January 16: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday January 16, 2017 – Episode #7504


So Charming

After their symposium in San Francisco, Quinn has worked out that Ridge is responsible for the mix up with the hotel rooms.  The accusations fly.  Ridge thinks she was just about to succumb to his charms.  But Quinn maintains there is no way she would betray Eric.

While downing a straight tequila, Quinn tells Ridge he is so charming but he got caught.  There is now way he is going to be able to charm his way out of this one once Eric learns what Ridge has been scheming.

Katie Keeps Eric Company

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Quinn is unlikely to be pleased that Katie is keeping Eric company in Quinn’s absence. Eric and Katie discuss Eric’s plan to push Steffy and Wyatt back together.  Katie is honest with Eric and tells him that she doesn’t think its smart to pressure Steffy into anything.

Episode Summary:

Wyatt is in the mood to party after Quinn and Ridge’s success at the symposium.  Since they are both “bachelors” Wyatt wants Eric to join him, but Eric reminds Wyatt that neither of them are bachelors.

Katie arrives and learns about Quinn and Ridge’s business trip.  She asks about the portrait of Steffy.  Eric explains it was for when Steffy lived in the mansion with her family.  Katie is surprised and thinks he means Liam, but has a warning for Eric and Wyatt when she learns that Eric tried to get Steffy to move back into the mansion with Wyatt.  She tells them not to pressure Steffy.  Especially since Steffy and Wyatt wouldn’t have married if Quinn hadn’t kidnapped Liam.  Wyatt can’t deny the truth of it, but reminds Katie that his and Steffy’s feelings for each other were real.

Meanwhile, at Thomas loft, where Steffy has moved instead of the mansion in support her grandfather’s wish that she not live with Liam until her divorce is final, Liam tries to convince Steffy to come back to the Cliff house – their home – with him.  Steffy asks Liam to respect her decision.  She will come home when her divorce is final.  Liam quips that Wyatt seems to keep coming between them, not even her tattoo has gone.  He will just have to get her a ring to cover it, Liam decides.

In San Francisco, Quinn tells Ridge he is very charming but he isn’t going to charm his way out of this one.  They spar over old ground; Ridge isn’t a Forrester, strictly Thorne is, but can’t get a look in with Ridge around. Ridge takes what he wants and is a womanizer. Ridge admits his plan to discredit Quinn in Eric’s eyes by taking a compromising photo of them.  Ridge is no saint and shouldn’t sit in judgement of her.  Quinn doesn’t believe he thought she would fall into bed with him. She tells him he can go to hell, if hell with have him.  Quinn throws him out.

January 16 2017 B&B Spoilers

Friday, January 16, 2015 – Episode #6995

Deliriously Happy Maya

Maya arrives on the sky lounge while Carter is working out and Othello is visiting.  He calls Maya mistress of the empire.  Maya gloats about Rick finally tlling her he loves her.  He’s committed she tells Carter.  But Carter is suspicious.  He thinks its too fast.  We are in love Maya states irritated.  He moved mountains to be with her.  How much more proof does he need?  She was intimidated by Caroline and the hold she had over Rick, but not anymore.  Not ever again.  Rick loves her

Later, Othello tells Carter that Rick didn’t have it easy.  He’s Eric’s blood he’s always felt like the bastard because of Stephanie.

Righteous Ivy

Caroline asks Rick if he’s heard from Wyatt.  He shouldn’t be gone much longer Rick says.  He and Hope are strong – they will pull through this.  Ivy tells him that’s what she admires about marriage.  Those who hang onto their vows and the feelings they have for each other when times are at their worst.

Ivy tells Rick she didn’t tell his secret he has to know he trusts her.  Rick has to realize that there is only so much a woman can take.  Rick says his only concern is about running this business.  Its been his dream since he was a kid and making his father proud.

Ivy warns him that the contract isn’t going to stop Ridge from trying to take control.  But it will give him a year to make his mark. Ridge has tormented him since he was a child.  First his mother and now his wife…Rick tells Ivy he has a lot of work to get done and she leaves.  Rick tells out his cell phone…

Ridge arrives in Rick’s office.  He tells him it will be a cold day in hell before he takes orders from him.   Your designs were due this morning Rick reminds him.  Ridge confronts him about his recent behavior.  If Ridge wants the portrait go get it from the garage.  Ridge rants against Rick as Maya enters.  If you can’t leave your personal baggage at the door Rick’s bulldog, Maya, states, maybe you should go design somewhere else.  Rick smiles as Maya does his dirty work.

You hurt people Maya tells Ridge.  Respect him as a boss or get out. Ridge leaves and runs into Carter in the foyer.  Ridge is angry with Rick.  He’s not going to just fall inline after Rick deceived his father and him.

Alone, Maya apologizes if she overstepped.  He says no one has ever done that for him and thanks her.  The future is up to them Rick says.

Ridge and Caroline Kissing Instead of Working

Caroline smiles as she works remembering working with Ridge. Ridge arrives takes her hand and kisses her. She wonders if they are crazy.  Ridge says he’s not letting her go.

Later they decide to take things slow.  Make sure their feelings aren’t a reaction to him losing Katie and her losing Rick.  He doesn’t want this to end before its had a chance to begin.

Caroline admits it’s the first time in a long time she hasn’t been miserable.  She has no more tears for a man who doesn’t love her.  She does wonder how it will work them being together and working for Rick.

Ridge doesn’t want to talk about Rick but Rick texts him about his designs.

Caroline is alone later and Ivy arrives to show her some jewelry from the latest collection. Ivy notes she’s smiling.  Caroline simply says she can’t make any decisions about jewelry without Ridge.  Ivy is happy Caroline is happy, but what has changed she wonders. Caroline says she lost sight of who she was and how much she had to offer and then someone was able to remind me how beautiful and strong I am.  Someone meaning Ridge Ivy asks?  They are taking it very slow Caroline says to Ivy, but yeah.  Ridge and her.

A girl arrives at the door looking for Maya – she’s Nicole Avant, Maya’s little sister.