October 4: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ridge Throws Quinn Out

2016: Is Quinn and Eric's marriage legal? 2014: Hope cuts Quinn out of her baby's life.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 – Episode #7433


Quinn Wants to Bring Eric Home

When Quinn leaves the hospital to make arrangements at the mansion to bring Eric home to recuperate, Brooke has the opportunity to visit with her ex husband and the father of two of her children (Bridget and Rick).

She tells Rick that Eric is not a possession and if he was, he wouldn’t be his.

Ridge Throws Quinn Out

Thanks to Steffy’s discovery of Eric and Quinn’s unfilled, and unsigned marriage certificate, Ridge takes matters into his own hands.  He realizes that Quinn isn’t Eric’s wife – legally – and takes action.

By the time Quinn arrives home at the Forrester mansion to made arrangements for brining Eric home, Ridge has already arrived and has movers packing her personal possessions.

He tells Quinn that she is a nightmare that he is this close to waking up from.  He produces the unsigned wedding certificate. You’re not married to my father, and you don’t live here anymore, Ridge tells Quinn.

Ridge probably should have waited to get Carter’s news first…or at least conferred with his legal buddy…

Back at the hospital, Quinn tells a still unconscious Eric that he fought for her, not it is her turn to fight for him.

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October 4 Bold and the Beautiful spoilers
Ridge makes a move from what he believes is a position of power…


  1. Things are gating massy I hope that Ridge knows what he is doing but what can he do that Eric signed the power of attorney to Quinn. Now that Wyatt will know about it what will he do go tell his mom that will be a bit messy once Quinn knows she has power at FC and Eric’s life. Eric did a big mistake signing over to her so much responsibility Ridge is afraid that she will look for pay back. But the funny thing she is not merrid to Eric legality so how can she have this power Ridge is going to do every thinh in his power that she want be in Eric’s life.

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