October 7: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Wyatt Learns About Quinn’s Power of Attorney

Friday, October 7, 2016 – Episode #7436


Ivy Wants Liam; Liam Wants Steffy

Liam remains concerned about Steffy being exposed to Quinn.  Steffy assures Liam that she is doing everything in her power to keep Quinn out of her life.  She tells Liam that he doesn’t need to worry about her.  Liam tells Steffy that she should be with him (not his brother with the crazy mother who is dangerous).

Later, Liam is approached by Ivy who is set on winning him back.  Ivy gets up close and personal with Liam telling him to stop pining for his brother’s wife

Wyatt Learns Quinn Being Kept Away Illegally

Quinn struggles with bending to Ridge and Steffy’s wishes and what it must be doing to Eric to have her suddenly disappear from his life.  She keeps seeing him lying there wondering where his wife is; not knowing its Ridge that is keeping her away.

Later, after Wyatt has overheard a conversation between Steffy, Ridge and Carter, he confronts his wife.  At their home, Wyatt asks Steffy how long she has known that Quinn has Eric’s Power of Attorney.

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October 7 2016 B&B Spoilers
Thanks to overhearing a conversation between Ridge, Steffy and Carter, Wyatt learns that Quinn, not Ridge has Eric’s Power of Attorney. Wyatt confronts his wife, who has only just agreed to come back home, with the truth.

Tuesday October 7, 2014

Rick Is Suspicious

Rick questions Caroline and Ridge’s process for churning out designs.  Half the time she’s holed up in ridges office and the rest she’s half way between exhaustion and exhilaration.  Caroline tells Rick to focus on the end product – and it’s an amazing opportunity for her.  Caroline leaves Rick is frustrated.

Katie stops in to see Rick.  Did Ridge give her the ol’ heave ho too?  You’re in here with me and Caroline’s with Ridge.  Ever wonder what happens behind that door.  Designs says Katie.  The best Ridge has produced in a long time Ridge admits.  But something is off, Rick says.  Ridge is the least collaborative in the business.  After the accident Ridge stops producing until he starts working with Caroline.  Something crucial is missing and Ricks’ not going to stop until she finds out what it is.

Rick Fires Ridge

Katie comes to see Ridge at work.  The discuss Will’s choking.  Katie is glad Bill was there to save Will.  Ridge suggests Bill shouldn’t leave choking hazards around.  They move on to discussing Brooke going to Italy

Caroline arrives in Ridges office.  She hasn’t told Rick she confides in Ridge, when she admits that she is late because Rick was questioning her.  I’m here, use me Caroline tells Ridge.

They begin designing together.  Ridge takes Caroline’s hand as Rick walks in.  Caroline shows rick the design.  Ridge gets a text and has to leave.  Rick asks Caroline what is really going on here.  Something has changed he tells Caroline – it’s like he’s closed her off and denied her access.  Rick asks whey Ridge suddenly wants to mentor her when he was so dismissive of her work not so long ago.  It’s okay for Ridge and Katie to have secrets but if you’re in the mix that’s not ok.  I need you to be honest – that’s what our marriage is based on.  What is going on with you and Ridge Rick questions his wife.

You’re right.  Ridge needs me.  Really needs me.  Ridge can’t draw Caroline confides – it’s the accident when he fell out of the helicopter, but he has found his talent again through me.  When he guides my hand he’s more brilliant than ever.  Rick says that is not ok for Ridge to use her.  Caroline says Ridge is teaching her.  She hoped that through them working together Ridges talent will return.

Rick is angry but not with Caroline.  What are you going to do Caroline asks her husband.  Ridge returns to find Rick in his office and Caroline gone.  They discuss the latest design and Rick asks Ridge to make an adjustment – now.  Ridge refuses too.  Is something wrong Rick asks when Ridge won’t do it.  Rick says he knows.  He can’t draw anymore.  And now you’re using Caroline to hide his dirty little secret.  Rick demands Ridge’s resignation.

Speculation about Ridge and Caroline

On the sun lounge Maya questions Carter if he’s thought more about Ridge and Caroline.  Carter says that is her obsession. Othello arrives.  He asks what is news and Maya gossips about Ridge and Caroline and admits to telling Katie about it.  There is something going on between Ridge and Caroline and its only a matter of time before everyone knows.

Carter asks Maya what kind of Ridge is.  Carter defends Ridge.  Caroline is simply helping Ridge is somehow.  Othello notes that Ridge is normally a loner.  Maya tries to convince Carter to question Caroline but he says he doesn’t’ double deal his friends.

Carter leaves.  Othello thinks Maya may be on track.  Maya is surprised to have support.  They discuss Rick rejecting her in the steam room.  Rick honored his vows, he’d expect Carolien to do the same.  Othello says Rick really liked her.  He dumped Caroline for her once he could do it again Othello says.  If Caroline is messing around with Ridge she’s gone, Othello says about his buddy.



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