November 1: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ridge is Planning a Coup

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Episode #7453


Wyatt Dishes About Ridge’s Hostile Takeover

Eric continues to recover from his brain hemorrhage that left him incapacitated.  Quinn assures Eric that he will be everything he was before the confrontation with his family that triggered the brain hemorrhage.

Quinn tells Eric that his family may come around and eventually he may trust them again.

But that trust will be hard won, especially after what Wyatt has to say.  Wyatt arrives at the Forrester Mansion and fills Quinn and Eric in on Ridge’ plan.  He’s planning a coup Wyatt tells them. A hostile takeover of Forrester Creations.

Nicole Explains her Decision

When Nicole tried to explain to Zende her reasons for wanting to be a surrogate for Maya and Rick again, he wasn’t listening.  He stormed off to the Halloween Party and began drinking.  It was Sasha he confided in about Nicole’s decision and he told Sasha he couldn’t do it again.  That he was done with Nicole.  Sasha kissed him.

Feeling that Nicole has betrayed him by choosing to be a surrogate to her sister over having a relationship with him, Zende makes plans with Sasha; a trip to Hawaii.

Meanwhile Nicole does manage to find someone to explain her feelings to.  She and Maya have such a close connection, that she couldn’t imagine Lizzie not having that.  That’s when she knew what she had to do….

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November 1 Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers


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