October 20: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Does Bill Have Competition For Brooke?

Thursday, October 20, 2016 – Episode #7445


Could Bill Have Competition for Brooke’s Affections?

Donna Logan is back in town and she’s having coffee with Bill at his office.  They discuss his plans to marry Brooke and the challenges RJ has posed in making that happen.  Bill assures Donna that RJ will come around when he realizes has has no choice; that he and Brooke are good together, and that he makes Brooke happy.

Over at Forrester Creations, however,  Brooke is confused about her ex husband’s actions.  Despite his RJ’s urgings that Ridge and Brooke belong together, Ridge tells Brooke that she needs to go through with marrying Bill.   But he’s also sending other messages to his ex.

Brooke wonders what is going on.  One minute he is telling her to go marry Spencer, and the next he’s saying, she isn’t sure what Ridge is saying, but it makes her stop and ask Ridge is he has feelings for her.

Quinn Will Protect Eric – Even From His Son

Wyatt visits with his mother at the Forrester Mansion.  They discuss that despite Eric making it clear what he wants Ridge won’t get on board (and in fact tried to get Eric to sign a new Power of Attorney putting Ridge in charge!)  Quinn tells Wyatt that no one gets to jeopardize her husband’s health.  She doesn’t care if Ridge is his son.

There is a new addition to the Forrester Mansion household – at Eric’s request.

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October 20, 2016 B&B Spoilers
When she’s getting mixed messages from Ridge, Brooke asks him if he has feelings for her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 – Episode #7189


October 20, 0215After Liam’s talking too, Steffy tells him that he is supposed to support his President.

Pam, with Charlie by her side, tells Ridge that there just may be a little Ridge Forrester inside his wife’s tummy.

When Steffy hears the news, she can’t believe her dad is going to be a father again.  Steffy, knowing that Thomas has been carrying a torch for Caroline, wonders how he will feel about all this.

When Brooke hears the news, she asks Ridge point blank; who’s baby is it?


Caroline’s Secret is out

Liam congratulates ridge.  Pam and Charlie says this calls for a celebration.  Pam’s says you’re pregnant.  There is no reason for it to be a secret. Charlie says they probably want to make that announcement themselves.

Liam jokes about making the announcement through a publishing house they know.  Ridge is very quick to shut that down.  Ridge says they want to keep it between them for now.  Pam says that Caroline made it kind of obvious.  Caroline looks at Ridge.

Ridge asks why Caroline let them know.  Caroline told him that she got morning sick. Caroline thinks he’s mad.  He asks if she has called her doctor. Caroline assures him she’s fine – it’s just morning sickness. Caroline realizes he really wants this baby.  Yeah Ridge says this is our baby, no one else’s.  This will be the greatest year of her life.

Caroline asks Ridge what about Brooke.  When she hears…Ridge says he will handle Brooke.  No one will interfere with this pregnancy.  Not Thomas and not Brooke.

Ridge sends Caroline home.  He has got Brooke covered.  Brooke enters to find Ridge alone.  She heard some incredible news from pam.  She’s not sure how accurate it is.  Ridge says they were trying to keep it private but it slipped out.  How is that possible Brooke asks.  Ridge tells her he had the vasectomy reversed anyway.  Not the most painless thing in the world and it turns out his swimmers are swimming.

Its exactly what they wanted.  Brooke wants to know why she didn’t tell him about the reversal.  It happened fast Brooke notes, suspiciously.  Whose baby is it Brooke asks.  It’s certainly not yours Brooke says.

Brooke Learns Caroline is Pregnant

Pam says it didn’t seem like Caroline was happy they knew. Charlie and Pam discuss Pam outing Caroline and ridge’s secret.  Brooke breaks up the lovers’ quarrel.  Charlie tries to keep Pam quiet, but Pam tells Brooke anyway ridge and Caroline are having a baby.  Brooke stares open mouthed at Pam and Charlie.

Where did you hear this gossip, Brooke asks Pam.  Brooke says Pam is lying when Pam says Ridge said so himself. Charlie says he heard it too. They say that Ridge didn’t really want anyone to find out.  But it was pretty obvious with Caroline being so sick.

Ask him yourself, Charlie suggests to Brooke.

Later Pam thinks Brooke just can’t accept Ridge having a baby with someone else.

Steffy and Ivy Credit Liam with Making Peace

Ivy says that was all Liam’s idea.  Steffy says it crossed her mind, but he called them both out.  They agree that Liam is pretty remarkable.  A lot of what he said was true.  They both agree they don’t want to fight.  Steffy asks if they can do this; really trust each other.  Ivy says they have to forgive each other to trust each other.

