October 10: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: You and Ridge Stole Eric’s Power of Attorney

Monday, October 10, 2016 – Episode #7437


You and Ridge Stole Eric’s Power of Attorney

When Wyatt overhears Steffy Carter and Ridge talk about hiding the fact that Quinn has Eric’s Power of Attorney, he is steamed.  Wyatt hides outside his house as Ridge and Carter leave.  Alone with Steffy he demands to know how longs she has known Quinn has Power of Attorney.

Steffy tries to defend what she, Ridge and Carter are doing, but it falls on deaf ears.  Wyatt tells Steffy that she and Ridge are stealing Eric’s poer of attorney; that Ridge is making decision for Eric when he has no legal right to.  His mother does.  Wyatt tells Steffy that Quinn has to know.  She’s Eric’s wife (except for a paperwork technicality).

It looks like Steffy and Wyatt’s reunion isn’t going to last long.  Stefy hasn’t even unpacked the boxes Ridge helped her bring over when they are embroiled in a yelling match about his mother and Steffy and Ridge’s illegal maneuvers stealing Eric’s Power of Attorney.

Steffy tells her husband that without the Power of Attorney she will never get Quinn out of her and her family’s life.  She tries to convince him to stand by her, his wife, in this decision.

Ivy’s Desperately Wants Liam Back.

Seeing Liam’s reaction to the wedding dress Steffy wore during their first wedding in Aspen, Ivy dons the dress.  When Liam finishes taking a phone call from his foundation, he sees Ivy walking towards him and thinks its Steffy.  Of course, he’s disappointed its Ivy.  Ivy wants a life with him, and since Steffy is unavailable she thinks he should give up on her.  Ivy reminds Liam that he is in love with a woman who married his brother.

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Octoberr 10 2016 B&B Spoilers
Wyatt confronts his wife about Ridge making decisions for Eric when he has no legal right to do so; Quinn, his mother does.
Who’s side with Wyatt take? His wife’s to save his marriage? Or his mother’s?

Friday October 10, 2014

Maya and Carter

Ivy arrives on the sun lounge to ask Maya and Carter aren’t in the meeting with Eric either.  They wonder what is going on behind closed doors.  Maya tells them her theory.  Allegiances are shifting Maya says.  Caroline doesn’t just want to be someone’s wife.  Ridge is the key to everything Caroline wants in life.

Eric Steps Down

Eric tells Rick, Ridge and Caroline he’s stepping down not retiring.  Caroline says how can you you’re the only grown up in the room.  Eric is glad he sees that. Eric wants the lifestyle his brother has for himself and he’s leaving one of his sons in charge.  Which one Caroline wants to know?  Eric asks her who she recommends.

Strong design is a very important element but so is solid business leadership. Eric leaves but tells the gang that they will have his decision very soon.

Alone Ridge wants to talk to Caroline about earlier.  Caroline doesn’t want to talk about it.  She now knows what a school girl’s crush is.  Ridge interrupts her and says that he has a little crush on her too.

Caroline tells Ridge they can’t be talking that way.  He doesn’t need her.  If he does, its temporary, that need will go away.  What about the rest, Ridge asks.  Caroline says that is just her being stupid.  They talk about the confidence they feel together.  Ridge tells Caroline that they create beautiful things together.  The only time this company has been run by a non-designer it was s disaster Ridge tells Caroline.  Rick is good with numbers but not good with beautiful things.

What do you want to be?  A great designer; or an ornamental wife.  I want you to thrive Ridge tells Caroline.  He sees greatness in her and doesn’t want that to disappear behind a good administrator because Rick doesn’t know what a good idea is.

Caroline says that is mean and unfair.  Caroline says she loves his husband.  Rick’s got a job that he likes and you want him to take a job that will make him miserable and throw away her career, Ridge argues. He’s asking her to turn her back on every promise she’s ever made Rick.  Ridge says he want her to true to herself.

What are you saying are you going to leave Katie for me Caroline wants to know.  Ridge grabs Caroline and kisses her

Is Ridge cementing his position as the future CEO of Forrester Creations? Or does he really have a crush on Caroline also?

Rick Pitches to Eric

Eric tells his father that he sees Eric stepping down as a loss this time.  He’s a lot older a wiser since last time this came around.  He’s a married man.  But he is ready to step into his shoes.  This is the job he was born to do and he and Caroline will keep Eric’s vision for Forrester Creations alive.

Eric finds Ivy on the sun lounge.  Ivy wants a rubber stamp on some designs.  Eric asks is Rick has seen them.  When Ivy admits he’s excited about them Eric says that he doesn’t’ need to second guess Ricks decisions.  Eric admits to Ivy that he has never been jealous of his brother but in his last visit he envied John’s lifestyle.  He’s stepping down he tells his niece.  And one of his son’s will take over.  They discuss Caroline being indispensible.  Ivy wonders about her being as important to the business as his sons.  But Eric notes it is Caroline’s love and support that changed Rick when he became a married man and made him ready for taking over.

Stephanie supported him as a leader and Eric suspects that Rick has that in Caroline.

Back in Ricks office Maya enters looking for information.  Rick admits to her that his dad is considering stepping down and as 2IC he’s next in line.  Maya says that’s huge.  What about Ridge, Maya asks.  Rick thinks he’ll need to take reduced responsibilities.  Maya asks how Caroline will feel about that.  Rick becomes defensive.  He and Caroline are a team not Caroline and ridge.  Maya asks if he’s sure about that.

Bill and Katie

Bill uses a baseball analogy to say Katie is worried that that Ridge has already gone around the basis with his hot niece.  One thing a man always knows is when a woman is jealous.  And Bill can smell jealousy all over Katie.  Katie tells Bill how offensive Bill is being.

You care about time attention an time spent together and the time Ridge is spending with Caroline isn’t time he’s spending with you and you’re starting to wonder, Bill tells Katie.  If he was engaged to Ridge he’d be lying awake at night too.  Katie tells him that Caroline and Ridge are working together and she’s giving him something that she can’t right now.

Katie says she trusts Ridge.  Bill says that she doesn’t and its his fault.  He hurt her more than once and he’ll never forgive himself for that.



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