November 3: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: No Future with a Man Who Runs off to Hawaii for Hot Flings

Thursday, November 3, 2016 – Episode #7455


Removing a Wedding Band

Liam and Steffy discuss recent events; most notably Wyatt moving into the Forester Mansion.  Liam is surprised.  The last thing he thought Wyatt would do is live with his mother again.  Talk turns to Wyatt agreeing to give Steffy a divorce, which prompts Steffy to take care of some housekeeping in terms of ending her marriage to Wyatt; removing her wedding band tattoo.

Nicole Isn’t Seeing a Future with Zende

In the kitchen at Brooke’s home, Rick, Maya and Nicole discuss the surrogacy.  Learning what a second surrogacy for them is costing Nicole; again, Rick and Maya offer Nicole the opportunity to review her decision.  They have an appointment with the specialist later in the day.  Maya states that their agreement is that if any of them have any doubts about what they are doing today that they call it off.

But Nicole is more than a little frustrated with Zende and his ultimatum.  Nicole wonders what kind of a future she can have with a man who runs of to Hawaii to have a hot fling every time she decides something for herself that he doesn’t like.

Later while waiting for the specialist, Nicole reiterates that she can’t have a future with a man who doesn’t respect her decisions.

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B&B Spoilers November 3 2016
Surrogacy 2.0

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Episode #7199


November 3 2015Julius states that they have to come together as a family and stop this (Nicole becoming Maya’s surrogate).  Julius and Vivienne learn that Nicole is at the clinic planning on being inseminated – today.  They rush over there.  Julius tells Nicole that her mother and him are not letting this happen.  This is going to be big trouble Julius warns.

Maya tells Nicole that their father lives in his own world (and Maya doesn’t?), but he’s also very protective of Nicole and so is their mother.

Rick and Maya will make spectacular parents, Eric tells Brooke, no matter how it happens.

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Monday November 3, 2014

Maya Tells Rick to Sign the Contract

We can have it all Rick, Maya tells him.  You will be the CEO and I will be the lead model on your arm.  You have worked hard for this and you deserve it.  Your father wants you to succeed him.  I want it and I know you want it to.  Sign the contract Maya urges.  But Rick is unsure – it still feels like a consolation prize.

Pride can be self defeating Maya tells Rick.  Think about it another way.  This is business – take the CEO position – you are the Forrester to be reckoned with.  Ridge will be subordinate to you.  Make a mark every bit as indelible as Ridge and Eric.  That is how you get payback.  Take the power Maya urges.

When did you become so fierce Rick asks?  Being nice and good didn’t get her what she deserved.  Everyone just walked right over her, Maya explains.  You are the same, Maya tells Rick.  Living to please constantly proving you’re good enough.  Take control.  This is the opportunity you have been waiting for – forget about how it came to you – just take it, Maya urges.

Hope:  Pregnant and Opinionated

Hope tells Caroline that for Rick there is no talking about this – it was Ridge.  Caroline says Hope should have seen Maya at Brooke’s house.  All entitled – like she belonged there.  Caroline states that Maya is not taking Rick away from her.

Ridge is suck hot button for Rick you know that, Hope tells Caroline.  Ridge and I didn’t fall in love we just shared a couple of kisses, Caroline defends but Hope notes  they wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t mean anything.  It was a mistake, Caroline conceded but she shouldn’t lose her marriage over her

Hope finds Ivy on the sky lounge with the trophy she won at Bikini.  Who did you go with Hope asks.  Ivy tells her Liam.  Looks like you had fun Hope says.  They talk about Hope’s pregnancy.  Hope says that it feels like Ivy is making a point – reminding her she is married to Wyatt and expecting his child.  Ivy says she didn’t think she would need reminding.

They change the conversation to business and the drama over the CEO job.  Ivy admits to be excited about her jewelry launch in Amsterdam.  Hope interjects as soon as Ivy mentions Liam and says that she thinks Ivy should take it slow with Liam.  Ivy asks her is they are seriously going to do this again.

Hope knows Ivy doesn’t think

Maya Tells Caroline How it is

You’ve had one night with my husband and you’ve let it go to your head.  Get your feet back on the ground Caroline warns Maya.  Maya tells Caroline that Rick is accepting the CEO position and that he and Maya are going to run Forrester Creations together.  Go ask him Maya goads Caroline after she tells Maya to dream on.

You blew it Maya says.  Don’t be sure Caroline tells “Myrna”.  Maya tells Caroline that she will be the one on his arm, not Caroline.

Caroline leaves and Rick later arrives.  Maya is very proud that Rick took the job.  You are the man now Maya tells Rick.  Maya gushes about running the place together.  He has all of her support and loyalty Maya states …(really?  Didn’t Maya kiss Carter on the evening of her Room 8 launch then go to Rick and make love to him? – sounds very much like Caroline’s indiscretion to me)

Maya says she’s never letting him go and the kiss.

John Visits Eric, Rick Accepts the CEO Position

John arrives to take Eric on a fishing trip.  John doesn’t want to hear about Eric’s “snags”   But John is taking no excuses.  This is a boy’s trip.

The transition to CEO just hasn’t happened how he expected.  Ridge has not matured or lost his roving eye.  Not just any woman either – his brother’s wife.

Rick arrives at Eric’s office.  There is some banter with John before John leaves Rick and Eric alone to talk.  Rick wishes Eric hadn’t offered it to Ridge first, but he isn’t going to leave the job on the table for Ridge.  He will take the job Rick tells his dad.  Eric tells him to put his stamp of the job and make it his.  Eric congratulates his son and takes the contract to Carter to execute as soon as possible.

Eric reminds Rick that he needs to be able to work with Ridge.  Families hurt each other and they forgive.  You need to work on forgiving them in the future. Run this company with a fair hand.  No decisions made based on animosity Eric instructs his son.  Rick simply says Yes, sir.

Caroline comes into Eric’s office already away that Rick has taken the CEO job.  She tells Eric Maya was lording it over her.  Rick wants a divorce.  He’s leaving her for Maya Caroline tells Eric.



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