November 18: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Quinn Promises No Old Shades of Quinn

Friday November 18, 2016 – Episode #7466


Quinn’s New Neighbor

Quinn and Eric, still in bed, discuss Quinn’s opposition to Katie Logan moving in next door.  Her issue with Katie was triggered by Katie dropping by to see Eric with Champagne and watching the fashion show with him.

Quinn does her best to conceal her wrath when she learns that Katie Logan is going to buy the house next door to the Forrester Mansion.

Quinn explains to Eric that she doesn’t think it’s okay for any woman to come by unannounced and spend time with her husband while she isn’t home.  Quinn promises that she is not going to show him old shades of Quinn.  Quinn doesn’t want to see old shades of Quinn.  She made Eric a promise and she’s going to keep it.

Meanwhile Katie’s realtor tells her that she believes that being connected to Eric Forrester could really work in her favor.  (Katie doesn’t need to buy the house next door to be connected to Eric)

Ridge Tries to Sway Brooke

Over at Stephanie’s grave, Ridge implored Brooke to be with him and give Stephanie what she wanted.

November 18 2016 B&b Spoilers

Episode Summary:

At Stephanie’s graveside, Ridge uses Stephanie’s memory to remind Brooke that Stephanie left it to Brooke t lead the family after her death. She can’t do that if she married Bill Spencer Ridge states. Brooke reminds Ridge that the two of them never really worked out.  And she’s in love with Bill. Ridge pull out Stephanie’s ring.  She should have it Ridge tells brooke.  A puzzled Brooke wonders if this is a proposal of marriage.

Liam arrives at Bill’s office and finds him there with RJ.  Liam tells RJ that if he gives Bill a chance he may just surprise him.  One thing Liam knows is that Bill and Brooke love each other.  But will it last RJ wants to know. Liam has only one answer;  the alternative, RJ’s dad, hasn’t worked out the best either.

Quinn admits to Eric how she feels about Katie potentially moving in next door. Quinn does her best to conceal her wrath when she learns that Katie Logan is going to buy the house next door to the Forrester Mansion.

Quinn explains to Eric that she doesn’t think it’s okay for any woman to come by unannounced and spend time with her husband while she isn’t home.  Quinn promises that she is not going to show him old shades of Quinn.  Quinn doesn’t want to see old shades of Quinn.  She made Eric a promise and she’s going to keep it.  She will let this go Quin promises Eric.

Meanwhile, next door, Katie learns from her realtor that there are multiple offers in play and that having Eric Forrester in her corner wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Katie texts Eric.  Quinn sees it instead.  In a bathrobe Quinn heads next door to tell Katie that under no circumstances is she buying that house.  Quinn won’t allow it.

Sounds like shades of old Quinn….

Wednesday November 18, 2015 – Episode #7210


Steffy and Thomas get into it over his flirting with Ivy.  A cocky Thomas realizes that Steffy doesn’t think  that he can take Ivy away from Wyatt.  Thomas full of ego and self confidence tells Steffy that he knows he can.  Go one, bet me, Thomas goads his sister.

Meanwhile a worried Wyatt recommends that Ivy keep a safe distance from Thomas.

Wyatt assures Steffy that she doesn’t have to worry about Liam. He is exactly where he wants to be.

Steffy gets home to the Malibu beach house that night to find the house set for romance.  There is a vase of red roses on the table and candles lit all over the room.  You got roses for me Steffy gushes and thanks Liam with a kiss.  He followed an impulse he tells Steffy.

Episode Summary

 A Bet…

If you are so sure of Ivy’s commitment to Ivy then bet me.  Thomas tells her to call her bluff.  Own her position.  Bet me.  Steffy realizes she’s being baited.

This is wrong and childish Steffy says.  Wyatt and Ivy are happy. Steffy wonders if Thomas is targeting Wyatt since he admitted to having an issue with anyone named Spencer.  Steffy tells Thomas to back off. Wyatt is a good guy and Miss Prim and Proper will shoot him down, because she is not a player; and she’s committed to Wyatt.

Thomas thinks that sounds like a challenge. You’ll make a fool of yourself if you go after Ivy Steffy says.  She’s not a cheater. Thomas says she kissed him. Steffy says she didn’t say she’s perfect.

