January 19: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: We should be together. Now!

Wednesday January 19, 2017 – Episode #7507


We Should Be Together

Liam is exasperated by the constant interferences in his relationship with Steffy.  He tells Steffy that he is sick of her grandfather, Quinn and Wyatt teaming up against him.  She chose him, and they should be together.  Now, Liam states emphatically.

The Secret

When Ridge does an about face on his goal to discredit Quinn in his father’s eyes, Quinn is dumbfounded.  He got what he wanted, the ammunition to get her out of his father’s life.  She and Ridge kissed.

But Quinn is stunned when Ridge agrees to keep what happened between them in San Francisco a secret.  Given he has wanted her out of his father’s life so long she can’t believe he is willing to keep this a secret.

Later, Ridge is forced to admit that he thought he knew how Quinn was going to react, but that he has read her all wrong.  He had no idea.

Meanwhile at home at the Forrester mansion while discussing his relationship with Steffy, Wyatt tells Eric that he wants someone in his life that believes in him as completely as Eric believes in his mother.

January 19 2017 B&B Spoilers

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 – Episode #7250


January 19 2016 B&BWyatt is surprised to find Liam at Forrester Creations.  Wyatt says he thought Liam was off getting cozy with his ex.

Steffy tells Liam that he is looking at her as if she betrayed him.  Steffy tells Liam that she knows it’s not over for them.

Wyatt tells his mother that not only is Liam leaving the company, but it looks like he’s distancing himself from Steffy.

Sasha confides in Zende about what Nicole did.  Sasha tells him that Nicole took the greatest opportunity she has ever been given and threw it all away.  Later Nicole tells Zende that she is really scared of losing him.

Episode Summary:

Quinn Pushes Wyatt Towards Steffy

Quinn questions Wyatt about what happened between Steffy and Liam.  As far as Wyatt knows Liam is still down under with his ex girlfriend.  Quinn send Wyatt to the Vice President to approve some designs.  Wyatt knows what she is doing.  She’s trying to push him and Steffy together.

Liam Resigns From Forrester Creations

Liam packs his things are Forrester Creations.  He sees a photo of Steffy and remembers finding her in their bed in Wyatt’s arms.  Steffy arrives.  She wants to talk.  He says he’s left his resignation letter for Ridge.  She tells him he can’t.  Too late Liam spits.

Liam asks for his house key back. Steffy can send for her stuff later.  Steffy knows he’s upset but is this really a reason to end their relationship?  Their engagement?

Wyatt walks in with the designs Quinn wants approved.  He asks Liam what he is doing there.  He thought Liam was still off getting cozy with his ex.  He wonders why Liam is packing.  Wyatt thinks he’s overreacting.  Given what he did the other night, Wyatt says,

Steffy wants to talk.  But Liam says they are no longer part of each other’s lives.  What is there to talk about?  Wyatt tells him brother that throwing away a woman like Steffy is just plain stupid and leaves.

Steffy says this isn’t what he wants.  Why is he doing this Steffy wants to know.  Liam thinks he should ask himself that.  Steffy asks if it’s because of Ivy.  He tells her not to blame Ivy.  It’s not her fault.  No she can see in his eyes that it’s her fault.  He’s looking at her like she’s betrayed him.

They argue about Steffy doing whatever she wants and fiving no thought to how it affects other people. Steffy says she hates that Ivy got hurt and she disappointed him.  But she’s upset too.  She called him and texted him and waited at hoem for him.  But she got nothing back from him.  Then finally she gets a call saying he’s in Australia with Ivy.

Liam agrees.  Then she hung up on him.  He wonders what she might have learned if she hadn’t done that.  Steffy yells that she felt abandoned and betrayed. Does he have any idea what that feels like Steffy asks.

Liam glares at Steffy and stays “Yeah, actually I do.”

Steffy just wants to go home and talk, but Liam thinks he’s said everything he needs to say.  He can’t be around here.  You can’t be around me, Steffy corrects him.

Steffy is confused.  She thinks there is still hope for them.  Nothing happened that they can’t survive she tells him.  They can get past this. Noone can come between them.  Liam always wanted to believe that.  Steffy tells him they can overcome this.  She doesn’t understand where any of this is coming from.  She knows he‘s disappointed in her.  She’s sorry and she loves him.  Despite everything he’s saying she knows it’s not over for them.

Steffy kisses Liam.

Quinn and Wyatt

Wyatt tells Quinn that Liam is back, resigning and leaving the company.  Quinn keeps quizzing him about what happened. Wyatt doesn’t want to tell her she’ll probably pull a muscle jumping for joy.  Wyatt tells Quinn that not only is he leaving the company but he’s distancing himself from Steffy.

When Wyatt won’t tell him more, Quinn goes to find out for herself what is going on. Wyatt doesn’t take the bait until Quinn promises no scheming.  Liam said that he was moving on and that they weren’t part of their lives anymore.

Quinn decides that is good for Steffy she deserves someone so much better she tells her son.

Sasha Tell Zende Nicole Doesn’t Trust Her

Sasha comes past the Forrester Mansion.  Zende still thinks this all has to be a mistake.  But Sasha overheard her clearly telling Rick not to give her the modeling gig.  Zende doesn’t understand why Nicole would do this it doesn’t make sense.  Sasha tells him its because she doesn’t want Sasha near Zende.  She feels threatened.

