October 6: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Is Wyatt Playing Both Sides?

Thursday, October 6, 2016 – Episode #7435


Steffy and Quinn Face Off

Ridge and Steffy take a step into muddy legal waters.  Ridge and Steffy have convinced Carter to keep Eric’s Power of Attorney naming Quinn as Eric’s proxy, as secret.  For the sake of the family.  Carter agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Steffy uses the power that Ridge has decided should have been bestowed upon him to face off with Quin at Forrester Creations.  Steffy tells Quinn that everything she is doing is more than justified.  Quinn’s time at Forrester Creations and in her family’s life is over Steffy tells Quinn.

Wyatt takes a surprising position with his mother.  Steffy is standing behind Wyatt as he tells Quinn not to make it this situation harder than it already is.  Just go, he tells his mother who is stunned by her sons change of attitude.  That’s the best thing you can do right now Wyatt tells his mother; respect Ridge and Steffy’s decision.

Looks like a double play…Wyatt will be Quinn’s man on the inside while keeping his relationship with Steffy intact…for now.

Caroline Wants to Reunite with Thomas?

Caroline and Douglas have returned from new York, and Caroline seems to have an agenda.  She tells Thomas that Douglas is so lucky to have him as a father and she is so grateful to have him in her life.  Will Thomas tell Caroline about his budding friendship/relationship with Sasha?

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October 6 B&B Spoilers
Wyatt takes a stance that surprises Quinn. Is it all an act?

Monday October 6, 2014

John Forrester Guest of Honor at Pam’s Dinner Party

Ivy and Liam discuss Quinn getting exactly what she wants.  Liam is worried that Hope may one day be on Quinn’s hit list.  Ivy doesn’t’ think that Quinn would hurt Hope because it would lose her Wyatt.

Hope is tied to Quinn forever Liam says.  There is no way that Hope is getting rid of Quinn.  Ivy agrees that Quinn is strangely possessive and can’t imagine her as a grandmother.

Inside John asks how serious Liam and Ivy are.  It’s all very new everyone tells him but their relationship has a lot of potential.

John tries to convince Eric to handover the business to is kids and come travelling with him and visit him down under.  Eric says he would like that.  John flirts more with pa mans says it took him several marriages to realize he could look but not touch.

Eric gives John Stephanie’s martini as they drink under Steph’s portrait.  Eric tells him that whenever he kisses another woman under that portrait (a shrine to Stephanie John calls it) comes tumbling down

John and Liam share vodka – a gift from Vladimir himself.  His daughter is his pride and joy.  Liam seems oddly genuine in this spray tan city – what gives John wants to know?

Ivy makes him feel good and puts him at ease Liam tells John.  The tide may be turning and he’s not sure if she still feels the same way but if she does he’d be lucky.  Liam admits that he too felt something in Paris when she kissed him on the cheek.  Liam thanks John for raising one of the finest women he’s ever met and turns to John to find him asleep.  Ivy smiles having listened in and heard everything Liam just said.

Hope Cuts Quinn out of Her Baby’s Life

Quinn tells Hope she is paranoid.  This baby is blood and she would never hurt blood.   Hope reasserts her position that Wyatt and Hope don’t want Quinn anywhere near the baby

You had better change your tune and quick otherwise things will get ugly.  Quinn goes on the attack telling hope that she has to take back every filthy work she has said about shunning her from her family – or she would regret it.  Wyatt arrives to hear Quinn’s rant and asks what is going on here.

Hope tells Wyatt that Quinn threatened her when she told her that she didn’t want her around the baby.  Quinn changes her tune. Hope is aghast.  Hope asks Quinn is she is really trying to say she didn’t say things would get ugly, and that she would regret trying to keep Quinn from your son.  Quinn goes on the defensive.  Wyatt is horrified and tells his mother that Hope and his baby are the most important thing to him right now and he throws Quinn out.

Alone Wyatt hugs Hope and apologizes again.  Your mother is unhinged Hope says – she’s disturbed and that’s Hope putting it nicely.  There is only so far that Wyatt can protect her and the baby.  Hope understands that he has always apologized for her behavior.  But after what happened here tongith Quinn cannot be part of our lives Hope states.  Hope has a bad feeling about tonight she thinks Quinn could hurt her.  Hope would feel better if Quinn isn’t around.  She’s not backing down on this.

Wyatt says he will go talk to her.  Hope is sorry but she doesn’t want Quinn around her or anyone in her family – especially her baby.

Quinn Complains to Deacon

Quinn arrives home at the loft and asks Deacon if he knew Hope was pregnant.  He admits he did.  Your sweet little daughter is trying to kick me out of my family Quinn tells Deacon.  The only reason they are together is because of her Quinn asserts.

The loft is lit with candles and dinner is set for two – its date night!  But Quinn isn’t in the mood.

Deacon tries to get her to calm down.  Living your life for you r son and a grandchild that isn’t even born yet is beyond obsessed.   Shift your focus a bit.  Give Hope and Wyatt a bit of space and this will probably all work out.

There is another guy trying to get your attention Deacon tells her – take a look around he tells Quinn.  Get out of psycho mommy mode and get into dating mode.  Quinn asks Deacon if he thinks the right man will solve all her problems.  On the contrary Deacon tells her sometimes it’s the wrong guy – sometimes two wrongs do make a right, Deacon says.  The statement impacts Quinn but somehow it is likely not related to dating Deacon.

Quinn suggests that that Deacon talk to Hope on her behalf. Help me Deacon she asks.  Deacon asks if she would ever hurt Hope.  Never Quinn says – she would never lay a hand on her.  Deacon says he will try as they begin to kiss.  Deacon tells Quinn that whatever this is between them has to stay between them.  Hope would never speak to him again if she found out, Deacon says before kissing Quinn again.



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