October 31: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Monday, October 31, 2016 – Episode #7452


Bill and Brooke’s Wedding Goes Ahead

Despite Ridge’s interruption and Bill’s assertion that the wedding was off, Brooke and Bill find themselves downstairs in Bill’s house, before a minister.  The ceremony proceeds.  The minister states should there be anyone who has cause for these two not to be united in marriage, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.

Zende is Done

A hesitant Nicole informs Zende that even though she did tell Maya that her answer was no, she couldn’t be their surrogate, she changed her mind while holding baby Lizzie.  She told Maya that she would do it.  Zende objects, but Nicole tells him that its already been decided.  She is doing it.

Zende responds.  He can’t do this anymore.  He’s done.

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Episode Summary:

Zende isn’t pleased with Nicole’s news that she has agreed to be Rick and Maya’s surrogate again.  He heads to the Halloween Party and starts drinking.  He won’t confide in Thomas and Caroline, but tells Sasha what Nicole has done.  He tells her he is done.  Sasha kisses him.

Also at the Halloween party Caroline is flirty with Thomas.  They discuss taking Douglas trick or treating when he’s older.

At Bill’s house with Bill and Brooke’s wedding in full swing, it is Bill who interrupts the proceedings.  Ridge has tained their wedding day he explains.  They will get married, just not today.

RJ is pleased when he learns the news.  Ridge and RJ congratulate each other on stopping Bill and Brooke’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Brooke is alone and sad, and Bill drink’s alone in his darkened living room.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers October 31, 2016

Friday October 31, 2014

Bikini Halloween Party

Ivy learns that Liam loves Halloween and is competitive about the games.  They run into Carter who admits a little less scary at Bikini’s Halloween Party than at Forrester.  Carter is smitten by one of the bartenders and heads to the bar.

Liam , Ivy and, corn toss, apple bob, pie eat, pumpkin carve and dance their way through to a Halloween win.  They celebrate with a glass of champagne.  Ivy says she should go back to work, but Liam says no more work.  She thanks him for taking her there.  She was stressed and she needed this.  Liam says he’s just trying to catch up for all the times she did it for him.

Ivy says she loves this, beaches, LA, Halloween. …America Liam adds and Ivy agrees.  Then Liam asks anything else?  As he kisses her.

Ivy and Liam enjoy Halloween together October 31 2014

Eric Offers Rick the CEO Position – Will Rick Take It?

Rick admits to being shell shocked.  First his dad giving Ridge the CEO position then finding out about Caroline.  Maya apologizes for putting him through that, but Rick says she’s the only one who did anything right in that meeting.

He’s done with all of it Rick says.  Let’s go on a trip.

Rick gets a call from Eric who wants to see him at work, but Rick just tells him that he’s leaving town  – somewhere safe where he won’t be stabbed in the back.  He’s done with this and he’s done with his dad, a bitter Rick says.

Maya questions whether Rick really wants to leave town.  The door bell goes and Maya says its his father.  She leaves the room before Eric enters.

Rick tells his father he made a bad decision now live with it.  Eric concedes he made a bad decision.  He hands rick some papers and says, sign these and you are the new CEO.  Maya watches from the top of the stairs thrilled.

The office is yours will all the perks Eric says.  Rick says that is awfully generous of you.  Eric says he deserved it.  Rick says he does – but he gets it by default?  He feels sorry for him because Ridge and Caroline made a fool out of him.  The fact remains he offered it to Ridge first.  Rick tells Eric he doesn’t want the job.  Eric says he’s going to give Rick a couple of days to cool off.  Is he really turning down the position he wanted all his life.

Rick says it sounds crazy but he learned he couldn’t trust his father.  Eric leaves the papers but Rick just says he has a plane to catch…

Maya tries to talk sense into Rick.  You earned this.  It’s a dream come true Maya says.  Your pride has been hurt but the best revenge is living well and we will be living very very well.  Show them who’s boss.  Ridge and Caroline who cares what they did – you will be the head honcho and I will be the lead model on your arm.

You can’t pass this up Rick.  Don’t work from the office – fine.  Rick says he doesn’t need mansions – he needs a life.  Maya sasy she wants this for Rick – for them.  She will be the woman behind her man.,  She will be there for his always Maya tells him then kissed him.

She hand him the papers to sign.  Give them to your father and Forrester Creations will be ours.

Hope Confronts Caroline

Hope confronts Caroline at Forrester Creations.  You could have easily gone along with Ridges lie Hope says.  You were involved with Ridge while married to my brother Hope spits.

Working so closely with Ridge a fashion genius, Caroline tries to explain by Hope interrupts – You’re making excuses.  Caroline says she just wants her husband back.  But he didn’t come home last night – he’s with Maya, Caroline tells Hope.



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