Zende says this seems so unlike Nicole.  Sasha is as shocked as he is.  She took the greatest opportunity that she’s ever been given and threw it all away because she doesn’t trust Sasha.  Zende wonders if that mean Nicole doesn’t trust him either.  Sasha assures him that’s not the case.  Nicole just isn’t herself at the moment and they both know why.

Zende thinks maybe he should have been more supported.  Sasha assures him he did nothing wrong.  Nicole arrives.  Nicole is so sorry about Sasha’s lost modeling opportunity.  Zende says if she’s so sorry why did she tell Rick not to hire Sasha.  He wants to know why she would do this.

Nicole isn’t proud of what she’s done. She hasn’t been herself lately; insecure about everything.  They were having so much fun at the photo shoot and the chemistry between them.  Sasha says they were 100% professional.  Zende wants to know why she didn’t talk to him.  Nicole is embarrassed to admit that she will lose Zende.

A lot of it has to do with being pregnant.  She’s way more emotional than usual.  She’s not herself and she doesn’t’ know who she is right now.  Zende encourages her to keep talking to him.  Nicole says that their relationship has changed.  And Sasha is beautiful and funny but they have this history of competing and how could she not be jealous.  Sasha says she knows that she would never do that.  Nicole says she deserves this and she will talk to Rick  She is so sorry.  She will be a great model just like Maya.  Nicole hopes she can forgive her.  The friends hug.


Monday January 19, 2015 – Episode #6996

Liam and Katie are Promoted

Bill is making some staff changes.  Ivy arrives.  Bill called her.  He thought she would like to be here when he named Liam as President of Spencer Publications.  They employees like you better than me Bill notes.  Katie  has a nail appointment to get to so what’s the second announcement.

He’s created a vacuum in his leadership – Vice president.  He wants Katie to take the job.  I need you back he says – if she can stand him.  Katie wants childcare reinstated and flex hours – she can do a lot from home.

Speaking of home Bills says he likes that house.  He would settle for sleeping in his old bed.  And there is the quid pro quo Katie says.  She’ll make him dinner instead. Justin arrives with a contract but Katie takes it to read it over.  She leaves stating he owes her a manicure too.

Caroline arrives at Uncle Bill’s office.  Caroline fills him in on Rick’s act that he’s actually shacking up  with Maya.  Don’t go ballistic Caroline warns Bill.  Caroline wanted to be back with Rick but he doesn’t want that.

Bill leaves Caroline in his office and Katie arrives.  It’s the first time they’ve been face to face since Katie dumped Ridge. Katie tells Caroline that she didn’t ruin her life.  Ridge is an amazing man and she lost herself in him and it felt good for while. But he’s an artist and that makes his work his first love.  Katie wanted to be more than what he needed to be.  She forgot who she was.  Katie advises Caroline to never forget who she is.

Caroline and Katie talk about Bill.  Katie is more comfortable with herself no and its letting her take a second look at her and Bill.

You Seem Different

Caroline tells Rick that Maya’s sister arrived.  Relatives come out of the woodwork when you’re newly successful she says.

Whatever the opposite of shyness is that runs in the family.  Young, pretty her name is Nicole Caroline tells Rick.  Rick notes Caroline seems different.  Caroline tells him that maybe he just never knew her very well.

Pam comes in with Stephanie’s portrait.  She’s shaming him.  She’s going to keep Stephanie at her desk.  No she won’t says Rick.  He’ll have shipping wrap it up.

Rick tries to have Pam do research on Maya’s family.  Pam says she’s not doing a deep background check on his girlfriend.  She’s not surprised Rick doesn’t trust Maya.  Pam would live to feels sorry for Rick, but he’s spent enough time doing that for all of them.

Nicole Arrives to Visit Maya – So Does Bill

Nicole arrives at the Forrester Mansion.  Initially Maya doesn’t recognize her.  She’s transferred to UCLA.  She wondered whether she hadn’t Maya for so long because Maya wanted it that way.  Nicole makes a comment about Maya being involved with a married man.

I didn’t know what they told you about me and I didn’t know what you thought.  That’s why my birthday cards and Christmas cards didn’t say much.

Nicole just kept quiet.  That $100 was her – just before she went to jail – Nicole hacked the system and added a zero.  Maya thought that was a mistake so she kept quiet…When Maya tries to find paper to write down her address Nicole realizes she doesn’t know her home very well.  May says she’s trying…

Nicole is majoring in Computer Science. But she wants to design – not clothes.  Maya asks her what kind of future there is for a woman in that field.  Nicole takes offense and asks her what kind of future there is as a lead model – she’s already getting lines around her mouth.  Nicole says she missed her sister.  She was angry she went her own way, but only because she was too young to do the same thing.

Bill Threatens Maya

After Nicole has gone, Bill arrives at the Forrester Mansion and calls Maya the resident squatter.  Is this some trailer part fantasy of hers.  Maya claims Rick is in love with her.  Bill tells her that Rick is in love with being in misery.  He’s married to Caroline Bill tells her.  Maya says she can call the police and remove him.  Bill says she’s the one that is going to be removed.  He tells her he can make her ugly past stick to her in a New York minute.  She has 24 hours to say her goodbye’s Bill threatens Maya.



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