November 17: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Bill Tries to Bond with RJ and Fails

Thursday November 17, 2016 – Episode #7465


Bill Spends the Day with RJ

Bill fights a losing battle as he tries to bond with Brooke’s son.  RJ is adamant that he wants his parents back together so is unlikely to want to spend quality time with Bill.

Ridge is of the same opinion.  He tells Brooke while they discuss RJ and Bill spending some time together to forge a relationship, that he understands why Brooke would want RJ and Bill to get on, but Ridge doesn’t think it is necessary.

Instead of trying to find out what drives RJ as a person, Bill tries to bond with the teen based on his personal values.  Holding a wad of cash  in different curriencies he waves it under RJ’s nose.  Go ahead, smell it, Bill commands.  Take a whiff of that.  It’s the greatest smell on the planet.  RJ looks unimpressed.

Brooke asks Ridge about his behavior.

Eric Believes in Quinn; But Katie Doesn’t

Meanwhile, Eric and Quinn enjoy each other’s company.  He reassures his wife.  He tells her that he believes in her more than anyone else ever could.

But not everyone feels that way about Quinn.  Over at Forrester Creations Katie is with Rick.  She tells her nephew that she knows that Eric and Quinn love each other, but how a man like Eric ended up with a woman like Quinn, she will never understand.

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November 17, 2016 B&B Spoilers

Episode Summary:

As Bill and RJ spend the day together its clear that Bill is trying to bond with the teen by impressing him.  But all that happens is that the differences between them are highlighted. Bill suggests he take out his frustrations on his punching bag imagining its his enemy, RJ, however, prefers conflict resolution to using his fists. RJ is similarly unimpressed with Bill waving around wads of cash.

Quinn comes home to Eric and dons a new design for the intimates line that she wants to model for him.  They get cozy in the bedroom and Eric tells her how much he has brought to his life and how she is slowly but surely proving her doubters wrong.  Quinn asks Eric if he has any regrets and he doesn’t.

Quinn’s mood changes however, when Quinn learns what Eric did with his day.  He stopped in next door to check out the house that Katie might be buying.

Meanwhile Katie confides in Rick that she has her heart set on the house next door to Eric’s.  She’ put in an offer and the only down side she can see is living next door to Quinn. Rick agrees that Quinn is unstable and a concern.  Katie ponders how a man like Eric ended up with a woman like Quinn.

At Forrester Creations Brooke tells Ridge about RJ spending the day with Bill to allow them to get to know each other.  Ridge isn’t keen on the idea.  Brooke questions his desire to reunite with her now.  Is she just another challenge? Another conquest?  And how long will it be before he tires of her and walks away.

Ridge has a plan to show Brooke how serious he is.  He takes her to Stephanie’s grave and tells her that that he thinks Stephanie’s advice to Brooke would be to ditch Bill and go home to Ridge.

Tuesday November 17, 2015 – Episode #7209


Thomas’ tactic for getting Ivy away from Wyatt is to place doubt in Ivy’s mind.  Wyatt loves me Ivy tells Thomas.  Does he?  Thomas asks.  Or are you just convenient?

Wyatt assures his girlfriend that she is as good and as beautiful as anyone in this building.

Steffy tells Liam that the restless party girl she once was isn’t as restless when she has what she wants.

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Episode Summary

Thomas Overhears Caroline and Ridge

Thomas overhears Ridge and Caroline stating they should be discussing this here.  Not anywhere.  This has been discussed we’re moving on, but Caroline is having trouble living with the decision.

Ridge agrees he is going to focus on them.  Her, him and their little family.  Outside Thomas flirts with a model.

Thomas returns to the door to overhear Ridge emphatically state Thomas can never know.

Thomas enters and wants to know what is going on.  They haven’t been on the greatest terms but he can take it.  Ridge says it was nothing and deflects they were talking about business.  But Thomas says that his father said Thomas will never know.  What does that mean? He’ll never know what.

Ridge thought their conversation was private.  Ridge says it was about giving him more responsibility when their baby arrives.  Thomas says he’s ready for it.  But Ridge hasn’t seen it yet.  He’ll do it.  If that is what he takes to get rid of the tension between them.  He’s willing to do what it takes.  Thomas leaves for his fitting.

Caroline still worries. They just have to be more careful Ridge says.  But it keeps happening Caroline says; the sonogram and now again. She worries that sooner or later someone will start putting this all together.  He has to pretend to trust Thomas otherwise this is all going to blow up in their face.

Caroline tells Ridge her stomach is fluttering.  She can feel the baby moving she says. Ridge agrees he can feel something. This baby is their future Ridge tells her. They will be there for this little kid always he tells her and they kiss.

Steffy and Wyatt Discuss Him and Ivy

Wyatt and Ivy meet with Steffy about some new designs.  Steffy likes them.  They are finished. Ivy is surprised Steffy is so positive.  She didn’t know how they would be received they are different to what she usually does.

Wyatt is pleased the two ladies are getting on.  Ivy leaves. She’s doing Thomas a favor by doing a fitting for him.  Steffy and Wyatt wonder why. Steffy realizes Wyatt has a problem with Ivy and Thomas working together.  Wyatt isn’t sure that work is what Thomas has in mind.

Steffy says if she can get along with Ivy he can play nice with her brother.

Steffy says things seem good between him and Ivy.  He agrees. She’s happy for him.   He deserves someone who is fully committed to him, Steffy tells him.  Wyatt says they are rock solid.  Except for her stupid brother.