But she is a rebounder Thomas notes. Thomas spins a story. But Steffy still won’t take the bet and tells him playfully to get out of her office.

Wyatt goes on a business trip

Meanwhile Wyatt and Ivy are kissing.  He tells her he’s heading on a business trip to San Francisco.  IIvy is surprised but admits she hasn’t checked messages. It’s only overnight.  He asks her to come, but Ivy wants new designs on his desk by close of business tomorrow.

Wyatt asks Ivy to do him a favor and  keep a safe distance from Thomas while he’s gone.  Wyatt heads to the jet. He tells Ivy that she can stay at his place.  But she won’t stay there alone.  She’ll stay at Uncle Eric’s.  Wyatt thinks it would be nice to spend some time with her Uncle.  She kisses him and tells him to hurry back.

Wyatt gets some things from Steffy’s office before he leaves.  She asks if Ivy is going with him.  Wyat says no.  Steffy asks if things are going well with Ivy.

Wyatt is glad Steffy can be supportive of his relationship with Ivy.  They are moving forward.  So adult Wyatt notes.  They discuss Liam.  She regrets the time they wasted with her being away.  Wyatt says Liam is right where he wants to be.  Ivy too she says.  Wyatt agrees.  They are good and getting better all the time.

Thomas Makes Dinner

Ivy arrives at the Forrester mansion just as Thomas is making a date.  He hangs up and  when he sees Ivy.  She he calls her a beautiful hallucination.  She tells him about Wyatt being away and not liking to be in the beach house on her own.  She’s going upstairs to change then she’s going to make something simple for dinner.  Soup maybe.  This gives Thomas an idea and his date is promptly forgotten.

Ivy comes into the kitchen to find that Thomas has ordered dinner from The Ivy; her favorite restaurant because of the name.  Their dinner will be delivered shortly. He pours wine while they wait.

He toasts to success in all of their endeavors and elegance and grace of the woman sitting across from him.  Ivy asks about the date he was making earlier.  Thomas thinks she’s jealous.  He cancelled those plans the minute she walked through the door.  He can’t stop thinking about her.  That kiss.  He knows she’s thinking about it too.  And here they are alone in this big house.  Let’s not let that go to waste he says placing his hand on hers.

Liam Prepares to Propose

Bill and Katie congratulate Liam and Steffy.  Liam will ask Steffy to marry him – tonight.  They assure him that Steffy won’t say “no”.  Liam thinks the faemail mind is a mysterious thing.  But they both know they belong together.  Bill says there is a lot to be said about finding the right person.  Don’t screw it up Bill tells him son.

Bill hopes Wyatt does as well finding the right woman.  Maybe he has Katie says. They discuss Ivy and Wyatt.  Liam says Wyatt and Ivy seem tight.  Bill admits that Wyatt could do a lot worse.

Discussion turns to business. He admits its been good working with Steffy,  Katie and Bill leave telling Liam to make a memory.  It’s a small moment, but a big occasion Bill says.

Steffy comes home and finds the house set for romance.  They have been so busy he wanted to put the focus back on them.   Life together is good they agree. Steffy is distracted.  Liam realizes.  He says this is their home; their sanctuary; no distractions allowed and he kisses her.

Steffy changes as Liam opens wine.  Liam realizes that Steffy is concerned about Ivy and Wyatt with him going to SanFrancisco with Quinn.  Liam is impressed with the four of them.  Steffy admires that Wyatt has overcome Quinn rather than being damaged by her. Liam agrees Wyatt is one of the good guys who is sometimes a little misguided.  Who isn’t Steffy notes.

Steffy asks if Ivy really cares about Wyatt.  Liam thinks so. Ivy isn’t casual.  When she makes a commitment she sticks to it.  That’s why Wyatt has a shot at happiness with her Liam says.


Tuesday November 18, 2014 – Episode #6956

Bill Visits Katie and Will

Bill visits Katie after she and Will return from a trip to visit her Dad in Dallas. Katie admits that Ridge wasn’t staying her while she was gone.  Bill asks Katie for coffee.  The organic fair-trade stuff Liam has isn’t cutting it for Bill.  Katie goes to make him coffee and quips that she knew there would be something he missed about her eventually.

