September 7: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers; Recaps and History

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 – Episode #7414


Quinn Has a Plan

A desperate Wyatt again begs his mother not to do what she is doing; and to take her jewelry line out of Forrester Creations.  Quinn tells Wyatt that she isn’t going to do that. She and Eric are really good together.  She assures her son, who has lost his wife as a result of Quinn’s happy relationship, that she never wanted this to happen at his expense.  But Quinn has a plan to resolve that situation.  Or at least get Liam out of the picture.

Wyatt is desperate to reconcile with Steffy.  He finds Thomas, Steffy’s brother working out on the sky lounge.   He tries to buddy up to Thomas my agreeing with his position.  His mother is a divisive force and she creates drama wherever she goes, and Wyatt totally understands why Thomas is being protective of his sister.  Wyatt is wasting his time, however, Thomas is already firmly of the belief that Steffy and Liam are the great loves of each other’s lives.

Quinn isn’t done with her manipulations either.  With Ivy back and essentially her bought and paid for lacky, Quinn has a plan to help Wyatt, by making it appear as if she’s helping Ivy.  Quinn tells Ivy that if she does everything she tells her, this time, Liam will be hers.

Liam may have other plans though.  And after his last experience at Quinn’s hands may not be the same pushover he’s always been. In another office, Liam tells Wyatt’s estranged wife, Steffy that he still wants a life with her

7 September 2016 B&B Spoilers

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Monday, September 7, 2015 – Episode #7158

Wyatt Convinces Ivy to Delete the Video

Steffy is caught between Steffy and Ivy with his finger over the delete icon on the screen.  Wyatt defends Steffy.  She’s not a murderer. Ivy reminds him she was an eye murderer too.  Wyatt says blackmailing is wrong and he’s putting an end to it – today.

Taking advantage of the video is wrong Wyatt tells Aly.  Ivy says that Steffy murdering Aly is what is wrong.  Steffy yells that she is attacking her.  Wyatt tells them they are family and they need to sort this out as a family.  Wyatt admits his part in this.  He’s bitter about the VP and Steffy choosing Liam over him.  Did he enjoy her squirming – Wyatt admits he did.

Wyatt tells Ivy that they have to fix this.  Steffy needs to forgive Ivy and recognize this was a traumatizing experience for Ivy.  They have to delete the vide Wyatt finishes.  They do not need another tragedy.

Ivy is difficult to convince.  Wyatt says that Aly set this all in motion. Steffy cries that they are family.  Aly was her cousin too.  She has to carry this with her forever.  She is sorry she took Aly away from her but it was unintentional.  And she didn’t take Liam from her, she can’t compare the two.

Wyatt reminds that Aly stood for Aly , love and family, before she lost her way.  Listen to her Wyatt begs Ivy.  Steffy describes what happened. Blackmail isn’t you.  It doesn’t show the rock, but that is why the video is so dangerous.

Ivy didn’t see it.  Steffy says it was the angel of the video, but Aly did have a rock.  But Ivy means she didn’t see what was happening to Aly.  She should have helped her, but she just didn’t see it.  She was her best friend.  Maybe if she’d seen it sooner she would still be alive.  But she was so tied up with Rick, her deportation and losing Liam.  She was sick and they missed it.

Wyatt hugs her – they all missed it.  We can’t bring Aly back but we can prevent more hurt.  The video will do more harm than good.  Ivy tells Steffy that she didn’t intentionally kill Aly.  She’s so sorry.  Ivy goes to the laptop and deletes the video.  Steffy is relieved. Ivy and Wyatt hug.

Ridge Gives Caroline and Thomas What They Want

Ridge welcomes his son to the team.  They are going to make beautiful things together Ridge tells his son.  He turns to Caroline and says she is going to be a wonderful mom.  Ridge and Caroline hug and Thomas congratulates them and leaves.

Later Ridge asks Caroline if she has any names.  He notes she seems preoccupied.  Ridge wishes he hadn’t let her go.  He wishes he could make that night go away because he never wanted to hurt her.  She says it also never happened.  But he was being selfless – stupid but selfless.  Ridge tells her he never wants to be without her again.  They kiss.

Caroline says she has looked forward to being a mom since she was little.  All of it.  3 am feedings and poopy diapers included.  She wants to raise another persona and see their affect on the works.  Ridge says they have a few things and procedures to take care of first.

Ridge shows her a design he’s been working on for a while. There’s a step he wants to take before they have their baby. He shows her a sketch of a wedding dress with “Will You Marry Me” written above it.

My muse woke me up Ridge says.  She gave him his life back and now she can’t live without him.  He loves her and he will love their child.  He gets down on one knee and proposes.  An ecstatic Caroline says yes.

Ridge tells her that she is all she needs.  He just wants her happiness. He can’t wait to start his life with her.  She would drink to that.  Ridge gets champagne.  No champagne.  Beer he says!

Thomas Tells Brooke About Ridge and Caroline

Thomas storms into the office not seeing Brooke there. She asks if everything is okay.  He tells her he is the newest member of the design team.  Brooke knew Ridge would come through. He also fills Brooke in on Ridge and Caroline being back together and planning on having a baby.

Brooke says he can’t start a new family now.  Thomas says he changed his mind.  But Brooke reflects on Ridge telling her about his vasectomy.  Nothing is certain Brooke says.  That poor girl Brooke says, everything she’s been through in the last 24 hours.  Thomas also wishes he could turn back the clock.


  1. Ivy deletes the video??Steffy gets what she wants again??? If Hope isn’t back soon…..we think there is nothing interesting in…!!!! She deserved everything!! Liam faught for her like no one else!~!!

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