but Caroline stops him.  She loves him.

Tears roll down her cheeks as Caroline is grappling with her own secret and the realization that Ridge will get to see a baby growing inside of her – just not his.

Ridge hugs a crying and terrified looking Caroline.  He promises her they will work this out.  Meanwhile, Thomas is in the office thinking about Caroline.

Playing Favorites

At the Spencer mansion Katie offers to make Bill a smoothie.  Bill asks her to make on for Wyatt as well.  Bill wants to check on his son because he knows Wyatt is upset about him not backing his fashion house idea.  Katie isn’t sure that a smoothie with smooth things over with his son.  Katie thinks Wyatt’s idea was good but Katie understands Bill’s reasoning.  He doesn’t want to start a war between his sons by supporting them working for competing fashion houses.  Bill wants Wyatt and Liam to behave like brothers.  Bill doesn’t believe any good can come of pitting his son’s against each other.

Katie does note that Wyatt thinks that Bill’s decision is about playing favorites.  Bill explains that he does feel like he owes Liam more.  Bill loved his mother and Liam could have had a proper family.  That isn’t the case with Wyatt.

Ivy Begs Steffy

At Forrester Creations Ivy continues to ask Steffy for her job back. Ivy tells her cousin that they are family and she belongs at Forrester Creations.  Ivy promises that she will earn back Steffy’s trust, if Steffy gives her another chance.

Steffy sticks to her guns however.  Steffy tells her cousin no, that she is no longer welcome at Forrester Creations.

Ivy is frustrated by Steffy.  She asks why Steffy is being so stubborn about this.  Their voices become elevated and Liam overhears Steffy yelling about no longer being able to trust Ivy.  Liam comes in to break up the argument.  Liam tells Ivy she can get a job designing jewelry anywhere.  Steffy even offers her a glowing recommendation, but she isn’t coming back to work at Forrester Creations.

When Steffy asks Liam what he thinks, Liam states that he thinks Steffy should rehire Ivy, but he also tells Steffy that the ultimate decision is hers.  Steffy decides it’s still a no.  They kiss and Thomas enters.  There is banter about all the happy couples in the office.  Steffy and Liam in here and Caroline and Ridge across the hall.

Quinn’s Back is Up

Wyatt fills Quinn in on asking Bill to support him, Ivy and Katie starting a Spencer fashion house and that Bill shot the idea down.  Quinn is displeased that Bill is once again favoring his jelly fish son Liam.

Ivy arrives back at Wyatt’s Malibu beach house and tells them that Steffy still won’t give Ivy her job back.  Quinn states Steffy needs a handbag to carry her lap dog Liam around in when she hears Liam did little to sway Steffy’s decision.

Ivy and Wyatt go for a walk to clear their heads.  Quinn is furious with Bill.  As Quinn turns to leave Wyatt’s house, Bill Spencer arrives.  Quinn accuses him of always favoring Liam,  Bill is holding Wyatt’s mother against him she tells him.  Quinn wants to know why Bill won’t support Wyatt’s fashion  house.


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