Ivy explains her father’s concept fo forgiveness.  They both have to put it into practice if they are going to get past this. They agree they waited a lot of time and energy on their disagreement.  Liam comes in. He’s the reason they are talking at all.  He didn’t the impossible Steffy says.

Liam says there is a lot of good news going around today.  Ivy goes to meet Wyatt on the sky lounge but not before thanking them both.

Alone, Steffy thanks Liam also with a kiss.  She kinda turned into a high school mean girl Liam jokes.  What is a VP to do he asks.  Steffy tells him he is supposed to support his president.

Liam has more good news for Steffy.  His cousin and her father are having a baby.  Caroline is pregnant Liam tells Steffy.  What? Steffy says.

Liam fills her in on how Pam worked it out. Steffy can’t belive she is going to be a big sister again.  Liam says Ridge was weirded out.  Steffy notes some women want to keep thinkgs underwarps to make sure everything is okay.  Steffy is okay with this, but she wonders how Thomas will feel about this.


Monday October 20, 2014

Hope Is Still Adamant – No Quinn

Hope still doesn’t want Quinn anywhere near Hope, or her family.,  And that includes Deacon.  Deacon thinks Hope is being harsh.  Quinn tries to get Wyatt to step in, but Wyatt stands by Hope.  She feels the way she feels Wyatt says.  Hope says that will never change. She will never be welcome in her family.

Quinn suggests that Hope should understand her before she judges Quinn.  She didn’t have Hope’s advantages.

Hope tells Quinn she is no mystery .You are a scheming conniving dangerous woman with no maoral center ad no regard for human life. She shamelessly uses her son and calls it love.  Quinn tells Hope she can’t keep Wyatt away from his mother.  Hope simply says that we’ll see about that.

But what the hell is this Hope wants to know about Deacon and Quinn.  Deacon admits he’s been living with Quinn for some time now.  Did you target my father Hope asks Quinn?  Deacon tries to tell Hope it wasn’t like that.  Hope asks Deacon how he could do this after all that Quinn has done to her.  Quinn just wants her rightful place in Hope’s wonderful life.  Hope is adamant – No.  Deacon defends Quinn.  Wyatt says this is weird – the two of them together.  Deacon asks why she can’t forgive Quinn like she did him.  Hope says she has forgiven Quinn countless times and she continues to be her crazy mother in law.  She isn’t going to inflict that on his child and recommends that Deacon walk away before Quinn pulls a sword on him in his sleep.  Deacon continues to defend Quinn and asks Hope not to shut Quinn out.

Hope tells Deacon that she knows he frustrated because he’s not with her mom, but don’t be blinded by Quinn.  Hope is adamant Quinn is a threat.  Quinn begs her son to defend her.  Wyatt says that she makes that very hard to do. I was never going to hurt you, Quinn says.  You’re my son’s wife – we’re family.  Nothing can change that.  Hope isn’t listening to Quinn.  Her feelings about Quinn will never change.

Hope loves that her father is in her life but her responsibility is to her child and husband.  You have a decision to make.  If she is going to be a part of your life then you can’t be a part of mine Hope tells Deacon.  It’s either her or me, Hope tells her dad.

Ridge and Caroline Finish The Last Design

Ridge covers.  He will do exactly as she asks.  They will finish the last design of the collection and that’s it.  Ridge calls Caroline as Katie goes to see Will.  Ridge arranges to design with Caroline at the cabin on Ridge’s property.

Caroline meets with Ridge in the cabin where they can finish the last design and then they can finish their collaboration – because it’s not right.

Caroline asks if he’s feeling something too.  You’re starting to have feeling for me too. Ridge admits to some crazy thoughts but he loves Katie.  “This” is not going to derail that.  Ridge says they are on dangerous ground and he’s responsible for that.  He leaned on her too much.  This fight is between him and Rick.  Caroline can’t go against Rick – he’s her husband.  Ridge says he enjoyed what they had and created together/.  He doesn’t know how to thank her for that.  Ridge show Caroline a sketch.  He would find his way back.

Caroline knows there would come a day when he didn’t need her anymore.  She will leave this cabin a much better designer than she ever thought she could be.  We’ll rock our own designs Caroline says.

No one need know we kissed Caroline tells Ridge when he starts to discuss it.  Caroline will miss what they created together.  Ridge admits he learned from her too.

They begin work on their final design but it soon turns to passion instead.

Caroline Confides in Ivy

Caroline berates herself for her attraction to ridge.  She should be so grateful for Rick yet she can’t wait to see and kiss another man.  What is wrong with her Caroline asks.

Later Katie looks over Ivy’s jewelry designs.  Ivy things Caroline and rRdge could be a permanent collaboration.  Katie says she knows that isn’t going to happen.

Does Caroline know Ivy wants to know – Katie tells Ivy that Ridge will be telling Caroline today.



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