October 27: Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ridge Cares More About Brooke Than The Shares

Thursday, October 27, 2016 – Episode #7450


With the stage set for his long-awaited wedding to Brooke, Bill is excited about the prospect of making Brooke his wife.

But what Bill doesn’t know is that there could be a last-minute spanner in the works, in the form of Ridge Forrester. Like he did in Abu Dhabi, Ridge is making a last-ditch effort to stop Brooke from marrying Bill. He cares about Brooke more than he cares about getting his hands on the shares to rid his family and company of Quinn Fuller…

Meanwhile, Nicole and Zende are at odds over their Halloween costumes and their obligations to their respective families. Is Zende still feeling like he comes a distant second to Nicole’s family/sister?

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October 27 2016 Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – Episode #7194


October 27 2015Patriarch of the Avant family, Julius puts his foot down and forbids Maya and Rick to use Nicole as their surrogate (which pretty much guarantees it will happen!).  Maya tells her parents that she understands that what they are asking of Nicole is extraordinary, and that is why they are so grateful that Nicole has said yes.

Thomas and Brooke discuss his tense relationship with his father.  Brooke assures the young man that this problem won’t be hanging over his relationship with his father forever…(babies are pretty much forever Brooke  J  )

Later, a serious Thomas asks Caroline if his dad is really the father of her baby…

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Monday October 27, 2014

The fallout of Maya declaring Caroline and Ridge are having an affair

I wanted to tell you, Caroline cries. Don’t you think that’s a little late. Rick asks his wife

You are a married woman Hope spits. Ivy says she can’t stay here for this and leaves. Carter says that he and Maya don’t belong there.

Ridge tells Maya to be a little careful – her agenda is showing.  Rick responds by saying he doesn’t give a damn about any of them.

Rick Lashes Out

Caroline tells Rick some foolish things happened at the cabin but they put an end to it.  No says Rick, This is the end of it as Caroline cries.  Rick tears up and states that for once he though all his hard work was going to pay off.

Is this out of loyalty that to Stephanie that you would choose her son as CEO on not his own blood son? Or is he too embarrassed to admit Rick is from a family he had with another woman – a woman Ridge and Eric shared.  Rick thought that he would want a son he could count on and trust.  He’s not your father, Rick tells Ridge.

Ridge’s and Rick’s History

Ridge tells Rick to grow up.  Eric warns Ridge to stay quiet and maintain some dignity.  How does he do that Ridge asks – he has one daughter who is dead because of him and another who wishes she never laid eyes on him.  How do I dignify any of that, Ridge asks.

Not by sleeping with my wife, Rick retorts.

This is not about every bad thing that ever happened.  It’s about a betrayal, Caroline yells stopping the arguing.  It’s a betrayal she wants Rick to forgive.  Caroline says Maya is blowing this out of proportion because she wants Rick.

Rick says this was supposed to his big day – his reward for being sent away all those years.  It was supposed to be the day that his father’s office became his – with his beautiful wife at his side.  Eric says it could still be that way.

Rick storms out .  Caroline cries after him that she loves him when he won’t let her come with him.  Maya watches events go her way with a small smile on her face.

Eric Has Words for Ridge

Eric closes the door after Maya leaves.  Eric says he retains the right to change his mind about his decision.  If Maya wasn’t such a drama queen you wouldn’t have found out about something so trivial.  Eric notes he knows how calculating Ridge can be.  He believes Ridge’s behavior was an intentional seduction to present Eric with a viable design team while his impairment lasted, with the bonus os sending Rick into a tail spin.

Ridge appeals to Eric.  You know how this is.  It was two artists working together  late hours. There was a lapse in judgment but it’s over now.  Rick will be find – he won’t throw away his wedding vows over a foolish infatuation.

Hope, Ivy and Carter discuss what happened.

Hope joins Ivy in another office.  Hope is going to wait for Rick. Ivy says Maya aimed for maximum effect and she got it.  Ivy doesn’t believe there is anything serious going on between Ridge and Caroline. Hope asks what Ivy knows about it. Carter joins them.

Hope notes that the chances of Rick working for Ridge just got even more remote.  Carter says they will have to work it out.  Rick is too valuable to the company to lose.  Is Ridge though Carter questions.  And what about Maya – she created a completely unnecessary

How do you come to work here every day with your ex you still have feelings for, Ivy asks of Carter.  Carter admits at least she‘s honest.  Hope notes that what Maya did – tell the truth.  Carter says its Maya’s motivation – to be part of Hope and Ivy’s family – that is the problem.

What Maya said was only a version of the truth.  Something happened and Caroline corrected course.  Hope notes she’s heard many people apologize from the bottom of their heart and go one to do the same thing over and over again (Quinn).

Rick Breaks Down

At home Rick remembers the highlights of his relationship with Caroline.  But al he can visualize now is Ridge and Caroline kissing and Ridge’s smug face as he does so.  Rick starts throwing things and smashing the place up.

Rick gets a phone call.  It’s Caroline.

We were just newlyweds Rick says.  You let him run all over us.  Of all people Caroline, and Rick hands up.  He smashes a photo of him and Caroline.  Maya enters and finds Rick on the floor crying.



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