October 3: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Steffy Questions the Legality of Quinn and Eric’s Marriage

2016: Is Quinn and Eric's marriage legal? 2014: Hope cuts Quinn out of her baby's life.

Monday, October 3, 2016 – Episode #7432


Eric Wants Quinn By His Side

Regaining consciousness briefly, Eric made it clear to Ridge, Thorne and Rick, who were by their father’s bedside, that it was Quinn that he wanted to see.  Instead of continuing to keep Quinn away from his father, Ridge relented and brought Quinn into the room despite Steffy trying to bar her access.

Eric remained conscious only for seconds, but long enough to see his wife at his side.  With Eric back in unconsciousness, after suffering a brain hemorrhage likely brought on by stress, Quinn promises her husband that she will remain vigilant for him.

Later, Wyatt is by his mother’s side as Quinn explains to someone what happened.  She explains that Ridge’s family couldn’t bother to be at Eric’s wedding, because she wasn’t who they wanted for Eric.

Power of Attorney

While visiting the Mansion, Carter found the power of attorney document that he had passed on to Eric for signing.  When he read the document Carter was surprised by what he saw.

Back at Forrester Creations, Carter looks concerned by what he has learned.  He states that he believes things will get more difficult before they get better…

There’s no Quinn Forrester

Meanwhile, Steffy has learned some new information also that gives her hope.  She looks at Liam and smiles.  If there are no signatures on the marriage license, then there is no Quinn Forrester, Steffy tells him.

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B&B Spoilers October 3 2016
There’s a power of attorney naming Quinn as Eric’s proxy; but Steffy has reason to believe Eric and Quinn’s marriage isn’t legal…

Friday October 3, 2014

Bill Wants to Come to Italy with Brooke

Bill tells Brooke she’s not going to Italy without her.  It’s a sensitive issue in the Milan office.  Bill isn’t arguing.  She should pack a white dress because they are not coming back until they are married.

Brooke tells Bill about Hope being pregnant.  It reminds her that they have to care for those they love and care about.  What would will Will do if Bill is in Milan?

Brooke has had time to think about this.  They are both the same – they both love adventure but sometimes you need to slow down and take a breath and think.  That’s why she’d going to Italy- alone.  She has one shot at this life and this time she’s getting it right

With Brooke in LA she is in the way of Bill and Katie reuniting.  Bill tells her that Brooke is right they have one shot in this life and he asks her not to run away from it. Being with Katie will do Will no good if he sees that all Bill wants to do is be with her.  Bill wants Will to remember that his father purseued the woman of his dreams and got her.  She can go to Italy but it won’t make him go back to Katie

Katie is a grown up and makes her own decisions – yOu don’t have to look after her.  You don’t have to give up your happiness for her.  Brooke thinks they can get back to what they were before Aspen.  That would be a fine example for Will.  If there is any chance that can happen Brooke has to allow it to happen.

Brooke leaves.  Bill grabs Brooke, kisses her and tells her that she’s not leaving him.  She leaves anyway.

John Forrester Guest of Honor at Pam’s Dinner Party

Ivy convinces Liam he has to come to Pam’s party.  There could be medieval nights with lances made out of lemon bars.  Liam won’t let her walk into that alone.

Oliver and Aly make preparations for Pam’s party.  They suspect the party has something to do with Ivy because of the Australian accent Pam was using.  John, Eric, Pam and Charlie arrive and they realize that John is the surprise.  Ivy arrives with Liam and Ivy is surprised by her father being in town.

Charlie and Pam prepare turkey legs like at their medieval restaurant they go to.  John tells them aobut his time jousting in London and tries to recall if it was between marriages or before Maggie.  Ivy puts a lemon bar in his mouth to silence him.

John is impressed by Pam’s lemon bars.  He recognizes the lemons as Meyer lemons (Charlie’s suggestion) and tells her he could build a business around her cooking skills.  Charlie is jealous of John flattering Pam and Pam modestly gushing at his suggestions.

Eric tells John and Ivy that having Ivy in LA and living there is like having a new generation of Forresters.

Liam tells Ivy John is a fun guy and he’s glad he came.  Ivy realizes he’s still worried about Hope.  Its not Wyatt its Quinn.  She’s tied to Wyatt’s evil psychotic mother also. Quinn turns on people what happens if she turns on Quinn

Hope Cuts Quinn out of Her Baby’s Life

Biologically Quinn will be her child’s grandmother.  The baby may have her eyes.  She can’t control that. What she can control is what effect Quinn has on the child’s mental wellbeing.  She won’t be a part of her baby’s life.  That is just the way it has to be Hope tells Quinn.  Quinn thinks Hope is trying to punish her for being a bad, bad girl.  But one day her child will thank her for it because he or she is alive because of Quinn.  Hope tells her that her child won’t have the opportunity to thank her because Quinn will not be a part of its life.

Quinn accuses her of having hormones running rampant.  Hope tells Quinn that she and the baby are Wyatt’s top priority now.  Wyatt is in fact heading to her place to tell her what Hope is telling her now.  Quinn needs to stay away.

Wyatt rings while Hope and Quinn are arguing.  Hope tells him that Quinn is there and that she hasn’t taken the news well.  Quinn accuses hope of putting words in his mouth.  Wyatt would never cut her out of his life.  He now has a child to protect Hope says.

Quinn says she had therapy since then, but Hope doubts she even had treatment given that she pushed Ivy into the Seine after he so called treatment.

You tried to kill his brother how can we not want to protect our child from you.  Hope asks Quinn.

I love you, you’re my daughter in law, Quinn tells Hope angrily, but when you speak to me this way it makes me so angry.  Don’t try to cut me out of Wyatt’s life or my grandchild’s life, missy.  That would be a mistake a very big mistake, Quinn threatens as Hope listens nervously.



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