October 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: What to get the man who has everything? The woman he loves…

Monday, October 24, 2016 – Episode #7447


Quinn finds herself explaining why she is the way she is.  She was so young when she became a single mother that she thought she had to be tough and mean.  She faked it so well, she forgot she was faking; until Eric.

Meanwhile, at the Forrester Mansion Ivy tells Eric that he is giving Quinn things in her life that she ahs never had before (and I don’t think Ivy means his money…).

Later, Quinn admits to her husband that she doesn’t have many fans in the Forrester clan.

Over at Spencer Publications it full steam ahead on a Bill and Brooke’s wedding.  Justin visits with his buddy, Bill in his office.  Justin wonders what you get the man who already has everything.  A pro-forma pre-nup and divorce papers, Justin!

Bill may need those legal documents…because over at Forrester Creations, Brooke is loudly telling Ridge that he has to stop kissing her.  It’s ridiculous Brooke states.  Seems like Ridge and Brooke are in for a case of second thoughts over Brooke’s wedding to Bill.  But can Ridge afford Brooke not to marry Bill?  He needs those shares.

Or will Bill find himself the man with everything except what he wants most; Brooke?

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October 24 Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

Friday October 24, 2014

The Forrester Creations CEO Announcement

Eric tells everyone how difficult this choice has been from a business perspective and as a father.

Not so long ago they were struggling to keep in the game.  Ricks international knowledge pulled them out.  His business skills are impeccable.

Ridge you are an artist – a craftsman in every sense of the word – a fantastic talent.  Recently I doubted for the first time in you competence as a designer – though not your fault.  But that changed when you teamed up with Caroline and now your vision is back.

Design has always been the foundation of Forrester Creations and it will continue to be so and that why I’m naming ridge as the CEO of Forrester Creations.  Eric wants Rick to stay on as President.  Ridge tells his father that he won’t let him down.  Ridge hugs his dad.

Reactions to Eric’s Announcement that Ridge will be CEO

Rick defends his executive skills.  Ridge has never been an executive of any kind.  Rick asks if what he has accomplished isn’t good enough.  Rick may not be a designer but his wife is.  Just like he and Stephanie ran this company for decades.  Why isn’t Eric giving Rick and Caroline that chance, Rick asks.

Caroline and Eric try to tells rick that he will have his chance.  Rick tries to remind them what ridge did last time he was CEO. He tried to throw Eric out.  Ride simply says they’ve all made mistakes.

Maya pipes up with “Ain’t that the truth”.

Eric says Ridge is a man of integrity and honor and resilience after what happened in Abu Dhabi.  Rick says his career was done until he used Caroline. 

Eric says that Caroline and Ridge are two principal designers that have showed restrained.  Maya pipes up and says they are all going to want to hear what she has to say.  Carter tires to remove her from the meeting and Rick tells her this is a family matter.  But Maya is on a rant…

Carter and Rick try to stop Maya but Eric wants to hear.

Behind closed doors it wasn’t integrity that was going on, Maya states.  They are having an affair.

Eric throws Maya out.  You need to know what your wife is doing behind your back and on hers.  Hope calls Maya pathetic.  Maya says the guilt is written over Caroline’s face.  Maya asks both Caroline and Ridge to tell them there is nothing going on.

Caroline faces Rick with tears in her eyes and tells him she’s so sorry – something did happen.  It was so intimate designing together – they kissed a few times nothing more than that – she is so sorry and begs Rick to forgive her.

Him says rick.  Caroline, why him?

Katie is Jealous of Caroline

Katie fills Donna in on Ridge’s inability to draw after his accident in the gulf.  Katie tells Donna that he got his designs on paper by guiding his hand.  For ridge it was out of necessity but it turned into more for Caroline.

Donna is skeptical about Caroline developing a crush.  Nothing happened right?  You guys are okay Donna asks.  Katie admits she feels like she can’t connect with Ridge – that something is different. Their life together has been on hold while Ridge recovered from Abu Dhabi.  Katie says they talk around the issue and neither one of them acknowledges it.  She’s not jealous of Caroline in the conventional sense, but she is jealous that Caroline could help Ridge and she couldn’t.

Donna says ridge would never encourage Caroline’s feeling Donna assures Katie, but Katie tells her about Ridge’s plan to use Caroline to get the CEO position.  That’s not like Ridge Donna says – that is more like Bill….So Ridge let Caroline fall for him Donna notes – to get the CEO position.

Katie just wants Ridge to get better and for them to move on with their lives.  Katie says he’s ended their design partnership and his drawing is coming back.

They talk about the CEO decision and Katie asks Donna how she will do not seeing Eric every day.  Donna admits she thought they could have rekindled something but Eric comes her at arm’s length.  They hope Rick never finds out about Caroline’s feeling for Ridge.  They both hope that never happens…

Donna asks if maybe Ridge got caught up in Caroline as well?  Katie says no – it was just a ploy to run the company.



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