October 28: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: You’ll Never Get Those Shares Now

Friday, October 28, 2016 – Episode #7451


Bill Punishes Ridge

Downstairs, at Bill Spencer’s house which is decked out for his wedding to Brooke, Allison fills Wyatt and Justin in about Ridge being upstairs with Brooke; and Bill going to take care of Ridge’s 11th hour tantrum.  Allison assures them Bill can deal with it; confident the wedding will still go ahead.

Upstairs, however, Bill has come to the realization that Ridge not only wants his Forrester Creations shares but his bride as well.  Bill tells Ridge that he made a bad move.  He will never get his hands on those shares now…

But who has made the bad move?  Without the shares won’t Ridge fight even harder for Brooke not to marry Bill?

Nicole Gives Maya an Answer

While chatting with her sister in Brooke’s kitchen, Nicole tells her sister that she has made a decision about being a surrogate again for Rick and Maya. But first, Nicole has to tell her sister how much she appreciates Rick and Maya not pressuring her…

Elsewhere at Forrester Creations, Sasha assures Zende that it will all be fine.  Nicole won’t let him down…

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October 28 B&B Spoilers

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 – Episode #7195


B&B October 28 2015Zende gets some unsolicited advice from Julius when they meet at the Forrester Creations offices.  Julius tells Zende that he can’t let his little girl go through with having a baby for Rick and Maya.  Julius believes Maya made her choices and has to live with them and the limits they imply.

Julius tells Zende that he is not doing Nicole or their relationship any favors by not telling Nicole that he doesn’t support what this is.

Meanwhile at the Forrester mansion Vivienne tells Nicole (with Maya sitting beside her) that no matter how grown Nicole gets, Julius wants to make sure she makes the right decision.

Later, at the office, Nicole asks Zende if they are over.

Thomas, back on board at Forrester Creations LA, tells Ivy that the important thing in her return to work at Forrester, is that she is true to who she is.  A curious Ivy asks Thomas exactly who that is.  A lady, Thomas tells Ivy.

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Tuesday October 28, 2014

Rick and Maya at the Cabin

Rick tells Maya she should go but he won’t let him go through this alone.  This is where my marriage ended Rick tells Maya as he pours himself a drink.

Maya put a hand on Ricks shoulder in support, after he hangs up from Caroline telling her not to call him anymore.  Rick says he should thank Rick for standing up for her and telling the truth.  Caroline played him for a fool.  Maya tells him he had the right to know.

Maya says that she’s sure he mattered to Caroline.  It’s just that for Caroline, Caroline comes first.  Everyone else is an afterthought. Rick says he never should have married Caroline.  Forrester Spencer seemed like a safe choice he says pulling off his wedding ring.  Rick is thankful they didn’t have a child, since their marriage is over.

Maya tells Rick she never stopped caring about him.  She couldn’t move on with Carter because of the way she felt about him.  From the very first day when they met at Daisy’s when she thought he was a waiter.  You turned to me because Caroline was disappointing you.  Turn to me now, Maya aks Rick as she kisses him.  He kisses her back and they sink onto the sofa…

Eric is Angry

Eric tells Caroline to leave Rick alone.  Eric asks if he did this to spite Rick to show him what he could take away from him.  Ridge denies it. But Eric tells him he had the maturity to walk away.  When Ridge tries to defend himself, Eric shuts the discussion down.  Not another word he tells Ridge angrily.

At least Caroline has the decency to feel horrible about this.  You betrayed everyone here Eric tells an unrepentant Ridge.  Rick is his flesh and blood, when you hurt him you hurt me. Little Rickie will be just fine – he’s a little embarrassed and a little hurt.  He will be just fine if he chooses to be Ridge tells Eric when Eric asks him if he knows what it’s like to see your child suffer.  Ridge reminds Eric he watched his child die in his arms.

Ridge asks Eric what he wants from him.  I got hurt and I lost who I was.  Caroline helped me find that again.  She helped me.  We helped each other Caroline says.  She’s never designed like that before.  Eric understands the feelings but they both bear the responsibility for not ending it.  There are a number of ways the designs could have been finished without Ridge kissing his brother’s wife.

Caroline calls Rick but he doesn’t want to talk to her.   He tells her to stop calling her. Eric storms out and tells Ridge and Caroline that the two of them have given him a lot to think about.  Ridge says he’s going to reconsider.  Caroline is horrified that is all he can think of.  Ridge asks why she had to say anything.  Caroline says Maya had already exposed them.  Caroline asks if Ridge has been conning her like Rick suggested.  Did you play me?  Were you just using me?

Ridge says yes, but when Caroline pushes him, he says he’s not really sure.  He thought he could benefit from her feelings, Ridge admits.  Caroline asks if he laughed about it – the girl with the crush.  Ridge says she was never a joke to him. Not being able to get the smell of her hair out his mind after one of his session was not a joke.  But both of them should have stopped this.

Rick won’t walk away from someone like you, Ridge assures Caroline. Little Rickie may be many things but he’s not stupid.  The times we spent together are some of the most magical moments of my life, Ridge tells Caroline.  It wasn’t his intention he states as he leaves.

Hope Waits for Word from Rick

Carter tells Hope that Maya left the building and likely went after Rick. Hope unfollows Caroline on social media.  Carter says that Caroline and Rick still have a chance, but Hope thinks that their marriage could be over.

They discuss Maya’s risk in exposing Ridge and Caroline – she gambled and won this time.