The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 14 – 18, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful November 14-18, 2016:  Ridge reels from his failure; Quinn is jealous of time Eric spent with Katie; Bill wants to elope.

    Can an old flame end Bill and Brooke’s future?

    Liam, Wyatt and Steffy

    Steffy went along with Ridge’s plan for her not to wear the showstopper to sabotage Quinn’s execution of the fashion show.  But Later, Steffy must admit to her father (?) that what Quinn did in response – wearing the showstopper – saved Forrester Creations.

    The fashion show makes Wyatt even more of a believer in Quinn and Eric’s relationship.

    Band B Spoilers November 14 - 18, 2016

    Quinn and Eric

    It looks like trouble is set to rear its ugly head in Quinn and Eric’s paradise.  While Quinn was busy deflecting Ridge and Steffy’s attempts to sabotage the fashion show, Eric was watching the fashion show with Katie.  Katie dropped by to thank Eric for getting Will into one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive schools.  Eric, while sipping champagne with Katie can only praise his wife.  He tells Katie that the important thing is that Quinn came through for him, the way he knew she would.

    After the show, at Forrester Creations, and with Quinn still wearing the showstopper, Quinn is magnanimous despite Ridge and Steffy’s attempts to make her fail, but refusing to “be a footnote to Quinn’s jewelry”.  She tells Wyatt, Ivy, Steffy and Ridge that she is humbled and honored she is to have been able to represent Forrester Creations today.

    Quinn will not be a happy camper when she learns about the cozy get together.  She tells Eric that all she wished for the day was that he had been by her side sharing her success.  Then she comes home to find that he has shared the day with somebody else (who wears lipstick).

    Quinn tells Wyatt that she doesn’t like a single woman being in the house with her husband.  Wyatt suggests that his mother is being paranoid.  Quinn’s jealousy escalates however when she learns that Katie may be their new neighbor.  Katie is just too close for Quinn’s comfort.  After Quinn’s words Katie feels it necessary to tell Eric about it.


    The impact of trying to dislodge Quinn from Forrester Creations and his family; and failing time and time again; starts to have an impact on Ridge’s mental state.  He goes to Brooke who supports him.

    Bill, Brooke and Ridge

    When Ridge’s sabotage plot fails, he goes to Brooke for support.  Brooke gives him the support and encouragement he needs.  She cares about him and Bill so much Brooke tells Ridge.

    Bill remains determined to marry Brooke despite their history of not being able to make it down the aisle.  To try win RJ’s over, Bill reluctantly spends time with the teen and tries to forge a relationship between them.

    That seems like a project destined to fail however; because RJ has been clear about wanting his family back together.  And that means Ridge being with Brooke, not Bill.

    But Bill isn’t giving up.  He asks Brooke to elope with him.  They’d better keep the locale secret given Ridges propensity for showing up and disrupting their weddings.

    But first Brooke needs to understand where Ridge’s determination for them to get back together is coming from him.  To help Brooke understand Ridge takes her on a walk down memory lane by taking Brooke to spend time somewhere that has always been special to them as a couple.

    Bill wants to know if Brooke’s relationship with Ridge is over or whether it is their relationship that is over.

    Nicole, Zende and Sasha

    Despite Zende believing he and Nicole can get past Zende sleeping with her sister; Nicole is adamant that it is over.  She is disgusted that it took so little to send Zende back into her sister’s bed.

    And the blame game has started over who’s fault it is that Zende and Nicole aren’t together; Sasha blames Maya for asking their sister to have another baby for her; Zende blames Nicole for not making his feelings a priority, and Maya blames Sasha.

    Sasha is adamant she would never have slept with Zende if she knew Nicole didn’t have the procedure.  But that matters little to Nicole.  Zende recommends that Sasha not try to plead her case to Nicole and give Nicole some space to process what has happened.  Sasha, understands the complicated mess they find themselves in, but still wants to know where she and Zende stand.

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    Coming Up on The Bold and the Beautiful

    Pam and Charlie once again cook up a storm for Thanksgiving.  Steffy continues the tradition of saying something nice about the person seated to their right at Thanksgiving dinner.

    Brooke and Bill manage to tie the knot.

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