November 2: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Eric Doesn’t Trust His Family

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 – Episode #7454


Hungover in Hawaii

A drunk Zende deals with Nicole putting her sister above their relationship like a “Forrester” man.  He picks up the phone and orders the jet to be made ready for a trip to Hawaii.  Sasha and Zende continue to drink on the flight across the Pacific.

Once in Hawaii, Sasha wonders who you say hungover in Hawaiian while Zende nurses a sore head.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Nicole confides in her sister.  Zende says that he loves her; but he just can’t go through with the whole surrogacy thing again.

Nicole finds out about Zende and Sasha’s trip to romantic tropical paradise, Hawaii.

Eric Confronts His Family

Quinn faces off with Ridge.  Again.  Quinn tells Ridge that the power of love; his father’s love has transformed her and she will do anything necessary to protect him.

Even keeping him away from his family? Ridge wonders.  But Eric’s few words on the issue are the most powerful.  He tells Ridge that he is is family, but he doesn’t trust him.

Eric confronts his family about their failed coup.

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Episode Summary

Eric is lead down the stairs of the Forrester Mansion with Quinn and Wyatt by his side.  Downstairs, Ridge, Steffy and Pam wait for him.  Eric knows about Ridge’s failed coup attempt.  Wyatt is now his son, he tells Ridge.  Unlike Ridge he is loyal.  Eric tells Ridge he may be his family but he doesn’t trust him.

He tells Ridge that Quinn is in charge of the fashion show and that Ridge should get on board with the changes in the family.   Alone with Quinn, Ridge tells her that thinking about where she has weaseled her way into makes him want to vomit.  Quinn tells him that love has transformed her.  She hopes that he will meet her halfway where the fashion show is concerned.  Ridge tells him only til Eric is back.

In the kitchen Steffy and Wyatt argue; about pretty much everything.  He would do anything to get her back but he will give her a divorce.

At Forrester Creations, Nicole has taken steps to start the surrogacy process.  She’s make an appointment with the specialist. Nicole tells Rick and Maya about Zende not being able to go throught the whole surrogacy thing again. She hopes he’ll come around.

Zende does come around, hungover, on a sun lounger in Hawaii.  Sasha is with him but it is clear she has her own room. She understands that he is still thinking about Nicole’s decision to be a surrogate again for Rick and Maya despite his protests.

Zende had been so sure that he and Nicole were on the same page. When Nicole calls Zende tells her where he is and with whom.  He hasn’t slept with Sasha.  he delivers an ultimatum.  If she changes her mind about the surrogacy now, he will get on the jet and come home; if she doesn’t they are through.

Nicole doesn’t give in.  She tells Rick and Maya she is going through with the surrogacy.

November 2 2016 B0ld and the Beautiful Spoilers
Ridge may be Eric’s family, but after learning about Ridge’s plan to get Bill Spencer’s shares and stage a hostile takeover of Forester Creations, Eric certainly doesn’t trust him. Is Ridge just pushing Eric further into Quinn’s arms?

Monday, November 2, 2015 – Episode #7198


November 2 2015 B&BJulius, Vivienne, Brooke and Eric meet to discuss the situation facing their children.  Julius, with Vivienne at his side, in the Forrester mansion, tells them that if Maya and Rick are really serious about this they should tell Nicole they will find someone else to be the surrogate for their child. Julius tells them that no young man is going to hang around while his girlfriend is blowing up with another man’s child.

Brooke and Eric, also at the Forrester mansion, also have concerns about Nicole carrying Rick and Maya’s baby.  Nicole may very well grow attached to the baby and come to think of it as hers, Brooke warns with Eric by her side.

At Forrester Creations, interns Nicole and Zende talk.  She seems upset as she reminds Zende that he said it wasn’t a deal breaker for their relationship if she carries her sister’s baby.  Nicole of course doesn’t realize that Julius has been in Zende’s ear… She asks if he means that.


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