October 17: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: RJ Wants Ridge to Put His Family Back Together

In 2013, Caroline accepted Rick’s proposal, by 2014 Caroline had developed feeling for Ridge….2016 sees RJ want his parents, Ridge and Brooke, back together.

Monday, October 17, 2016 – Episode #7442


RJ Wants Ridge to Design His Life

Bill wants to get married.  And he wants to get married now.  But Brooke is trying to give RJ time to come to terms with her marrying Bill Spencer when what he really wants is his family back together again.

At his office, Bill asks Brooke since when they let their kids tell them what to do.

Later, Katie visits Bill in his office also.  Katie notes that Bill broke land speed records divorcing her so that he could marry Brooke, yet here he is, months later, still not married to brooke.

Meanwhile over at Forrester Creations, RJ is working on his dad.  He tells Ridge that he’s a designer.  He should start designing his life.  Put our family back together RJ asks of his dad.

Rick Uses Emotional Manipulation on Nicole

Rick and Maya have asked Nicole if she would consider being their surrogate again; to give Lizzie a biological brother or sister.  Given that Nicole’s pregnancy cost him and Nicole their relationship last time round, Zende can’t believe that Rick and Maya would asks so much of Nicole; again.  Zende thinks her attention belongs on her boyfriend.

Nicole agrees that it is too much to ask, but it strikes a maternal chord within her and part of her would like to do it.  But she tells Zende she won’t.

But Rick and Maya will not give up easily.  As

As Nicole gives Lizzie her bottle, Rick confides in his sister in law who made his first child possible.  He can only imagine what it would feel like to give Lizzie a biological brother or sister.

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October 17 2016 Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers
RJ teaches Ridge about the lifestyle he’d like his father to design…one where his family is whole again. Ridge must listen, he kisses Brooke in upcoming episodes…

Friday October 17, 2014

Quinn wants Deacon to Help

Deacon thanks Deacon as he gives him coffee.  She never thought she could fall for another man, but who knows.  Quinn asks Deacon to fix things so that she, Deacon Hope and Wyatt can come together as a family.  Deacon asks if she is serious about the four of them being a family.  She is unless Quinn is just a stand in till Brooke gets back.  Deacon admits there is little chance for him and Brooke.

Quinn suggests they get a house in the Valley.  Deacon is tempted to play house with a dominatrix but it isn’t that easy.  With Hope feeling the way she does about Quinn Deacon is uncertain about that.  Quinn says she wants a home and a boyfriend.  But Deacon isn’t going to risk the relationship he has with Hope.

She gets carried away sometimes Quinn says.  Deacon tells Quinn that she has to swear she’s not a murderer.  Quinn tells Deacon she had nothing to do with Ricardo’s death.  Do we have a deal Quinn asks?  But Deacon says he needs more convincing as he pulls Quinn into a kiss.

Hope Is Still Adamant – No Quinn

Wyatt make Hope breakfast after reading expectant mothers need an extra 300 calories.  Hope gets a text from Brooke asking how she is while they eat.  They discuss how happy they are.  It would be better if there wasn’t this tension between Hope and Quinn Wyatt notes.  Hope is adamant that Quinn has to learn to live with the consequences she brought on herself.  Hope doesn’t want to get a restraining order on Quinn and hopes she doesn’t do anything that get to that point.

They discuss what happens when in Hope’s pregnancy including the first ultrasound.  Deacon calls to tell Hope he’d like to bring someone over.  A stumped Hope tells Wyatt that Deacon is bringing a woman over.

Deacon arrives and tells Hope and Wyatt sometimes things happen unexpectedly.  Can I come in now Quinn asks?  Hope sees red. Can’t you please try to understand Deacon begs Hope.  But Hope is furious.  Quinn is a manipulator and she’s using him Hope tells Deacon.  Hope sasy Quinn will do aor say anything to get what she wants and now she’s using her father.

If this is the woman who Deacon wants to spend his life with, Hope tells him angrily, then you are out too.

Ridge Tells Katie He’s Using Caroline

Katie and Ridge discuss Eric choosing a new CEO.  Ridge admits that Eric sees Ridge and caroline as his and Stephanie.  Stephanie would tell him to make what he wanted happen.  What are you going to do Katie asks.  Ridge says he needs Caroline on his side.  And she’s not as loyal to Rick as Katie might think.

Ridge admits to Katie that Caroline has a little crush on him and Ridge is going to use that.  This crush; have you done anything to encourage it Katie asks Ridge.  Ridge says no.  Katie says that he’s using Caroline.  That is not what Ridge does.  That is what Bill does.  Ridge tells Katie that he cannot report to Rick.  He can’t do it.  Katie doesn’t believe he’s considered the consequences for everyone.