Steffy states Thomas seems to be rubbing everyone the wrong way.  She tells Wyatt the same she told Liam.  Don’t worry about it. Your brother has it out for the Spencer’s Wyatt says and he’s taking every opportunity to let them know.  If you turn the other way with a guy like that they think they can get away with anything.  Steffy says she called him out on it.  Thomas was way out of line in the meeting Steffy says.

It’s a gut instinct with Thomas. He things the Spencer’s are getting too comfortable with his business and Wyatt thinks he’s getting too comfortable with his girlfriend.  But Thomas is wasting his time. Its not going to work.  Wyatt is sick of the Casanova routine from the playboy heir to the throne.


Ivy the Fit Model

Thomas stares as Ivy wears the dress he designed for a fitting. She jokes that he’s made no flirty comments. She’s been warned about his. Thomas says he has more sophisticated lines than the one’s Ivy suggested.

She’s curious; and so are Steffy and Wyatt; as to why she’s wearing this dress.  Did all his fit models go on strike?  Thomas says he wanted to see Ivy in it because it was her that inspired the dress.

She likes the dress.  It represents everything Thomas admires about Ivy.  Her strength, elegance, and grace. That’s what everyone sees in her. This dress was also to capture how unpredictable and sexy she is. He may have been fantasizing a little when he designed this dress.

He’s imagined this scenario so many times. He describes it to her. He kisses her and Ivy pulls away. What are you doing Ivy asks.  There’s a line.  She’s trying to keep things professional.  She has a boyfriend.  Thomas doesn’t see a ring.  So that makes any woman without a ring fair game.  Thomas continues to flirt but Ivy tells him that she and Ivy are very happy.  But he kisses her again. And Ivy lets him.


Monday November 17, 2014 – Episode #6955

Ridge Defends Caroline

Rick still loves me Caroline says.  Ridge says he’s not showing it.  The way he is treating her right now is unacceptable.  Caroline says she made Rick behave this way.  No says Ridge, he’s berating you like a child having a temper tantrum.  Ridge agrees that they should have known better but he isn’t going to allow anyone, not ever Rick, talk to her like that.

Maya is the one who doesn’t respect her Caroline says.  And now she has her “Forrester”.

Eric enters – he cut his trip short – he wants to talk to Ridge and Caroline about the designs – the two of them are one hell of a team.  They were good on paper but as gowns they are absolutely groundbreaking.

This is a real moment for Forrester Creations Eric says as Caroline questions them working together and what it will do to Rick.  Eric tells them they will fix this.  Just do the work he says firmly as he leaves.

Rick Hits the Bottle

Maya walks in on Rick drinking in his office.  Maya hates seeing him angry.  He has a lot more reason not to be angry Maya tells him.  Why do you let Riddge and Caroline get to you like this, Maya asks.  It is Ridge coming to Caroline’s defense he didn’t like.

Maya tries to cheer rick up but he has a present for her – diamond stud earrings. While Maya tries them on, Rick locks the door.  The diamonds are beautiful but they clash with her dress Rick says as they begin making out on his desk.

Afterwards Maya tells Rick he doesn’t have room in his life for people who are disloyal.  She has her now – all of her. But as Maya is nuzzling Rick’s neck it is Caroline that he can’t forget.  Caroline tricke you.  She gained your trust and betrayed you.  I never will. Maya tells him

Hope Cuts The Trip to Amsterdam Short

Hope tells Wyatt she wants to go home. The shoot is over there is no reason for them to be here.  The jet is not available Wyatt says so Hope asks him to book them a flight. Hope tells him to let Liam and Ivy stay and enjoy themselves.

Wyatt tries to apologize again.  Hope is still upset he planned an evening for Ivy and Liam  before thinking of them.  He did it for all of them.  He wants all of them to move on.  Don’t  you an angry Wyatt asks. He admits he may have been impatient.  All he did was get them a boat ride.  He didn’t threat anyone and no one got hurt.  C’Mon, who did it hurt? Wyatt asks. (Oh Dear Wyatt – it hurt your wife, but she can’t admit it!)

It is a tense flight home for Wyatt and Hope.  Wyatt says he should have been more focused on her.  Hope admits she saw Ivy and Liam kissing form the balcony.  Wyatt asks how she felt.  Guilty says Hope.  She shouldn’t have reacted.  Hope apologizes to Wyatt.  It wasn’t fair Hope tells her husband.  Wyatt says he likes the stressed out pregnant woman, but a teary Hope doesn’t think they can blame this on hormones.  They agree to focus on their marriage. Hope thinks about her time with Liam but this time the thoughts ends with her marriage to Wyatt and the baby they are expecting.

After the Boat Ride

Off the boat Ivy tells Liam that won’t soon be a boat ride she forgets.  Liam says the sights of and sounds of Amsterdam.  That too, Ivy states as she kisses him again.  Liam says he’s looking towards the future now.  This is exactly what he needed despite having a front row seat to the newlyweds.

Liam takes Ivy to her room.  She thanks him for a wonderful day, but as Ivy enters her room it is set up for a romantic evening – candle light and more champagne.  He didn’t set up the boat but he just wanted to show her how much he appreciates her grace, support, and giggle and accent.  These things have so quickly become something I don’t think I can live without Liam tells Ivy as they kiss.

Liam steps out for a moment and comes back wearing the necklace she made him.  It’s the first time he’s worn it.  It’s a new beginning for him and he’s going to wear it all the time now symbolizing the changes she’s made to his life.  A life that is beginning right now Liam tells Ivy as they kiss.