November 21: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: This House Is Not An Option

Friday November 19, 2016 – Episode #7467


Quinn Refuses to Have Katie as Neighbor

After storming next door in her bathrobe after seeing that Katie had texted Eric, Quinn tells Katie that she will not allow her to buy the house next door to Eric’s mansion.  Quinn tells Katie that there are hundreds of homes in the area that Katie can go fall in love with.  Quinn tells her that the house they are standing in is not an option.  Quin refuses to have Katie Logan as her next door neighbor.

Bill Vows To Make Brooke Happy

RJ asks Bill a question.  If his mother decides to marry him. Does he promise to keep her happy?  Bill vows that he will keep Brooke happier than she has ever been in her life.

Steffy Tries to Repair a Relationship

Steffy goes to see her grandfather.  A regretful Steffy wants to let him know that everything she did was never meant to hurt him.

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NOvember 21 2016 Quinn refuses to have Katie as neighbor

Episode Summary:

Ridge Proposes

By Stephanie’s grave, Ridge uses Stephanie’s ring and a lot of sentiment about his mother to ask Brooke to marry him.  Its what Stephanie wanted he tells Brooke; that they head up the company and family.

But Brooke is wearing another man’s engagement ring and she would not take it off without telling him first.  Meanwhile Bill is at Spencer Publications with RJ and promises RJ that he will make his mother happier than she’s ever been.  Bill understands RJ’s desire to have his mother and father back together, but Bill reminds the teen that Brooke is wearing his ring….

Later RJ tells Brooke things were okay with Bill.  But RJ still thinks that he and Will should have their families together.  RJ encourages to do what is right.

Bill confronts Ridge at Stephanie’s grave.  Bill tells Ridge that Brooke isn’t his Logan anymore, she’s his Brooke, but Ridge thinks Bill is merely a peed bump in his and Brooke’s relationship.

Steffy Makes Amends

Steffy finds Eric alone at the Forrester mansion.  He looks worried but doesn’t go into details with Steffy about his theory that Quinn has gone to see Katie next door.  Steffy tells her grandfather that she was wrong to boycott his wedding and when he asks about Thanksgiving Steffy says she will be there.  When conversation turns to Quinn not being happy about Katie buying the house next door, Steffy wonders if Quinn is jealous.

Quinn and Katie Confront Each Other

Next door Katie and Quinn go at it.  Quinn tells Katie that she is not going to buy the house.  Quinnwon’t have Katie living next door.  Katie tells her she really doesn’t have a say and that she’s already put in an offer.  Katie has some advice for Quinn.  She should think about what she is doing.  She is sending Eric the message that she is insecure and doesn’t trust him.

Surprisingly Quinn backs down.  She tries to explain that she sees threats everywhere and can’t be sure that Katie isn’t working with Ridge on another plan to get her oud of Eric’s life. Quinn apologizes to Katie leaving her stunned..

Katie’s offer is accepted.  Back home Quinn tells Eric she is trying very hard.  They hug.

Friday November 21, 2014 – Episode #6959

Eric Tells Rick to Reconcile with his Wife or Lose the CEO job

Rick is furious when more orders and messages come in.  Maya is thrilled about the orders.  She guesses his lead model knows how to strut her stuff.  Maya says he’s a success!  Ridge and Caroline are the success, rick yells.  Rick says the whole line should have sunk.  The prices were laughable.  he hates this Rick yells.

Eric overhears and throws Maya out of the room.  End this foolishness now he tells Rick.

You set them up to fail Eric accuses his son.  It’s either a flop or Forrester gets rich, Rick tells Eric.  Eric asks his son if he thinks this is a win win.  Pricing them out and sabotaging the whole line is not a win. Eric tells him to wipe that smug look off his face. A temporary boost in sales isn’t going to mean a damn think if everyone realizes the CEO is a petulant child, Eric yells at Rick.

You end this foolishness right now – shaking up with Maya.  You’ve humiliated yourself and you’re humiliating the company. You are CEO now.  Act like it.

