November 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Quinn Jealous Eric Shared Her Success With Somebody Else

Tuesday November 15, 2016 – Episode #7463


Ridge and Bill Both Mean So Much to Brooke

After the fashion show sabotage failure where Quinn ended up the hero saving the company the (financial) embarrassment of not presenting a showstopper, Ridge goes to Brooke’s house.  Brooke understands that Ridge loves Eric and is trying to save him and the company from Quinn.  And he will find a way, Brooke assures Ridge.

Conversation turns to them and Brooke’s male admirers Bill and Ridge.  Brooke tells Ridge that he and Bill both mean so much to her.

Quinn is Jealous

When Quinn came home after the fashion show and found two champagne glasses on the table it was clear that Eric had company watching the fashion show.  And not just any company, lipstick on one of the glasses proved it was female company.

Quinn tells Eric that he will be back in charge at Forrester Creations before they know it.  Quinn admits that she couldn’t help but wish that Eric had been there by her side sharing her success at the fashion show with her.  Then she came home to find out that he shared it with somebody else…

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 15, 2016

Episode Summary:

Quinn’s Mood Shift

On a high from her fashion show success (Quinn successfully outmaneuvered Ridge’s sabotage attempt), Quinn’s mood shifts when she notices two champagne glasses in the living room of the Forrester mansion.  One of them has lipstick on the rim.

Quinn goes upstairs to test Eric.  She asks if he watched the fashion show alone.  Eric passes the test and admits that Katie Logan watched the show with him.  She dropped by to thank him for getting Will into the school of her choice.  Eric notices that Quinn seems bothered and assures her that Katie is merely an old friend.  He also notes that Katie was very impressed with the fashion show.

Quinn admits that she wishes that he had been beside her sharing her success at the fashion show and that coming home to find he had shared it with someone else has thrown her.

Quinn makes a call to Katie.  Her state of mind is evident after she hangs up and calls Katie a “bitch”.

Katie Goes House Hunting

Meanwhile Katie is at Forrester Creations with Rick, discussing the success of the fashion show and how much Eric loves Quinn. Rick notes that is precisely what the family is worried about.

Katie mentions looking to buy a house close to the school that Eric just helped her get Will into.  The start house hunting online.  They find the perfect house.  It’s in the right neighborhood and move in ready.  It’s perfect.  And its right next door to the Forrester mansion.

Katie calls hear realtor and decides to see the house.

Katie then takes a call from Quinn.  She tells Katie that it is not appropriate for Eric, a married man to be entertaining another woman while his wife isn’t there.  Katie tries to reassure Quinn, like Eric did, but Quinn is adamant.  Next time Katie sees Eric; she wants to know about it first.

Brooke Has A Decision To Make

Ridge turns up at Brooke’s home with ice cream.  Ridge is still smarting over Quinn’s fashion show success. Brooke thinks that Eric will come around and reassures Ridge that he will find a way to make that happen.

But Ridge wants to talk about them.  He sees that Brooke is still wearing Bill’s ring but wants Brooke to choose him.  Brooke tells Ridge that both he and Bill mean so much to her.  Brooke knows she has to make a decision about which man her future is with.


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