September 8: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ivy Goes to Work on Liam

Thursday, September 8, 2016 – Episode #7415


The battle for Steffy Heats Up

Quinn continues to school Ivy in the way to win over Liam’s heart.  Since Quinn did so as “Eve”  she may have a trick or two to impart. But Quinn’s advice is a little more simple.  She  tells Ivy that she just needs to get in there and fight for what she wants.

Ivy finds an opportunity to test out her new look and accent on Liam.  Of course their discussion entails catching up on what has happened since they last saw each other in Australia.  Ivy has an opinion and she imparts it.  She tells Liam that Steffy is married to Wyatt, then asks why he would want to interfere with that.

Wyatt continues his discussion with Thomas.  Wyatt tells him that the only thing that is good for him is getting Steffy back home where she belongs.  Not with his brother Liam.  Wyatt believes that Liam should put his focus where it belongs, on his own life.  Liam needs to let go of the thought that Steffy is ever coming back to him.  I am her husband, Wyatt reiterates and he is not about to relinquish that title any time soon.  Wyatt’s confidence is more than a little misplaced since Steffy has a say in that decisions…


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – Episode #7159

Distracted Thomas

Thomas is still distracted by what happened between him and Caroline and her reaction.  Brooke finds him. She’s trying to make sense of Ridge changing his mind about having children. Thomas doesn’t see what is so complicated. Caroline wants a baby and Ridge wants Caroline happy.

Brooke decides to talk to him about it. When Thomas is called back to the loft Brooke wonders what is going on.  Thomas leaves so he can find out.

Brooke researches vasectomy’s online.

Ridge’s Best Man

Caroline tells Ridge she is not taking off her ring ever. She can’t wait to be Ridge’s wife.  They kiss.

Ridge calls Thomas and asks him to come over. He agrees even though he was just there.   Thomas arrives.  He’s glad that Thomas has changed his stance on his and Caroline’s relationship.  Thomas says Ridge really stepped up in giving Caroline the family she wants.  He suggests they don’t let anything stop them.  We won’t Caroline chimes in.

Ridge tells Thomas they are getting married.  He wants his son to be his best man. They are having a baby and getting married makes sense.  Thomas tells his father that he would be honored to be Ridge’s best man.

Ridge leaves.

Caroline asks if Thomas couldn’t say no.  Thomas congratulates her.  he only wants her to be happy.  She is, but only he never tells anyone what happened the other night.  Ridge will never forgive him if he finds out.

Caroline still doesn’t remember what happened.  Thomas says it was not clear that she didn’t want him that night.  He didn’t know she’d taken pills. Thomas goes over again what he thought.  He thoughts she and Ridge were over.  They made love and he held her in his arms until they both fell asleep.  He thought she was now his.  Clearly he was wrong.  His head was nowhere else.

He would never do anything so horrible.  Caroline doesn’t believe he would either.  Caroline says Ridge can never know.  That night never happened.  Thomas says she doesn’t have to worry.

Ridge arrives with a bottle of champagne.

Ivy Did the Right Thing

Wyatt notes that Ivy is quiet. She got a little lost with the pain of Aly’s death and Liam treating her horribly.  She was just fighting back and Wyatt gets it.  Ivy says she just deleted all that power.  What bugs Ivy is that Steffy is still responsible for Aly’s death.  The video was the last way to make Steffy pay.  Wyatt tells her she did the right thing and he’s proud of her.

Wyatt wants to make sure that Ivy thinks what she did was right.  Ivy agrees it was the right thing to do. It’s a relief for it to be done Ivy says.

But Aly is gone and Steffy gets to live large – that is what drove her crazy.  Fierce Ivy was kinda sexy Wyatt notes.  Ivy says he stopped her and she thanks him.

Ivy says from now on she is only going to focus on the future and all the fun times they will have together – they kiss.

Steffy Credits Wyatt with Getting Through to Ivy

Steffy tells Liam the video is gone and Wyatt was the catalyst.  They hug.  It’s over.  Steffy explains that Wyatt got through to Ivy.  Steffy notes that Ivy is dealing with a lot of guilt. What was driving Ivy was that Ivy missed what was going on with Aly.  It wasn’t to get back at Steffy.

Steffy says its been awful living under Ivy’s thumb.  If she went to prison she would have lost everything, including Liam.  Steffy says Wyatt was torn.  He wanted Ivy to delete the video but at the same time he was loyal to Ivy.  Ivy wouldn’t have deleted the video if it weren’t for Wyatt.

Steffy wishes that she’d gone with Liam to her grandfather’s house the night Aly died.  Liam says they can’t change what happened.  They need to let it go.  But Liam has to make sure.  He calls Wyatt and Ivy.

Liam thanks Ivy for deleting all the copies for the video.  Ivy confirms all copies are gone. He needs a promise from them to never speak of it again. What happened was a terrible terrible accident.   It stays buried forever, Liam suggests.  Everyone agrees.  Buried forever Ivy says, but it feels like she isn’t talking about the video, but Aly herself.

Steffy is grateful for Liam.  She is grateful for him.  They have a new beginning Liam says.  From here on out no old baggage.  They seal it with a kiss.


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