The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 24 – 28, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 24 – 28, 2016:  Second thoughts for a bride to be? Does the man who has everything get what he really wants; the woman he loves?

    Bill, Brooke and Ridge

    Brooke says she loves Bill and isn’t only marrying Bill to get the shares of Forrester Creations, but is that what she really feels after Ridge in a mixed signals kind of way expressed his feelings for his ex-wife by laying a passionate kiss on her?  Looks like Brooke is set to have some second thoughts.  Is it just wedding day jitters or does the bride have cold feet?

    Either way Brooke tells Ridge that he has to stop just kissing her!  It’s ridiculous.

    Donna, who has returned to town for the wedding is surprised to learn that Bill and Brooke’s wedding has  a secondary (or primary?) motive; to get Ridge the Forrester Creations shares he so desperately needs to kick Quinn out of her position of power; at the company at least.

    Looks like the Bride isn’t the only one who has second thoughts about the whole arrangement.  Bill and Brooke’s wedding, if it happens, will have a hitch in the form of Ridge.  Won’t be the first time he’s stopped a Bill and Brooke wedding

    Bill goes to great effort to make his and Brooke’s wedding day more than she could ever hope for.  But RJ, Brooke’s son with Ridge, is still working to convince his mother not to go through with the marriage…

    It looks like between RJ’s protest, and Ridge kissing her, that Brooke is having a case of cold feet.  She confides in her sister, Donna about her reservations.  But Donna just reminds her sister that she and Ridge have been there done that and every time Ridge ends up hurting her.

    Justin wonders what to get Bill for a wedding gift.  What do you get the man who has everything he wonders…Could it be that  the man how has everything will not have the one thing he wants most!  The woman he loves?

    Rick asks if Ridge is planning to crash Bill and Brooke’s wedding; again.  And that is precisely what he does. Brooke is dressed and ready to walk down the aisle when she receives an unexpected guest at her wedding. Ridge may be a little liquored up when he pushes through Donna to talk to Brooke before she marries Bill.

    Ridge cares more about Brooke than the shares her wedding will provide to save the company from Quinn!

    Allison overhears and warns Bill. Bill goes upstairs and hears Ridge try to convince Brooke not to marry Bill.  Bill tells Ridge that he made a bad move;  he won’t be getting those Forrester Creations shares now.

    Downstairs Allison assures the guests that Bill is capable of dealing with an 11th hour Ridge tantrum…

    Spoilers BB October 24 - 28 2016

    Quinn and Eric

    Eric has build a new network of loyal family members around his as he recuperates.  Quinn and Eric’s marriage was made legal with a couple of signatures, Eric asked to call Wyatt son and requested he move into the mansion to support his mother and then there’s Ivy who seems to have returned to LA to be Quinn’s lackey.

    Eric has also asked Quinn and Wyatt to stand in for him at Forester Creations.  But they are only their temporarily.  Is it because Bill’s Forrester Creations shares make their way into Ridge’s hands or is there another rabbit to pull out of a hat?

    Quinn tries to explain that she became a single mother at such a young age taht she thought she had to be tough and mean.  She faked it so well she forgot she was faking; until Eric.

    Ivy tells Eric that he is giving Quinn things that she nas never had. Laer, Quinn tells Eric she doesn’t have many fans in the Forrester clan.

    Ridge isn’t giving up on getting Quinn out of their lives and this week makes some serious allegations about Quinn’s treatment/care of Eric.  He suggests that Quinn is holding Eric hostage!

    Zende and Nicole

    It seems this young couple have major problems in their lives.  They disagree about Halloween costumes.  And on a more serious note, they also struggle with family obligations…

    Nicole tells Maya that she ahs made a decision about the surrogacy.  But first she has to tell Maya haow much she appreciates her and Rick not pressuring her.

    Meanwhile Sasha assures Zende that everything will be fine and that Nicole won’t let him down…

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    Donna Logan is back in town.  Jennifer Gareis appears October 20-21, and 25-26, 2016.


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