The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 3 – 7, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 3 – 7, 2016:  Eric’s family waits for news on his prognosis; Ridge learns Quinn has medical power of attorney from Carter.  Ridge exercises new found power…

    Liam, Wyatt, Ivy  and Steffy – Will Wyatts Change of Mind Cost him his Marriage?

    Wyatt switches sides.  Watching his mother threw Eric’s health crisis means that he sees how much she cares about Eric.  Will this cost Wyatt his marriage?  Looks like it might.  There are boxes and a packed suitcase in Wyatt’s Malibu home when Steffy learns about his change of heart about Quinn and Eric…

    Meanwhile Steffy learns that Eric and Quinn’s marriage license/certificate is unsigned.  Could this loophole rid her family of Quinn?  Steffy investigates…Ridge makes a move.

    Ivy makes a move to reunite with Liam.  She’d better hurry up because Steffy could be a free agent soon….

    Quinn and Eric – Ridge Takes Charge – Illegally!

    With Eric’s prognosis still unknown his family stays by his bedside…  Quinn finds herself on the receiving end of Ridge’s vengeance…Ridge tries to keep Quinn away until his father asks for her during a brief period of lucidity.

    Quinn could find herself in muddy legal waters.  Eric may want his wife by his side and spoilers hint that the Power of Attorney that Ridge had drawn up was altered by Eric naming her as Eric’s proxy.  But another legal document – her marriage license – comes into focus as well, when it turns up unsigned.

    Carter, in his expert legal opinion (presumably) thinks things are going to get more difficult before they get better…He informs Ridge that Quinn has Power of Attorney over Eric’s affairs, not him.

    Meanwhile, Quinn is unaware of the new turn of events.  Ridge is trying to remover her permanently from Eric’s life, and when Quinn is pushed she comes out fighting.  Quinn tells her son that she made a vow to protect Eric and that is what she is going to do; even if it means protecting him from his family.

    This is exactly the kind of situation that pushes Quinn over the edge and onto the crazy town express…

    Ridge – Torn

    Ridge finds himself in a position to take the power he so desperately wanted.  But it means breaking the law.  Will Ridge protect his legacy (and that of his siblings) or obey the law?

    Ridge uses his power Keep Quinn away from her husband and to throw Quinn out of the Forrester Mansion while Eric remains incapacitated.  Ridge makes it known to Quinn that she is not welcome in the Forrester Mansion.

    Later, Ridge learns from Carter that Eric changed his power attorney to Quinn, from Ridge.  Ridge asks his buddy to loses that document, so that Ridge can take control.  This kind of action could cost Carter his legal career.  Will he do it?

    Ridge had better hope Eric doesn’t recover his faculties.  Eric will have another brain hemorage when he learns what Ridge has done!

    But Carter comes to have second thoughts about keeping Ridge’s secret from the rest of the family.


    Caroline returns from New York (October 5).  She catches up with Thomas at the loft and learns how much has changed in the short time she has been gone.

    Coming Up: The Bold and the Beautiful…

    Jennifer Gareis returns to the Bold and the beautiful as Donna Logan.  Word is she’s returning to town for a special occasion.

    Its unlikely to be for a Eric and Quinn re-attempt at a wedding, Donna is unlikely to support anyone else marrying her “Honey Bear” so if we had to guess that special occasion would be for her sister’s wedding to Bill.  Brooke couldn’t ask Katie to stand up for her (though Katie asked brooke to do just that when she remairried Bill…


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    Monday, October 3, 2016 – Is Quinn and Eric’s marriage legal?
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    Wednesday, October 5, 2016 – Quinn will protect Eric
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