November 4: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Some Things Are Worth The Wait

Friday, November 4, 2016 – Episode #7456


Steffy Moves Back Home

Liam and Steffy discuss their situation.  With her wedding ring tattoo removed, Liam notes that Steffy had to feel free before she could move on with him.  Now she is.  Steffy regrets the loss of time.  She didn’t think he was coming back to her when he left for Australia.  Liam jokes that when he did come back, she made him wait and wait and wait.  Steffy tells him some things are worth the wait.

Steffy moves back into the Malibu Cliff house with Liam, leaving Wyatt’s Malibu beach house empty (he’s living at the Forrester mansion).

Zende Beats Himself Up

After a whirlwind trip to Hawaii, Zende and Sasha are on the Forrester jet headed back home.  Zende is still moping over Nicole.  Zende understands where his feelings are coming from.  After being in an orphanage he can’t be waiting around to matter again.

But he sees Nicole’s selflessness also.  He wonders why he can’t see the good in this; the tremendous sacrifice that Nicole is making.

Sasha uses everything at her disposal to keep Zende upset with Nicole over her choice. Sasha explains to Zende that Nicole signed up for this.  She sees it as some beautiful gift.

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November 4 2016 Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – Episode #7200


November 4 2015 B&BBrooke tells Eric that she hopes the Avant’s can find some common ground.  Their family doesn’t need an more conflict.

Eric tells Brooke that years ago he promised himself that is she ever permanently gave up on Ridge that he would make another effort with her.

Nicole tells Rick that she wants a love like his and Maya’s.  One that has been tested and will last.

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Tuesday November 4, 2014

John Waits for Eric

Ivy and John discuss her jewelry launch in Amsterdam – he tells her to watch all the bridges there.

They discuss Ivy’s relationship with Liam.  Ivy tells her dad his fishing outfit isn’t a good look for Beverly Hills.  By evening they’ll be fly fishing knew deep in the Rogue River.  If Eric doesn’t come John says he’ll invite Liam.  John tells his daughter that he thinks she’ll be alright with Liam.

Quinn Plans to Crash the Ultrasound Appointment

Quinn asks Deacon if he’s going to dress, but he doesn’t see the point since she’s just going to tear whatever he puts on off again. Deacon whines to Quinn about her ripping all of their buttons off his clothes during their romps.

Quinn is upset that Wyatt hasn’t been able to convince Hope to change her mind about excluding her.  Today is the first ultrasound.  Deacon tries to jokingly suggest that of course she should be invited to that!

Deacon realizes that Quinn is going to crash Hope’s ultrasound appointment.  Deacon says she’s going to need luck.

Forrester Creations Leadership

Caroline suggests Eric get rid of Maya before Rick and Maya walk in the room.  Eric tells them there shouldn’t be a problem.  They need to focus on getting along.  Eric calls them together for a meeting.  Eric reminds them this is a family business and won’t have the success he’s built fall apart because of the tension between two brothers.

John interrupts the meeting and tells him that he and Eric are flying out to Oregon and catching their own dinner.  Eric tries to tell him he can’t go.  John says you suckered Rick into taking the job so let him handle it.  Rick assures Eric as he leaves with John that he and Ridge will work it out.

With Dad gone fishing, Rick asks if anyone else needs some R&R.  Think about it because things aren’t going to be easy around for anyone of you.  As far as Rick is concerned they have all betrayed him.

From Ridge he needs some worthwhile designs and if he need to hold Caroline’s hand while he does it it – Rick doesn’t care.  He turns to Caroline – you will be hearing from my attorney, he states.

As an attorney Carter advises a cooling off period before Rick call his attorney about Caroline and his divorce.

Rick tells Carter that he has always been loyal to Ridge – that will need to change if he expects to stay.  Carter says he loyal to Forrester and as as Forrester’s attorney Carter suggests Rick legally be careful about the decisions he makes.  Maya is all over you – she’s money grubbing…

Rick cuts Carter off – He won’t have Maya spoken badly about.  She was the only one who told him the truth and if any of them have a problem with him or Maya, Rick suggests they get out.

Ridge asks if Rick is really going to throw his weight around.  Caroline asks if they can please talk alone.  Rick says he doesn’t care what any of them think only their lead model – Maya.

Rick asks Caroline to design Maya a new show stopper dress.  Caroline refuses.  Maya is rubbing this in.  It’s not too late for them Caroline says.  She’s not giving up on their marriage.  An angry Rick ends the meeting and throws everyone out.

Alone Maya tells Rick it was good he stood up to them.  He’s CEO they will learn to respect that Rick says then asks Maya for a moment alone.

Maya doesn’t stay away long.  She comes in with champagne and caviar.  He’s CEO and she’s lead model.  If ever there was a time to celebrate its now.  Maya tells Rick that in time he’ll forget her – if he focuses on them Maya says as she kisses him.

Caroline and Ridge

Caroline thanks Ridge for sticking up for Caroline in the meeting – trying to take the blame for what happened between them.  But it was both their faults.  What is she supposed to do Caroline asks Ridge.  Rick’s leaving her and hooking up with Maya.

Hope’s First Ultrasound

Liam is in an office with Hope at Forrester Creations. Hope isn’t in the leadership meeting because she has another appointment; she tells Liam when he thinks he is keeping her.  Wyatt arrives and says lets rock and roll – its ultrasound time.  Big day – first ultrasound.  First look at our bambina or bambino.  Wyatt tells Liam that he saw Ivy at receptions as he and Hope leave.

They arrive at their ultrasound appointment.  They won’t know until the next appointment whether it’s a boy of a girl.  Quinn is present disguised in scrubs, mask and gloves….watching from the door way.

Hope and Wyatt are emotional as they get a first look at their baby


In his office Liam gets a text from Ivy.  Was he still in the building?  But Liam can’t stop thinking about Hope who is having her first ultrasound.  He drafts a text message, but it is to Hope, not Ivy.  How’d it go?  Liam writes.  Will he press send?



  1. As a mother of three an ultrasound will give the size of fetus weeks along so how long til they figure out hope and Wyatt weren’t together at the time of conception ?

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