September 29: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Eric is Rushed to the Hospital

Thursday, September 29, 2016 – Episode #7430


Eric Is Rushed to the Hospital

After taking each of his family members to task for their betrayal and selfishness in not attending his wedding, Eric becomes agitated while having a confrontations with the ring leader, “King Ridge”.  From across the hall where Wyatt and Quinn were making small inroads in getting their relationship back to a better place, they  hear Eric yelling and rush across the hall.

Wyatt and Quinn enter as Eric collapses to the ground.  Everyone is shocked that their betrayal has spurned a health crisis.  Eric is rushed to the hospital.

Back at Forrester Creations Eric’s remorseful family take his words to heart.  Pam notes that she was at the wedding, and under Ridge’s direction, she left.  She just walked out.  That is how she repaid Eric, Pam notes.  Eric had told like Quinn, Pam had a history of truly crazy behavior and he always forgave her.  Pam notes that she hasn’t always been as stable as she is now, but no matter how nutty she got, Eric never held it against her.

Thomas notes that no one single person holds the blame for their decisions.  They are all at fault here.

At the hospital Quinn is clearly upset about what is going on with Eric.  She’s trying to get someone to tell her about Eric’s condition.  Clearly, there is either nothing to tell or they are being evasive.  Quinn just wants an answer.  He’s her husband.

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 29 September
Quinn wants information on Eric’s condition when he is rushed to the hospital after collapsing while confronting his family over their betrayal.

Monday September 29, 2014

Bill Learns Ridge is Designing Again

Brooke tells Deacon and Bill to stop sniping at each other.  Deacon tells Brooke that if she can forgive Bill he can forgive him.  Please don’t marry Bill Deacon begs

Brooke appreciates Deacon stopping by and appreciates the help he’s been to both her and Hope, but Bill is the man in her life now.  Deacon leaves but tells her he’ll wait until Bill disappoints her again.

Bill asks if he can take that as a “yes.”  Ok, Bill says – only yes means yes.  Will you marry me Brooke.  But Brooke doesn’t want to rush into anything.  She will give him an answer soon she promises.

Back and Bill’s office Katie brings Will past.  Daddy has a nice new noisy toy for him to keep Katie and Ridge awake.  Bill notes that he and Brooke are delighted to hear that the temperamental artist is designing again.

Bill and Katie talk about her relationships and being happy.  They admit that they sometimes miss each other.  Katie lightens the mood and says he just misses her Eggs Benedict Arnold – the only thing she can cook.  Katie offers to teach Brooke…

Katie cancels catching up with Dani.

Brooke Kicks Deacon Out – Deacon Moves On

Wyatt visits Quinn.  He came by to tell her that Hope is at home with her husband.  Quinn hugs her son.  She asks if Hope hates her.  Quinn says she will come round.  Wyatt says he’s here to keep her away from his doorstep.  Her obsession with Hope has to stop.

Quinn calls Hope starchy and self righteous.  Wyatt says he doesn’t get to talk about Hope like that.  Quinn reminds him that her stay in Paris got him his wife.  If Hope needs her space from me she can have it.  As long as he visits, because she will never allow anyone to forbid me from seeing my son.

With Wyatt gone Deacon arrives home at Quinn’s loft. Deacon tells Quinn that Bill proposed to Brooke again and he believes Brooke will marry him. Why does every man what to marry Brooke and burn me at the stake.  Deacon says simply that she’s a witch and Brooke isn’t.

Quinn was sure that Hope was going to kick Wyatt to the curb so she cooked Wyatt a whole meal.  Deacon realizes that she tossed the chicken and the pie in the disposal and that’s why it needs fixing and why she called him.

Deacon tries to comfort Quinn and she suggests that he talk a little less.

News From Milan and Brooke’s Future

News comes in from Milan about Luca Carmina being dead.  And his 2IC, Juliana, is missing too.  They believe the embezzled from the company and ran off together.  But Luca washed ashore from his boat dead.  Donna asks Eric if she can talk to him about Brook.  She wonders how long they can put off this future they say they still want together.

Eric gets off the phone with Thorne.  Brooke arrives and hears the news about Milan and offers to help.  She admits she got a couple of proposals this morning.  The next logical step seems to be to marry Bill, Brooke tells her ex.

We don’t fall in love with someone because of their good qualities; we find their qualities good because we fall in love with them Eric notes while discussing Bill. But sooner or later we wise up and love them because they want to change.

Eric asks if she wants to marry Bill – Isn’t it simple then Eric wonders.  If Bill is what she wants, she has him, Eric tells Brooke.  But Brooke doesn’t seem sure.  Eric asks Brooke to put into words what worries her so much.  Their relationship is appalling to everyone else.

Eric tells Brooke they are both deeply unconventional people.  Love matters to them.  And when they deny that experience they die a little inside.  You know what you want Eric tells Brooke.  Brooke is worried everyone else will be right.  When she thinks about life with Bill she thinks it would be a terrible mistake to move forward with him; because she can’t forget about another person.



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