November 14: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Quinn Humble in Victory

Monday November 14, 2016 – Episode #7462

Quinn Derails Ridge’s Sabotage Attempt

Eric, while sipping champagne with Katie can only praise his wife.  He is pleased with how the fashion show turned out. He tells Katie that the important thing is that Quinn came through for him, the way he knew she would.

What Eric doesn’t know is that Quinn had her hands full at Forrester Creations dealing with Ridge and Steffy’s antics.

Steffy went along with Ridge’s plan for her not to wear the showstopper to sabotage Quinn’s execution of the fashion show.  But Quinn got the better of them.  She had Ivy announce the showstopper in her stead, and Quinn modelled the showstopper herself.

After the show, at Forrester Creations, and with Quinn still wearing the showstopper, Quinn is magnanimous despite Ridge and Steffy’s attempts to make her fail, but refusing to “be a footnote to Quinn’s jewelry”.  She tells Wyatt, Ivy, Steffy and Ridge that she is humbled and honored she is to have been able to represent Forrester Creations today.

Later, Steffy must admit to her father (?) that what Quinn did in response – wearing the showstopper – saved Forrester Creations.

The fashion show makes Wyatt even more of a believer in Quinn and Eric’s relationship.

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November 14 2016 B&B Spoilers
Ridge’s sabotage attempt is foiled by Quinn. Maybe the erson the Forresters should be protection orrester Creations from is RIDGE!

Friday November 14, 2014 – Episode #6954

Wyatt’s Scheming Exposed – Hope Can’t Let Go

Hope says she can be ready to go in five minutes. Hope likes Wyatt’s idea about staying in – is it to late to cancel the boat Hope asks admitting she overheard him talking to Lars and planning something very romantic.  Wyatt is forced to admit he rented the boat as a surprise for Ivy and Liam.

Hope is not amused.  It’s weird.  If they wanted to go on a boat ride they would have organized it themselves.  You saw an opportunity and you took advantage Hope tells Wyatt unimpressed.  You are so your mother right now Hope tells her husband.  You manipulated them.  Wyatt doesn’t’ understand Hope’s issue. It’s only a boat ride.

You are trying to force their relationship Hope says aghast – Maybe I am Wyatt concedes. Let him go Wyatt says.  The idea of Liam and Ivy shouldn’t hurt you.  You are putting so much focus on their relationship its like you’re putting us on the backburner.

Wyatt asks if she wants Liam pining for her for the rest of his life.  He just wanted to do something nice for his brother.  Maybe if he’s bee upfront about it she would feel better.  But he did it behind everyone’s back.  He’s sneaky, Hope yells at Wyatt saying she can no longer trust him.  Wyatt says you can’t have us both.  You chose me, you married me, and Liam has to move on with his life.  And you have to let him Wyatt tells Hope.

Wyatt states that a boat ride is not going to make or break the relationship Hope says. Wyatt tells Hope that this needs to stop.  They are expecting a child and that is what they should be focused on not Ivy and Liam.  A sulking Hope tells her husband that she needs some air.  She steps out on the balcony of her hotel room to see Ivy and Liam arrive back on the boat.  She cries as she watches them kiss.

On the Boat – Ivy and Liam Declare Their Love

On the boat Ivy thanks Liam believing that he had something to do with the boat trip.  Liam tells her it wasn’t him.  But whoever set it all up, knew what they were doing Ivy notes; champagne and romantic city with some of the best views in the world.  She tells Liam she doesn’t think she’s ever been happier.  Liam tells Ivy she deserves it.

Ivy tells Liam she’s living the American dream, but Liam says they are living a Dutch dream as they enjoy the romantic trip.  They arrive back at the hotel and Ivy asks if this means the trip is over. Liam turns to her and says not if they don’t want it to be.

Ivy looks at him and tells him she loves him, and then apologizes for putting him on the spot.  Liam looks at her then tells Ivy he loves her too.  They kiss unaware that an emotionally distraught Hope is watching from her hotel balcony after arguing with Wyatt.

Put a Ring on It

Ridge arrives in the office.  Pam wants to know if he and Katie are still together.  If she takes him back Pam tells him to buy they poor woman an actual ring.

Ridge Defends Caroline

Rick gives Maya an expensive bracelet.  Caroline walks in as Maya says they have such a bright future.  Caroline is stunned about Maya‘s vision of her future as Rick’s arm candy.

If this is about design Rick says you can make an appointment.  Caroline says she’s not going to make an appointment to talk to her husband.

Its over Maya tells Caroline.  He wouldn’t be giving me gifts if he wanted you back.  Take whatever alimony you are going to get and move on Maya tells Caroline while Rick is on the phone.

