November 8: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Do You Still Have Feelings For Forrester?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – Episode #7457


You Left Me at The Altar

Bill and Brooke deal with the issues hanging between them after their failed wedding attempt last week.  When Ridge turned up on Brooke’s wedding day and told her not to marry Bill but to come back to him, Bill decided that Ridge had tainted their wedding day and while they would get married, it wouldn’t be that day.

Now Brooke feels she has to remind Bill that he was the one who left her at the altar.  But while Bill still loves Brooke and wants to marry her, he has to be sure where Brooke’s true feelings lie; with him, or with Ridge.  He takes Brooke by the shoulders and asks her if she still has feelings for Forrester.

Just Another Failed Affair

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Quinn is exercising her control as Quinn Forrester.  And Ridge is still resisting.  Ridge tells Quinn that her soul is the darkest thing he has ever seen.  Ridge is certain that eventually Eric will see that too; and Quinn will become just another ridiculous chapter in Eric’s book of failed affairs.

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November 8 2016 B& B Spoilers


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