The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 10 – 14, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 10 – 14, 2016:  Wyatt tries to broker peace between Ridge and his mother by telling Ridge she’s changed;  Is it Ivy who goes to extremes to win back Liam?

    Spoilers and Speculation…

    Wyatt, Steffy, Liam and Ivy

    Despite what it could mean for his marriage, Wyatt had switched teams and is standing behind his mother and her relationship with Eric.

    While Wyatt has stood behind the Forresters and his wife in removing Quinn from Eric’s life and firing her at Forrester Creations, he does make sure Steffy understands that he thinks his mother really cares for Eric.  Steffy agrees to go home.

    Wyatt tries to convince Ridge to stand down on his hard line of keeping Quinn away from Eric.  She has changed, Wyatt tries to convince Ridge.  Wyatt over hears a conversation between Ridge Steffy and Carter where they discuss the truth of the matter, that Quinn, not Ridge, has Eric’s power of attorney.  How will Wyatt feel about his wife being party to a very Quinn-like maneuver?

    Wyatt tells his wife that she and Ridge have stolen Eric’s power of attorney and are making decision for Eric without any legal right to do so.  His mother should be making those decisions and has a right to know.  Steffy tells Wyatt that doing that will mean that she and her family will never be free of Quinn.  Steffy takes out her frustrations on the boxes she’s used to move back into Wyatt’s house.

    Steffy is horrified when she learns that Wyatt didn’t stand by her; and told his mother that she has Eric’s Power of Attorney.  Steffy accuses him of letting his mother control, her, her family and their marriage.  Wyatt protests that the success or failure of their marriage has nothing to do with his mother.

    Wyatt tells his wife that he will fight til his last breath for their marriage, the question he has?  Will Steffy?

    Wyatt wants to know what Steffy is going to do.  Is she going to stick around and fight for their marriage, or walk away.  Steffy does the latter.  She kisses Wyatt goodbye.  And Steffy runs to Liam to tell him she wants him back.

    October 10 - 14 2016 Bold beautiful Spoilers


    Quinn isn’t going to let anyone get in her way….When she learns she has Eric’s Power of Attorney she promises an unconscious Eric that they will never be apart again and that he is safe with her…

    Quinn thanks her son for telling her about the Power of Attorney.  Now she can be Eric’s advocate.  One without an agenda…


    Ridge admits to Rick and Thomas that they are all in trouble.  Rick looks at Ridge and asks what he did now.

    Brooke wonders how long he through he could keep the lie going.  As long as possible Ridge concedes.  Having Quinn make decisions for them and their company is unacceptable

    Early spoilers hint that a former flame will go to extreme measures to win back a former (unrequited) love.

    Caroline and Thomas

    This could of  course refer to Caroline’s recent return to Los Angeles.  Is she there to build a family with the father of her child?  Caroline admits she is.  She wasn’t ready before but she is now. Which could be a little sticky because Thomas and Sasha have become quite cozy in Caroline and Douglas’ absence.

    Caroline puts the moves on Thomas.  She really wants for her and Thomas to be together; with their son.  She needs to hear Thomas say he wants it too.  But does he?

    Sasha overhears.  She steps aside and tells Thomas to go be a father to his son. She knows what its like to grow up without a father and she wouldn’t want that for Douglas.

    Ivy and Liam

    Our guess, however, is that it is more to do with Liam and Ivy.  Liam has been off the canvas for a while now.  No doubt, under Quinn’s tutelage, Ivy is the one who goes to goes to extreme measures to win back Liam’s love.  Ivy uses her makeover to try to seduce Liam.  Steffy’s Aspen Wedding dress, Ivy tells Liam that his his in love with a woman who is married to his brother.  Ivy’s attempt fails…

    This quadrangle only stays interesting if there is another barrier thrown in the way of a Steffy and Liam reunion…and true to Ivy’s history as a character, she is being used as a plot device…

    Rick, Maya, Zende and Nicole

    This foursome enjoy a lovely lunch together.  Rick and Maya ask Nicole if she would consider doing the surrogacy thing again to give Lizzie a little brother or sister…

    Zende reacts.  Given that Nicole’s surrogacy cost them their relationship the first time round, Zende can’t believe the audacity of Maya and Rick asking Nicole to have another baby for them…Zende comes to wonder if Nicole is actually considering carrying another child for Rick and Maya.

    Coming Up: The Bold and the Beautiful…

    Jennifer Gareis returns to the Bold and the beautiful as Donna Logan.  Word is she’s returning to town for a special occasion.

    Its unlikely to be for a Eric and Quinn re-attempt at a wedding, Donna is unlikely to support anyone else marrying her “Honey Bear” so if we had to guess that special occasion would be for her sister’s wedding to Bill.  Brooke couldn’t ask Katie to stand up for her (though Katie asked Brooke to do just that when she remairried Bill…


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    1. I think wyatt will do the right thing. It call a moral obligation. Do the right thing for your mother Wyatt and respect Eric Forrester wishes. And theres a legal obligation that carter had to do was to honor Eric Forrester wishes. No matter what you think someone else tells you. It was Carter job to do what was right. He is a lawyer he was to carry out that and he didn’t. Carter should be fired and dis bar. From being a lawyer. Seffy and Ridge shout be kick out of Forrester. Eric should dis own them for betraying him not ones. But, twices. If i would Quinn. When she get control over Eric’s affair. First order will i will call a meeting with the Family at Forrester. And tell the family i will carry out Eric wishes and i will be fair. I will respect Eric family. But, i will tell Ridge and seffy that they have 30 mins. to pack up there things and leave the premises. Leave Forrester don’t come back until Eric is well and Eric will deal with you and seffy for betraying him. Not just once. But twices. You two will not see Eric while he is sick. If you don’t . You will be arrested and put into jail. Second order is Rick i will let you run your father company when I’m not here. But, you still will have to keep me informed about whats going on in the company. Became i will be by my husband bed side until he gets well. So, Rick that your father seat. Right here. Thrid order in hand Carter you are fired from this company. And i will let Eric that care of the rest to see if he want to have you dis bar. You had a legal obligation to carry out Eric wishes and you didn’t. Every one get back to work. I’m going to go help my husband get well. So he will be back to run his company.

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