Off the phone, Rick tells Caroline that Maya didn’t life to him.  Caroline tells him they can work this out – if he comes home to her.  How?  With Ridge of all people. Rick spent his life watch Ridge hurting his mother over and over again.  And you turn to him Rick yells at Caroline?  Ridge enters and says enough. Don’t talk to her like that Ridge says.  He doesn’t care what his title is he’s being an idiot.

Rick says don’t give me an excuse to fire you when Ridge talks down Maya.  He wants both Ridge and Caroline out of his office.

In another office alone, Ridge and Caroline speak.  He doesn’t want Maya Rick says.  Ridge says this is what Rick does.  He gets upset and retaliates.  Ridge doesn’t want Rick treating Caroline that.  Ridge says that where Brooke was concerned there are always two sides to every story.  Rick has always wanted Ridge to be the bad buy but its not that clear cut.  Ridge tells Caroline she doesn’t deserve this as he hugs her.

Thursday November 14, 2013 – Episode # 6701

I liked being CEO but nothing compares to having my family back Katie tells Justin when she finds him in her old office.

Brooke is stunned that Bill lied to her and lied to Katie.  I told you we would spend our lives together and I meant it, Bill tells Brooke.

No says Brooke.

Hope thanks Caroline for her re-launch of HFTF.  Hope doesn’t want Caroline to feel undervalued because it is Hope’s face out there on the line.  Hope is glad Brooke brought her to them, not as glad as Rick of course, Hope concedes.  Caroline feels very lucky to becoming part of Hopes family and having her as a sister in law.

Liam meets the owner of the Hope Diamond at Wyatt’s office at FC.  Liam has stopped by to tell Wyatt about Bill and Katie.  But he already knows – from Hope.  Wyatt and Liam both admit they haven’t seen Bill since the accident.  They almost lost him.  They agree losing Bill would have been devastating to both of them.

Katie asks Justin if Bill is in the building, but Justin hasn’t seen him.  Justin thinks fast o his feet and says Bill is probably walking the building putting in some face time.,

Brooke is angry.  Bill told Brooke he did what he had to do to steal back his life and secure their future.  Sometimes in life you have to do what is unpleasant to get to your goal. Let’s focus on what’s important.  We can get married just like we planned, Bill tells Brooke.   Brooke is flabbergasted by Bill’s arrogance.

Hope and Caroline discuss whether Caroline is ok with Maya coming back.  Caro says that they have all moved on but Rick and Carter have become buds and she may have to socialize with Maya.  Caro asks Hope which Spencer man is in her future.  Liam or Wyatt.  Caroline encourages Hope to take her time and be sure she’s choosing the right guy.  Hope says she’s still very much in love with Liam.  But intrigued by Wyatt

Liam asks Wyatt to point out why he should be impressed by Wyatt and Charlie thwarting the jewel heist.  Liam shows him the articles about Wyatt saving the diamond from Scotland Yard and Belgium and London.  Still Liam can’t say “well done Wyatt”.

Alison hasn’t seen Bill either.  Katie heads home.

You let us believe that you were going back to Katie , got her to sign the paper and then told her you were coming back to me.  No Bill says.  I wanted to tell you first.  Bills ays this is how deals are done in his work.  This is the only way that things could be done.  Brooke tells him not to try justify the heartless thing he has done.  You lied to Katie, you lied to me and what you did was cruel and callous – to what – get your company back?  My son, Bill says.  Katie was using Will as a weapon against me so if I had to trade a temporary lie with a future with you?  Easy lie.

How could you do something like that Brooke wants to know?  For us Bill yells back at Bill and slaps him.  Its not OK Brooke tells Bill.  And dying on that mountain because I was distracted by Katie’s threats would also not been ok.

Brooke is furious with Bills methods.  Now things are as they should be he is CEO of his company and is equal owner of his son.  I will always love and care for yours sister but what she did was wrong.  Reducing me to an employee in my own company.,  She made retaliation her life’s mission.  I didn’t want my family destroyed but here we are.  Now my commitment is to you, Bill tells Brooke.

I don’t want you anymore a livid Brooke tells Bill.  You did it for yourself coming over here all proud – you really pulled on over on us.  I could never have a life with you now get out Brooke tells Bill in time to see Katie in the doorway.  I knew it.  I knew it when you weren’t at the office.  Last night was a lie – You used me. Coming home making me believe that is where you wanted to be? Katie tells Brooke she knows she had nothing to do with this.  Now we both know what he is capable of Katie says, because he lied to you too.



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