November 7: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Nicole Needs To Make Things Right with Zende

Monday, November 7, 2016 – Episode #7457


Liam and Steffy: Home

Over in Malibu, at Liam’s Cliff House, Liam and Steffy are enjoying a quiet night in over red wine.  They discuss their relationship and how they got to this point.  Liam tells Steffy that every minute he spent missing her brought him closer to this point; where they are reunited.

Nicole Has a Change of Heart

With Zende rushing off to Hawaii, with Sasha, Nicole has a last minute change of heart.  She was unable to go through with the insemination procedure at the last minute realizing how much she hurt Zende with her decision.  She understands now that to him it felt like she was telling him he didn’t matter.  That giving Lizzie a brother or sister was bigger than, him, her and them as a couple.

Later, back at home, in Brooke’s kitchen eating take out Chinese, Nicole tells Maya that she knows Zende wants to be with her; not Sasha.  Nicole says she has to make this right. 

Nicole goes to find Zende.

Later, alone, Maya tells Rick, that even though Zende is behaving like himself right now, and in spite of everything that he and Nicole have been through, Maya believes Zende and Nicole belong together.

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B&B SPoilers November 7, 2016
Starting to see things from Zende’s point of view, Nicole decides she needs to fix things between them. But will it be too late?

Friday November 7, 2014

Quinn has advice for Wyatt…

A little grand theft, a little larceny – what’s on your plate today Deacon asks Quinn.  Ever been to Amsterdam Quinn asks Deacon.  But Quinn isn’t really headed there – just yanking Deacon’s chain.

Quinn shows Deacon the ultrasound photo. Quinn believes the baby is a girl.  She admits that Hope was angry when she was at the appointment.

Deacon has spoken to Hope and Deacon fills Quinn in that Ivy and Liam are going to Amsterdam…all four of them on a plane together flying to Amsterdam.  Quinn says Wyatt has to take action – he needs to make sure Liam moves on with Ivy  Quinn makes a call.

Amsterdam Bound

Wyatt and Hope get up in the morning with Wyatt impressing everyone with his Dutch.  Hope brings the conversation back to business

Be prepared for a lot of attention Hope tells Ivy.  It’s your jewelry we are featuring.

Wyatt gets a text from his mother.  Hope reminds him that Quinn isn’t allowed anywhere near them.  Wyatt asks if that is realistic.  Liam mutters it better be. Wyatt isn’t impressed.  The tension over Quinn is starting to show in Wyatt and Hope’s relationship.

They go through the itinerary for the shoot.  Fashion in Dam Square and the close-ups of the jewelry in the studio.  Ivy and Wyatt admit to being excited.  Wyatt says let’s make this better than Paris.  Ivy and Liam humph.  Ivy tells Hope she wants everyone to get one, but Hope is clearly distracted as focus returns to work.

As they arrive in Dam Square and tour the shoot location it is clear that Hope and Wyatt are tense – especially Hope as she watches Liam walk off with Ivy his hand around her.

As they get a tour of Amsterdam they are told how many bridges there are.  Ivy says that’s the last thing they need – more bridges.

Wyatt gets a call from Quinn.  Make sure Liam hooks up with Ivy and keep her away from Hope.  The last string between Liam and Hope needs to be cut – do it in Amsterdam.  Make some waves Quinn advices her son, who seems to take his mother’s words to heart.

Wyatt is impressed by Lars boat – Wyatt wants to plan a romantic evening on Lars’ boat for Ivy and Liam – a love boat…

Desperate Maya Wants Carter to Annul Rick’s Marriage

Caroline tells Carter that Rick didn’t come home again last night. He’s shaking up with Maya Caroline says.  Carter says Maya exploited Caroline’s mistake.  She asks Carter what she should do.  Carter doesn’t expect that Maya will let go.

After seeing Rick (below) Maya turns up in Carter’s office. She wants to know what Caroline was talking to her about.  What does she want as a settlement?  Carter giggles that in California law she’s entitled to half of everything.  He tells her she doesn’t want a divorce.  Maya becomes firm.  She wants Caroline and Rick’s marriage annulled – today.

It’s not like cancelling a hair appointment, Carter tells Maya.  Maya says she’s the future Mrs. Forrester.  Is that a threat Carter says – you’re getting very full of yourself these days.  Carter says Rick still loves Caroline and that scares Maya to death.

CEO Office

Meanwhile Maya finds Rick in the CEO office.  She kisses him good morning but Rick pulls out of the kiss.  Its Caroline she says.  You’re still thinking of her.  Maya reminds Rick Caroline and Ridge would have had an affair if she didn’t call them out.  Do you want a woman you can’t trust or someone who supports you?  Make it official Maya tells him.  End your marriage Maya tells Rick.

Caroline tries to sneak in and out of Rick’s office without causing her more grief.  They end up in an argument about Maya.

Caroline tells Rick they both have to learn to forgive.  Maya is just an opportunist and you are smart enough to see that.  I love you rick and I know that you love me too caroline tells her husband and Maya listens from outside the office.



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