Despite Ridge assuring Katie he’s committed to her, Katie tells him he has to stop this. He’s using Caroline’s feelings and it needs to stop before someone gets hurt.

You and Rick are still brothers Katie says.  What you are doing isn’t right Katie says. Don’t let this go one.  You won’t be able to live with yourself if you did.  Katie admits she misses him as they kiss.  But as Ridge pulls out of the kiss its caroline he’s seeing not Katie.

What’s wrong Katie (caroline) asks.

Caroline Confides in Ivy

Caroline discusses her social media followers with Ivy.  Caroline is in a mood and Ivy calls her out on it.  Is Ridge the reason why you are in this mood.  Ivy says she seemed like she’s juggling two men with a history on not getting on and she’s stuck in the middle.  Caroline admits its more complicated than just a husband on one side and business partner of the other.  She and Ridge kissed Caroline admits.

Caroline’s guilt shows.  Rick is a wonderful husband and she betrayed him.  Ivy asks is if was only one kiss.  Caroline admits that she doesn’t know if Ridge is just using her.  But there is something about Ridge Caroline says.  Caroline tells Ivy she crossed a line and she needs to give up designing with Ridge.  Rick it too important to her.

Thursday October 17, 2013

Maya waits for Rick

Maya waits at the Hope for the Future Diamond launch for Rick to return (he has left with Caroline but Hope can’t imagine he won’t be back).  When Dayzee arrives Maya asks is she’s being pathetic, but Dayzee assures her this is too important.

Dayzee facetimes with Marcus in South Africa.  Maya is worried that Rick and Caroline aren’t back.  What could be more important than this to Rick.  Maya didn’t realize how special this family and Rick were to her until she left.  Dayzee notes that if talking to Rick goes badly she could also lose Carter – who is a great guy.  But if Rick is the one, she has to take that chance.

Maya thinks she has made a big mistake ending it with Rick and leaving Forrester.  They had only one issue – Caroline.  Carter is a devoted loving kind man who care alot about her but Maya isn’t sure she’ll ever get over   RICK.

Maya can’t marry Carter while she still feels this way about Rick.  Dayzee tells Maya she needs to put it all out there, before she marries Carter.  Better now than when they are married.

Hope and Wyatt Toast Their Success

Hope tells Wyatt that they are running out of inventory.  The event is a huge success.  Has anyone ever told him he’s brilliant Hope asks.  Wyatt says only her.  Just now.  And if she listens carefully she can hear the cash registers all the way in Tokyo.  Hope says sales are important but this was far more important on a personal level.  Wyatt concurs.  He was just thinking that also.

Hope for the Future was in serious trouble before she met him.  It was either let it go or take a risk in revamp the line.  It’s good to take risks in life, Wyatt tells Hope.

Wyatt and Hope toast the success of the day and the Hope for the Future Diamond.  The diamond has brought them some serious luck. All from one stone and the mysterious power behind it.

Wyatt notices Maya is here and tells Hope that he doesn’t think Rick will e coming back today. Hope breaks the news to Maya that Rick isn’t coming back.

Rick Proposes to Caroline

Meanwhile in the limo Caroline is trying to work out where Rick is taking her.  Rick tells her they are going somewhere very special to them.  Paris, Caroline guesses, Milan?  What about the Maldives.  Then she realizes they are still in Beverly Hills and Rick orders the driver to take them to Forrester Creations.  Caroline says you have a big project for us don’t you?  She has some great ideas for spring.

Rick tells Caroline she is the most complex confusing woman he has ever met.  He adores her.  He’d be a fool not to love her.  What did you just say?  Rick tells her I love you.  I feel it and mean it more now than ever.  They kiss

They pull up to the first spot she pulled up to when she first arrived in LA Caroline tells Rick.

H was mesmerized when he first saw her Rick tells Caro.  Rick tells her to count to 10 and then get out of the car – after him.  He tells her to walk the same way as when he first met her.  Caro arrives to find Rick on bended knee with a small velvet jewelry box with a huge diamond in it.  She is stunned and delighted when she realizes he is proposing.

“You have taken me on some wild rides.  You never came gave up on us and you were right.  Spencer Forrester is an unbeatable team to the end.  Marry me Caroline.  Say you’ll be my wife.”  Rick asks.

“Yes I’ll be honored to be your wife.” Caroline tells Rick.


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