October 13: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Zende Can’t Believe Maya and Rick asked Nicole to be their Surrogate; Again

Thursday, October 13, 2016 – Episode #7440


Zende Stunned By Rick and Maya’s Request

When Zende and Nicole had lunch with Rick and Maya they were appreciative of Nicole’s great gift to them; being their surrogate and giving them the daughter they now have.  Rick and Maya went on to ask of Nicole would consider doing it again, to give Lizzie a little brother or sister.

Later, when Zende and Nicole are alone at Forrester Creations, Zende tells Nicole that he cannot believe the audacity of Maya and Rick by asking Nicole tohave another baby for them.  Zended struggled with Nicole having his uncle’s child and couldn’t support Nicole through the pregnancy.  It ultimately ended their relationship.

Would Nicole risk her relationship again for her sister?

Wyatt’s Last Chance

Elsewhere at Forrester Creations Ridge and Steffy discuss recent events; Wyatt telling his mother she had Eric’s Power of Attorney and by doing so, ending his marriage to Steffy.

Steffy tells her dad that she honestly believes that was Wyatt’s last chance to get away from him mom.  Ridge notes that Wyatt didn’t take it.

Quinn Appreciates Wyatt’s Support

Quinn thanks her son for telling her about the power of attorney.  It has made all the difference.  She can now be Eric’s advocate, someone without an agenda.

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October 13 2016 B&B Spoilers
Zende reacts to Rick and maya’s request taht Nicole be their surrogate; again.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 – Episode #7184


Tues October 13, 2015Maya tells Rick that she doesn’t think its right for the future that she wants for them, to cost Nicole the future she wants.

With the initial shock of Maya and Rick’s request gone, Maya and Nicole talk about Nicole becoming her and Rick’s surrogate so that Rick and Maya’s baby could be half Forrester and half Avant.  Nicole tells Maya that the thought of being able to do something  as amazing for her as what Maya has done for Nicole makes her grateful.

When Liam tries to talk about Ivy modeling lingerie at home Steffy tut-tuts him and reminds him they don’t bring work issues home.  Later she tells him Ivy said she’d do anything; this is Steffy’s definition of anything.

Wyatt encourages Ivy to push past her worst nightmare; modeling lingerie…

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Episode Summary:

Rick and Maya

Maya thinks she wants this so bad she’s lost perspective. Maya worries that Nicole feels pressured into becoming their surrogate.  It’s not them putting her under pressure but herself.

They discuss Nicole and Zende.  Maya says she doesn’t know if it’s right that the future she wants for them to cost her sister the future that she wants.  They discuss Zende and Nicole some more.  Rick promises that one way or another she will be a mother and that there will be little people for them to love.

Zende and Nicole

As their date continues, Nicole explains to Zende how much she feels like she owes Maya and she feels like she should do this for Maya. But Zende tells Nicole that she shouldn’t do it.  Don’t do it Zende tells Nicole. Tell Maya you can’t Zende says to Nicole.

Zende wonders about them as a couple. What would it do to them?  Nicole is taken aback by some of the things Zende is saying.  He thinks they could be amazing.  Doesn’t she want to find out? .  He tells her he doesn’t’ always say everything he thinks but he thinks about her all the time.  Maybe you should she says. They kiss.

Zende tells Nicole she shouldn’t think of doing this for Maya as returning a favor.  Being a surrogate for Nicole will take a year out of her life. Zende wonders if it is selfish to ask what about them, but he also says there may be something she wants to do with her body in the next year. Nicole wonders if one rules out the other.

Maya enters the kitchen.  Zende thinks Nicole and Maya should talk. He kisses Nicole goodbye and tells he they will pick up their conversation later.  Maya wonders if Nicole told Zende.  She did, Nicole admits and Zende thinks it will get in the way of their relationship. And you do too Maya finishes for Nicole.

Maya admits that she and Rick didn’t consider what Nicole being their surrogate would do to Nicole’s relationship with Zende.  The sisters have a heart to heart about how much they have done for each other and mean to each other.

Nicole tells Maya that being her surrogate is a lot to consider. She can’t say yes right now but she’s not saying no either. Nicole is grateful to think that she can do something for Maya as amazing as Maya has done for her.

Rick and Maya

Maya worries that Nicole feels pressured into becoming their surrogate.  It’s not them putting her under pressure but herself.

They discuss Nicole and Zende.  Maya says she doesn’t know if it’s right that the future she wants for them to cost her sister the future that she wants.  They discuss Zende and Nicole some more.  Maya doesn’t want to rob Maya and Zende of this time in their lives.  First love is precious. Rick promises that one way or another she will be a mother and that there will be little people for them to love.

Liam Comes to Ivy’s Defense

Bill finds what Steffy has done to Ivy hilarious and laughs out long and loud.  Steffy is pleased that he finds it amusing and appreciates her creativity. Katie notes they all know how creative Steffy can be.  Liam does not.  Katie is surprised that Liam gave his approval, but President, Steffy says she doesn’t need approval from her VP or anyone else for a new hire.  Liam reminds Steffy that Ivy isn’t really a new hire and she’s a Forrester.  Steffy still thinks she gave Ivy a good opportunity and thought Liam would agree.  Bill is surprised by Liam’s defense of Ivy and wonders if he still has feelings for her.

Bill realizes that Liam is upset with hm.  Again.  Liam admits he doesn’t’ like the snickering about Ivy behind her back just because she isn’t comfortable stripping on command.  She is concerned about her reputation and family.  Wouldn’t you be Liam asks his father.  Bill mulls it over then starts to get his gear off.  Steffy finds it amusing.  Katie pulls him away and they leave.