Rick says his personal relationships have no bearing on his job as CEO.  Ridge and Caroline created the line they could sink with it, Rick vents.  It’s your job to see Caroline, the designer ,succeed, Eric counters angrily.  You love Caroline that’s why you’re lashing out like this.  Eric says Maya is using him.  If anything Rick says, he is using her.  Go back to your wife, Eric says.  If you don’t reconcile I’ll fire you as CEO Eric threatens his son.

You’re not working for the benefit of this company.  A couple of kisses and you want to move another woman into your mother’s house.  You’re lucky she still wants to be with you.  Caroline has a big future with this company.  You promised me you would run this company fairly from the inside.  Clearly that has not happened and Eric is so disappointed in him.

You don’t understand what this did to me Rick says.  Rigde of all people.  Eric tells him to be a man.  It hurt and it embarrassed you. But if you keep making decisions like this I can’t depend on you to run this company.  Reunite with Caroline and you show me the kind of man you are.  Dedicated and disciplined the man that bounces back from adversity stronger than he was before.  If you don’t stop this foolishness you’re done.

Rick reminds him that Eric’s reign as CEO was not spent in marital bliss.  Rick accuses Eric of holding him to a standard he wasn’t able to live up to.  Eric admits that’s exactly what he’s doing.  Marriage is hard, Caroline made a mistake, and it’s clear she loves Rick.  He didn’t develop an appreciation for Stephanie until the end.  He doesn’t want that for rick.  Do this or you’re done.  Man up Eric tells his son, as Eric leaves.

Carter Laughs at Maya’s Self Importance

A tipsy Carter laughs when Maya tries to work the remaining crowd.  It’s almost like they don’t know how big and important you are he laughs. Sounds like you’re a little clueless yourself. You would not believe the orders that are coming in already.  Maya admits she wanted to make herself available to the press not realizing were leaving already.

Carter tells Maya that rick didn’t price the gowns high for the good of the company.  Maya says she and rick are solid there is no reconciling with Caroline for Rick, Maya says.  The CEO and his lead model it’s a fairy tale love match.  Carter warns her that she might find she’s not Cinderella at the ball, but one of the step sisters trying to shove her foot in Cinderella, Caroline’s, shoe…

Caroline Admits She’s Fallen For Ridge

Ridge is proud of Caroline.  Her accomplishment.  Caroline is in disbelief that her Uncle Bill did this to him.  She can’t believe she allowed herself to fall for ridge.  I have she tells him.  I’ve fallen for you and other people I care about are suffering Caroline says.

Ridge tells her not to put that on herself.  Rick is having a tantrum it’s different.  She begins to wish she’d never come to Los Angeles.  Ridge says there was something about her that allowed him to reach out to her.

That connection is going cost them their relationship.  Caroline has a panic attack and says she has to leave.  She’s caused so much damage she has to go.  She needs to get out of Los Angeles and go back to Ney York.  Ridge tries to stop her but Caroline leaves.

Ridge finds her on the sky lounge where his and Bill’s fist fight made a mess of the place.  Running back to New York won’t help.  Caroline says she can’t forget about him. Ride gently tells her to pull it together.  It’s complicated but running away isn’t going to fix it.  Nor is freaking out.  You have a lot to be grateful for and proud of.  Stay here and work through it ridge tells Caroline.  Ridge tells Caroline he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.  They hug.

Maybe this experience has told her she can’t trust Rick – just jumping to Maya.  Maybe this experience is telling her that she shouldn’t go back to Rick.  They have an intimacy that she didn’t even know was possible.  She hasn’t let herself admit it, but if feels like it’s coming full circle.  Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer.

Rick knocks on the door.  He wants to take to Caroline about them.  Caroline says you’ve made it clear there is no us.  Rick says he’ll say it in front of Ridge when Caroline won’t let him go.  I made a mistake.  I overreacted.  I was filled with hurt and jealousy.  I need you, rick tells Caroline.  Could you please forgive me Rick makes a show of asking Caroline to reconcile – unbeknownst to Caroline however it’s just to keep his job…



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