October 5: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Quinn Vows to Fight For Eric

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 – Episode #7434


Quinn Vows to Fight for Eric

After turning up at the mansion and finding that Ridge is having her forcefully removed from the property on the basis that her and Eric’s marriage isn’t legal, Quinn returns to the hospital.  Wyatt is there also to support his mom and Eric.  Quinn tells her son that Ridge is threatening to push her out of Eric’s life once and for all.

Quinn goes on to tell Wyatt that she made a vow to protect Eric always, and that is exactly what she is going to do; even if it is from his own family.  What Quinn doesn’t realize is that Ridge is on shaky ground.  Carter has just informed Ridge that he does not have Eric’s power of attorney.  Quinn does.  Eric replaced Ridge’s name with Quinn’s and the document is notarized and legal…

Meanwhile Eric’s family members visit with him one by one.  They express their regret over what happened and their love for him.  Today a tearful Pam tells Eric that she hopes he knows how much she appreciates him and everything he has done for her.

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October 5 2016 B&B Spoilers
Quinn makes the kind of vow that history tells us will send her over the edge into crazy town. She vows to protect Eric even from his family, unaware of her legal status. Eric gave Quinn, not Ridge his power of attorney!

Monday, October 5, 2015 – Episode #7178

He’s the father of my baby

Caroline tells Ridge she's pregnantThomas? My son?  Ridge states stunned.  I’m so sorry Caroline whispers.  I can’t believe this.  My son, he wouldn’t do this to me Ridge says.

Caroline again says she’s sorry.  She tries to explain that Thomas came to comfort her.  Tell me this isn’t happening Ridge says.  He’s my son.  You and Thomas.

Caroline whishes she could take it back.  She wishes she’d stayed with him where she belonged.  But he ended things;  She just wanted to be numb she was in so much pain.  She took the pills because she didn’t want to feel anything.  When Thomas came she began to drink.  He didn’t know about the pills.

He took advantage Ridge yells.  Caroline tries to defend Thomas saying he didn’t know about the pills.

Ridge throws his paint brushes at the wall in anger.  He gets it . Thomas didn’t know about the pills, he’d been drinking,  but he knew her heart belonged to him.  He stood before them not a few hours before and witnessed that.   He knew exactly what he was doing Ridge tells Caroline.

If she was as messed up as Caroline says she was Thomas had to have seen that. Ridge knows what a woman under the influence of drugs looks like and so does Thomas.

Doesn’t Caroline think he should have known that?  Crying Caroline yells she doesn’t know.  She doesn’t remember.  She remembers him coming to the hotel and him being a friend to her.  Then she remembers waking up and him being there.

Thomas knows she’s not that woman.  Ridge tells Caroline Thomas should have made sure she was okay and left – like a gentleman.  But he stayed.  He stayed with you; Ridge says angry with what his son did.

Thomas thought he was helping Caroline says.  No Ridge says, he knew exactly what he was doing (helping himself).   Caroline cannot handle him saying that  Thomas knowingly did something to her.  Ridge says he did knowingly do something to her. He’s your son an emotional Caroline yells.

Ridge knows who Thomas is to him.  Ridge wants to know who he is to Caroline.  Who is he to you now Ridge wants to know.  You say he was your friend and he comforted you, but who is he to you now?

He’s the father of my baby Caroline blurts out.  What did you say Ridge asks. Caroline says she thought it was his baby. Ridge doubles over and sits down on the floor. You couldn’t have children you told me it was impossible. Caroline realized it had to be Thomas.

You’re pregnant with Thomas’ child Ridge states.

Steffy Reprimands Thomas

Steffy is angry with Thomas because Thomas punched Ridge in the face.  Thomas tells her that the constant criticism wears on him. Couldn’t he just talk about his feelings like an adult?  Steffy tells him hitting Ridge is the most disrespectful thing a son can do to his father.

Thomas admits that there is a lot of anger he’s been storing up over the years and he finally broke.  Thomas guesses he and his father have more unresolved issues than he thought.

You have to learn to control your temper Steffy says.  Thomas says so he has anger issues what else is new.

Steffy says Ridge wasn’t around a lot when they were as a kid.  Thomas says he could barely make every second weekend.  Thomas says its different for her.  She’s his little girl and his favorite.  Thomas and ridge have always butted heads and been in this power struggle.  Steffy tells Thomas he has to stop looking into the past.  Look at them now.  She’s President of the company and he’s on the design team.  He needs to look to the future Steffy tells him.

They had it pretty easy, but they lacked attention and approval.  Maybe he’s still looking for that.  Steffy says he definitely has daddy issues but punching Ridge isn’t going to score him any points.  He messed up.  Thomas wants a good relationship with their dad he says.

Steffy says he has to make it up to their father.  They will work it out.  Thomas wants it to work out especially now that he’s starting a family with Caroline and growing theirs.  Steffy is glad that he’s supporting the relationship now.  Thomas admits that he wasn’t at first because he thought Ridge would hurt her.  But they are married and they are going to have a baby together.

Ivy Goes to Eric

Wyatt and Ivy cuddle in front of the fire. Ivy misses Forrester Creations.  There has to be a way for her to get her job back she says.  Maybe its time she goes over Steffy’s head Ivy says.  Maybe Uncle Eric can help Ivy says.  Wyatt isn’t sure.

If Steffy admits to Ivy’s part in the story she had to admit her own – that she hit Aly with a tire iron.  Ivy decides she’s going to see her uncle.

Ivy and Wyatt arrive at the Forrester mansion.  She thanks him for the flowers.  It’s the least he could do with her leaving Forrester. Ivy says it wasn’t her choice.  Wyatt says she was forced out.  Ivy says that is why she is here.  She really wants a second chance and she thinks he could be the one to get through to Steffy.

Eric isn’t sure what he can do.  He isn’t even sure why Ivy was let go.  Ivy thinks that Eric can get through to Steffy.  They all look up to him.  She thought Forrester Creations was her future.  Its where she belongs.  She speculates going back to Sydney.  Eric tells her she’s not going anywhere.

He’s not going to let her leave Los Angeles.  Wyatt isn’t either.  Eric asks why Steffy let her go. The only explanation he got was that Steffy doesn’t trust her.  Ivy tells him no one knows the whole story.  Tell me Eric says.  It’s about Steffy’s role in Aly’s death, Ivy starts.


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