Bill tells Katie that Will was really starting to see the nursery at Brooke’s as his room too.  They discuss Brooke leaving.  Bill notes that it looks like Kate and Smidge will beat him to the altar after all.  Katie notes that Bill doesn’t know – about Ridge and Caroline.

Katie fills Bill in on Ridge and Caroline working together, why and what happened between them.  She’s just a kid Bill says.  And she’s still a newlywed.  Bill isn’t buying the tortured artist crap.  There is no way that Bill believes that Caroline threw herself at a man who’s engaged to Katie.

This is why you went to Dallas Bill asks.  How much are you supposed to take, bill asks Katie.  Kate says she’s here to fight and stand up for herself.  Bill says that if she allows this he will do it again.  The guy makes dresses don’t elevate this Bill says.  Bill is furious that Ridge seduced his niece to elevate his position for CEO.  No one is going to treat the women I love that way, Bill says as he storms out to take care of business.

After Bill is gone it appears  Katie got what she wanted in terms of Bill taking care of it…Did Katie play Bill?

Getting Ready for the Couture Line Launch

The Team at Forrester meets.  The air is tense as Ridge makes fun of Rick and Maya’s marketing strategy and Rick tells him to stick what he loves best or second best he states as he looks at Caroline.  Jarrod is included in the meeting and realizes no exclusive for his since they are streaming the show live to the Forrester Creations Boutiques.

Eric tells them that he is more excited about this line than any other.  Jarrod asks Ridge why Ridge is now working with a partner when they used to work along – was it Ricks Idea he asks?  Did he force you into it kicking and screaming?  Ridge says Jarrod is very perceptive.  That’s pretty much how it went.

When Ridge has an issue with the line-up Rick hands it over to Maya to review.  Ridge tells them it’s not lipstick they Rick are choosing.  Maya says she knows what Rick wants.  Ridge finds that surprising because Rick doesn’t know what he wants.  You’re hurting go back to your wife, Ridge advises.  Rick notes Caroline is silent.

I know you still love me but everything I say just adds to the hurt.  I can’t wait until the anger inside of you doesn’t feel like a burning building anymore and we can just talk to each other.

Rick says that the line is over and if Ridge can’t do it on his own Rick will find him a nice young design student to hold your hand.

They finish the meeting and Eric asks to speak to Rick alone.  Before they go Rick says he wants to re-price the line.  He wants to price them like the art they say it is.  He positions very high prices.  Ridge says you can see what he is trying to do – he is trying to kill the line.  Caroline says if the line fails you fail as CEO.  Eric says they’ve never asked prices like that before.

Maya pipes up with the price Rick paid for the precious line what about how you failed Rick. Caroline tells Rick that if he wants to keep punishing her she can take it.  She’s tougher than he thinks.  Caroline begs him not to sabotage himself.

What about their marriage Rick asks – he wanted that to shine like Caroline what’s Rick to shine as CEO. Caroline says just come home – I can wait for the anger to fade.  Eric calls a close to the meeting when it gets personal.  Ridge and Caroline leave.

Eric tries to get rid of Maya to talk to Rick.  Rick says that he can say what he wants in front of Maya.  You promised you’d be fair Eric reminds Rick. And he is Rick defends.  Not if you’re willing to let the company take a hit if this line doesn’t sell, Eric tells his son.  It’s beautiful work but if no one buys it will be a beautiful waste

Eric also asks what he was doing hinting at firing Caroline.  Caroline will have plenty of offers after this line debuts.  We’d be fools to lose her Eric tells Rick.  Rick says he wishes he had his father’s knack for keeping his ex lovers on the payroll.  Eric says rick has developed quite a mouth.  Eric walks out after Maya goes off on one of her transparent rants about making rick happy.


Ridge calls a break – they will have a run through in 30 minutes – leaving Caroline and Ridge alone.  Caroline is upset because they aren’t going to sell any of the designs.  Rick is trying to bury what she and Ridge created. Ridge says they’ll fix the pricing later.  Ridge says Rick is being a brat.  Caroline says he’s just hurting but he won’t see it because of Maya.  What happened to for better or worse Caroline wonders?  How much more is she supposed to take?  Ridge hugs an upset Caroline as Bill arrives to witness the embrace…



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