As Steffy and Liam tidy up she asks if he’s unhappy with her.  Liam admits to having misgivings.  He thinks that Steffy is making a mistake; one she has made before and is concerned about the consequences.  Steffy wants to know what is so terrible about what she has done, and is so blind to.

He explains that not everyone feels about their bodies the way she does.  And Steffy needs to accommodate those feelings about privacy and sexual decorum and modesty. It’s painful to people to have those feelings disregarded, Liam explains.  You mean Ivy, Steffy asks.  Liam looks at her and tells Steffy; And Aly.

Liam tells Steffy he can’t stand by and watch someone be bullied.  Ivy doesn’t want to do it.  Steffy defends her choice when Liam suggests Steffy models the bedroom line. Steffy says she’s the President and she can’t be doing press conferences and having everyone wonder what color bra she is wearing.  Liam suggests Maya but Steffy says she’s the Couture lead.  Steffy tells Liam that Ivy was not an irresponsible choice.  Except that she doesn’t want to do it Liam reminds Steffy.  Steffy tells him that Ivy said she would do anything.  This is anything and the fact that she’s enjoying it is only poetic justice, Steffy tells Liam.

Lingerie Model – Ivy

As Wyatt and Ivy eat their pizza and Ivy bossed Wyatt around, he notes that she is becoming less inhibited about walking around in her underwear.  Ivy reminds him that parading around in lingerie in front of her boyfriend is one thing, but doing it for a whole bunch of people is entirely another

Wyatt advises Ivy not to let Steffy get to her.  That is what Steffy wants.  Ivy should turn it around on Steffy and tell her that she would be thrilled to model the bedroom line.  They role play Ivy telling Steffy that she is going to be so glad walking around the building in her underwear.

Later as they are cuddling, after making love, Wyatt admits to Ivy that she sometimes gets a look on her face and he wonders if she’s thinking of Liam.  Ivy tells him that she wonders about how silly she has been in the past and that she has everything she wants right now.  The look on her face when its unseen from Wyatt tells another story, however…


Monday October 13, 2014

The Future of Forrester Creations

We are the future for Forrester – You know that don’t you, Ridge tells Caroline. My dad wants to know from you who you think should be the future of Forrester. Ridge tells Caroline that after the last few weeks and the intimacy and connection we have – it has to be us.  Caroline runs from the room.

Caroline runs into Rick’s office where he is just finishing with Ivy.  Rick can tell something is bothering Caroline and asks her if everything is alright.  You seem on edge Rick says.  Caroline covers and says she had to block someone (on social media). Rick has to leave to deal with a report.

Rick is gone and Caroline collapses into a chair.  Ivy asks what is going on.  Caroline tells ivy that designing together was an absolute dream come true.  Caroline admits is difficult with Ridge and Rick no getting along.  Ivy sympathizes over Caroline being trapped in the middle.

Ridge Pitches Eric to Become CEO

While Rick and Ivy discuss budget, Eric get a text from Ridge to meet Ridge in Eric’s office.

Eric arrives to find Ridge working on a design.  Ridge tells Eric he wants someone to run Forrester who has the perfect balance of business and design.  Rick doesn’t have what it takes to run Forrester.

Rick is president of the company and if he names Rick successor he will respect it.  Ridge says he will try.  Eric gets upset because Ridge calls Rick a kid.  You left us.  You walked out.  We had no idea of if you’re coming back.

Ridge asks how this works.  Rick went to Paris and he was a success and he went to Paris and he runs away.  Well I’m back now, Ridge says.  But you can’t draw.  It’s coming back Ridge tells Eric and he shows him.

But under pressure Ridge can’t perform.  He will draw on his own again and begs his father not to make a decision based on that. Even if he can’t draw, he knows design.  They agree that Caroline has a huge future before them.  He looks at them and sees Stephanie and him in their early years.  This is about loyalty and taking this company into the future – not blood.  With Caroline by his side Rick can take this company into the future.  Eric confirms that Caroline is that important.

Ridge agrees.  So lets do this.  Make me CEO and let me mould her into the designer we know she can be.  Eric notes that he put him in charge before.  He didn’t treat people well.  Ridge says he’s different now.  Eric wants a CEO here who is going to respect me.  A tyrant in the past or Rick who has respected him.  There is something wonderful about having a power couple at the helm.  We need a team at the helm.  Ridge tries to pitch him and Caroline as that team.  She will never have the type of commitment to ridge she has to Rick.  Eric makes it clear he hasn’t decided yet, but he needs Ridge to understand why Rick is such a contender.

Rick Pitches to Eric

Rick and Eric talk about the collection.  Rick notes they will have their collection thanks to Caroline.  Rick sees the future of Forrester.  Eric will still rubber stamp every design that comes out of his design team.  It has come full circle. Forrester will be run by another powerful team – Eric Junior and Caroline.  With Caroline by his side there’s nothing he can’t do Rick tells his father.

Caroline Fantasizes About Ridge

Ridge comes into the office where Caroline is now alone.  Sometimes he reminds her so much of her.  Its crazy that after all this time he’s close to Caroline Spencer again.  Caroline says she’s committed to her marriage.  She loves her husband and it will never happen again – the kiss.

Does Rick fulfill her – her passion for design ridge asks.  Caroline tries to defend Rick, but Ridge says it’s all numbers for him.  They are artists.  Don’t deny what they have found between them.  It’s not too late.  But this is our life.  No regrets – live life Ridge tells Caroline as he kisses her again.

Ridge touches Caroline’s arms startling her out of a fantasy…What you doing Ridge asks.



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