The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 31 – November 4, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 31 – November 4, 2016:  Plans to expand a family; wedding rings removed; questions about commitment

    Bill, Brooke and Ridge

    Bill isn’t exactly pleased to find out that Ridge is making a pitch to Brooke, Bill’s bride-to-be on Bill and Brooke’s wedding day.  Brooke hasn’t been to receptive so far either.

    Ridge believes that no one else can be for Brooke and Ridge who they are to each other.

    Bill overhears and has to question his bride’s commitment to marrying him.  Bill certainly won’t be pleased since Ridge derailed his last wedding attempt to Brooke as well.

    But there is a bigger question on Dollar Bill’s mind. Is Brooke only marrying him to get hold of the shares to save Ridge and Forrester Creations from Quinn Fuller?  Or does Brooke really love Bill and want a future as his wife?

    Bill tries to call off the wedding, but the week starts with Bill and Brooke set to get married…

    They stand before the minister as he asks for anyone with issue to the marriage to speak now or forever hold their peace…are the interruptions over?  Seems not…Bill stops the proceedings.  Ridge has tainted their wedding day.  They will get married; just not today.

    It leaves Bill and Brooke not wanting to celebrate Halloween.

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    Wyatt, Liam and Steffy

    Wyatt tells his wife that he would do anything to get her back.

    Steffy and Liam recommit to each other.  But Steffy still has some housekeeping to end her previous marriage to Liam’s brother, Wyatt. A symbolic gesture of the end of a marriage is the returning, or removing of wedding rings.  That isn’t so easy in Steffy’s case.  She and Wyatt had tattoo’s instead of traditional jewelry (which is kind of odd for a jewelry designer’s son).

    Steffy has the tattoo removed.  What about Wyatt?

    By week’s end, Steffy and Liam are recommitted to each other so fully that Steffy moves into the Malibu Cliff house with Liam.

    Maya, Rick, Nicole and Maya

    Rick and Maya’s request that Nicole be  a surrogate for them once again to give Lizzie a baby brother or sister may get an answer this week.  Spoilers hint that a young family plans for expansion, which seems to imply that Nicole agrees; at least initially.

    If Nicole does agree, it will certainly cause tension between her and Zende.  Zende has plans for them to make memories travelling together, not making babies for Maya and Rick.

    Nicole tells Zende that she agreed to be Rick and Maya’s surrogate again and he does not look pleased…She tells him it is already decided.  She is doing it.  Zende doesn’t hang around to  find out why.

    He goes to the  Forrester Halloween Party and starts drinking…Will a party serving shooters see Zende fall back into Sasha’s arms? When Sashs finds out what Nicole has done, Zende tells her that he is done with Nicole.  Sasha kisses him.  She tries to back away, knowing that Zende loves her sister, but Zende is a Forreser man and decides its time to start behaving like one.

    Zende goes one better.  He takes Sasha to Hawaii (Sasha missed out on the Avant trip to Hawaii last year because it was “family only”).  Nicole feels the betrayal when she learns about the trip.

    Nicole confides in Maya that Zende loves her, but that he can’t do the whole surrogacy thing; again.  Rick and Maya see what agreeing to be their surrogate again is costing Nicole once again;  they giver her an out.

    But Nicole doesn’t take kindly to the ultimatum that Zende gave her.  She tells Rick and Maya she can’t see a future with a man who runs off to Hawaii for a hot fling every time he disagrees with a decision she makes for herself.

    Zende wonders why he can’t see the good in what Nicole is doing; the tremendous sacrifice she is making.

    Sasha, however, is doing everything she can to keep the rift between Zende and Nicole alive…She reminds Zende that Nicole signed up for this and sees it as some great gift.  (But not for Zende).

    This storyline could have many potential twists and turns.  If Nicole agrees, nothing says she will conceive as easily as last time; if at all.  What if Nicole can’t have any more children?  Now that would make for an interesting twist of fate if Lizzie is suddenly the only biological child that Nicole can have…

    Quinn and Eric

    The rift between Eric and his family continues with Quinn vowing to protect her husband and Ridge wanting to know if that includes keeping Eric away from his family.

    Quinn thinks Erics family will come around; and one day Eric will even trust them again.

    Will he?

    Wyatt spills the beans to Quinn and Eric about Ridge’s plan to regain control of Forrester Creations through Bill Spencer’s shares.

    The rift between Eric and his family continues with Quinn vowing to protect her husband and Ridge wanting to know if that includes keeping Eric away from his family.  Ridge seems to be doing everything right to push Eric further into uinn’s arms…

    Eric tells Ridge that he may be his family, but her certainly doesn’t trust him.  Eric, once again confronts his family.

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