October 21: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, October 21, 2016 – Episode #7446


Eric Builds a New Family

Eric is building a new loyal family around himself.  He and Quinn have officially signed the wedding license and made their union legitimate in Carter’s presence (seriously, how did Carter keep his job when he hid the truth about the Power of Attorney?).  Eric has taken Quinn’s son into the fold; as he did with Donna and Marcus.  Eric wants to call Wyatt “son” and Wyatt has agreed to move into the mansion to support his mom.  And then there is Ivy, who supported Quinn and Eric’s relationship initially just to get her job back, but came to realize that Quinn really cares for her Uncle.

Quinn has hired Forrester security but it is Ivy who is playing gatekeeper with the message that Quinn told her not to let anyone disturb Uncle Eric.

But there is more surprising news on the horizon for Ridge.  Eric asks Quinn and Wyatt to be his eyes and ears at Forrester taking over in his role as head of the company.  Ridge tells Quinn (?) that she can tell him whatever she likes, he listens to his dad, and his dad only.

Donna Surprised Over Bill’s Wedding Gift

Over at Spencer Publications, Donna learns about Bill’s wedding present for Brooke; his shares of Forrester Creations.  The gift will get rid of Quinn once and for all.

Donna will likely find this interesting because this bundle of shares originated from her; she received them in

October 21 Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers
Does Donna really mean all “she” went through to get those shares? They were part of her divorce settlement from Eric.

her divorce settlement from Eric.  She then sold them to Bill.  Donna is surprised that he would do this after everything he went through to get those shares.  He’s just going to give them away as a wedding gift to Brooke, who will them hand them over to Ridge

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 – Episode #7190


Wednesday October 21 2015Brooke tells Ridge that she will congratulate him on becoming a father again when she believes that the baby is his.

Meanwhile Charlie doesn’t’ understand where Brooke’s surprise comes from.  Charlie tells a worried looking Caroline that she and Ridge are married, and they’ve been talking about having kids, he doesn’t understand why she would find it hard to believe they are actually doing it.

Caroline is concerned because Brooke knows the truth about Ridge’s sterility and vasectomy.  Later at home Caroline asks Ridge for reassurance:  “ We can do this, right?  We can pull this off?” she asks of her husband.

Tuesday October 21, 2014

Maya Tells Rick She Walked in on Ridge and Caroline

Maya walks in on Rick insulting one of Ridge and Caroline’s designs.  Where are Ridge and Caroline Maya asks. As long as they’re sketching Rick doesn’t care. Maya plays up the fact that Rick doesn’t know where Ridge and Caroline are.  There’s no telling where their creativity might lead Maya hints.  Rick wants to know whey Maya is stirring up trouble.

Rick hopes they are together sketching.  They need the designs.  But Maya says their partnership goes well beyond the sketch pad.  Rick says enough attacking his wife.  Maya tells Rick she walked in on Caroline and Ridge and they were doing a lot more than designing – she was in his after, Maya tells Rick.

Rick tells Maya that he’s not worried about his wife hugging his design partner.  You just can’t see that Caroline doesn’t appreciate you or the life you’ve given her.  If I was your wife you’d never see me in another man’s arms Maya says as she leaves.

Hope Reiterates Her Position

Hope reiterates her position. If Deacon wants a relationship with Quinn he won’t be part of Hope’s life either.  That Quinn wants back into her life to be part of Hope baby’s life isn’t it suspicious that she’s suddenly interested in you.  You of all people should be able to see through her con, Hope tells Deacon – he’s smarter than this.

Wyatt throws Deacon and Quinn out and hugs his wife.  They discuss how obvious Quinn’s choice in romantic partners is.  He has to know that she is using him.

Wyatt asks if she is serious about cutting her dad out as well.  Yes Hope says.  They can’t worry about what their parents do Wyatt says.  They just need to live their lives.  We’ll be the parents we never had Wyatt says as he kisses his wife.

Ridge Has A Break Though – Thanks to Caroline

Ridge and Caroline get back to work after kissing yet again.  She hands him the pencil and tells him that he can do it.  Show me what you got Caroline asks of Ridge as he begins to draw.

Ridge begins to draw – he’s had his breakthrough!  Caroline watches as he puts the design together without her help.  He puts the pencil down and turns to a smiling Caroline.

The greatest designer she’s ever known is back and their partnership is over.  Caroline tells Ridge goodbye and leaves the cabin.

What’s Your Safe Word – Quinn to Deacon

Quinn seduces Deacon in order to gain access to Hope and her baby – October 21, 2014

Deacon and Quinn arrive back at the loft. Granny does have a history of attacking people with swords Deacon reasons with a disappointed Quinn.   She tells Deacon she feels for him.  What kind of a person delivers an ultimatum like that to her father Quinn wants to know.  But Deacon wants to know if Hope is right – is she just using him?  So she can have access to Hope and the baby.  Quinn asks Deacon if any of the times they’ve spent together has seemed fake to her.  Deacon says he’s overstayed his welcome.  He’s not going to jeopardize his relationship with his daughter.  No one cons him Deacon says as he opens the door to leave.

Quinn tells him to wait.  He’s not going anywhere.  Quinn starts undressing and Deacon closes the door.  He isn’t leaving until he experiences a little more of what she has to offer.  She pushes him onto the sofa and puts her stiletto heeled foot on his chest.  Tell me your safe word, Quinn asks Deacon.  Deacon says diamonds….



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