January 26: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: I’m The First Born Son

Wednesday January 26, 2017 – Episode #7511


Quinn’s Olive Branch

Since Ridge agreed to keep what happened between them in San Francisco a secret, Quinn’s attitude to Ridge has softened along with his towards her.  In return, Quinn has put the wheels in motion to make peace in the Forrester family.

Quinn tells Ridge that she has done something that she hopes he won’t be angry about.  Since Quinn asked Eric to consider asking Steffy to co-CEO Forrester with Ridge, Ridge is unlikely to mind, but will be more than a little surprised.  The generous move is also unlikely to help him stop thinking about the one kiss they shared in San Francisco…

Quinn and Ridge seemed to have formed a deeper friendship.  One that has Quinn confiding that she doesn’t want her son thinking of her as an overbearing mother.

Meanwhile Eric confides in Katie about Quinn’s idea.  Katie tells Eric that she knows Ridge hurt him; but he is still Eric’s son.

Thomas Resents Being Passed Over

Over at Forrester Creations, with Steffy, Thomas voices his resentment about not being offered the CEO position himself; he is after all Ridge’s first born son; the logical choice as far as Thomas is concerned.  Thomas notes that Eric gave Ridge the option of who would take over as CEO, so why not him?

Of course, Thomas has indicated his interest in running Forrester Creations more than once, but is he forgetting the recent animosity between him and his father.  You know that whole “slept with his dad’s wife and got her pregnant” thing?

January 26 2017 B&B Spoilers


Tuesday, January 26, 2016 – Episode #7255


January 26 2016 B&BQuinn gets a phone call from Ivy.  You’ve got some nerve, she tells the young woman.  Ivy begs Quinn not to hang up.  Liam remains unconscious in Quinn’s cabin as Quinn speaks with Ivy.

Still at Wyatt’s place, Steffy says all Liam had to do was come home.  She still doesn’t understand why he didn’t.

After overhearing Brooke confess to Bill that he is the love of her life and that Katie must never know; Katie retreats to her office where she breaks down.  She said she wouldn’t do this, Katie wails under the emotional duress.  She promised Katie sobs.

Meanwhile Bill assures Brooke that Katie will never know about any of this (Brooke and Bill have admitted they still have feelings for each other but are determined not to act on them).

Episode Summary:

Brooke Can’t Work at Spencer

Katie overhears Brooke telling Bill that he is the love of her life and always will be.  Crushed emotionally Katie moves away from the door.

Brooke pulls away and apologizes for being so emotional.  She tells him she has to leave.  Working at Spencer is not a good Idea.  Bill says they won’t cross a line.  He doesn’t want to lose his family and she doesn’t want to lose her sister.  They just need to put their feelings away and put them in the past.  Brooke agrees they will do that for Katie.  Bill thinks they can do this.  They can fight this they are strong.

He loves Katie and Will deserves to have his family together. Katie wants Brooke here.  They are going to do this for Katie.  She will never find out about any of this Bill says.

Katie Overhears Brooke’s Confession

An emotionally wrecked Katie goes to her office and mutters this isn’t happening,  She promised she wouldn’t do this.  She picks up a photo of her and Brooke while she cries and utters over and over; you promised.

Katie pours herself a drink calling herself stupid.  She stops to think this through. She remembers all that happened before and says she can’t let that happen.  She throws the picture to the floor smashing it and takes a swig of her drink.

She picks up the shards of glass remembering Brooke promise never to interfere in her marriage again.  How could she do this to her Katie asks as she regrets asking Brooke to come work with them.

Katie hyperventilates grabs her chest and collapses.  Brooke enters.  She wants to call 911.  She yells at Brooke not to. She’s fine.  Is it your heart Brooke asks?  Yes it’s her heart Katie says.  Brooke goes to call her doctor.  From the floor Katie tells Brooke that she knows what she said to Bill.  She’s still in love with her husband.

Quinn Gets A Call From Ivy

Quinn keeps a vigil over an unconscious Liam at her cabin.  She gets a call from Ivy.  She’s calling because he’s trying to get a hold of Liam.  She was a little concerned.  Ivy tells Quinn about Liam hitting his head and being knocked unconscious in the airplane lavatory.  Quinn is glad to get the information about Liam but doesn’t let Ivy know that.  Where is Ivy’s concern for her son she wonders.  She tells Ivy to go throw another shrimp on the Barbie and hangs up.

Quinn drafts a text message to Steffy from Liam

Steffy Hears From Liam

Steffy tells Wyatt they use the shampoo, but its actually Ivy’s .  Same taste in hair products and same taste in men Steffy notes.  Steffy tells him today was exactly what she needed.  She checks her phone.  Still no word from Liam.  She was trying to save their relationship and he couldn’t hear her out Steffy says.  All he had to do was come home.  Steffy doesn’t understand why he didn’t.

Steffy tells Wyatt he’s been incredible. He enjoyed the company also. She asks how he is doing.  He says he’s okay.  He wasn’t at first, but time is moving on and he can’t change the situation.  She left and went to another country.  At least he knows why.  Steffy is in the dark.  Steffy says what Ivy did to him was horrible.  He says he’s moving on.  Steffy suggests he get rid of Ivy’s stuff.  Wyatt jokes that the leopard print slippers and flowered shower cap is his.

Steffy tells Wyatt that he brings out her adventurous side.  She’s been more mellow lately. Wyatt tells her she will be okay.  She is trying her best to move on.  Wyatt agrees life is easy and you just have to roll with it.  He says he sounds like his mother…Steffy assures him he’s nothing like Quinn.

Wyatt tells Steffy the day was awesome, including the kiss.  You kissed me Wyatt says when she plays at forgetting…of course she remembers.  How could she forget.  Wyatt admits it took him by surprise.  Steffy says she was thanking him; for caring and being there and making her laugh.  She wants to get on with her life, but there is a lot of history between her and Liam.  She’s confused why he ended things.

Steffy gets a text from Liam.  “I need time on my own.  Its over.”

She shows Wyatt.  He tells her to forget him.  He gave up the most fantastic girl in the world.  He kows its too soon, but he feels something between them.  He thinks she does too.  Why fight it.  Lets hold on ride this epic wave together.  Wyatt says she can count on him.  He’s that man.  Wyatt kisses Steffy.


Monday, January 26, 2015 – Episode #7001

Rick Shoots at Ridge and Caroline

Seeing Caroline and Ridge making out, Rick fires three shots into the office.

Ridge jumps on top of Caroline to protect her.  Rick says what are you doing – drawing?  Caroline and Ridge stare at Rick incredulous.  I had to get you off her, Rick tells Ridge.  Apparently that didn’t work…

Ridge takes the gun from Rick.  Charlie Pam and Carter arrive.  Ridge tells them Rick shot tat them.  Charlie goes to check the adjoining offices make sure no one was hit as collateral damage.  Carter asks what the hell he was doing.  Rick explains what happened. He was defiling my wife Rick states.  Now she’s your wife?  Ridge asks.  Which is it?  Do you want to be with her or not Ridge wonders. Do you want to be with he or not ridge asks.  Rick simply says she will get a visit from his attorney leave the gun with him.  And stay off my wife Rick yells as he leaves.

Alone, Ridge says he thought Rick was getting better, but he‘s not.  Ridge looks for Lt Baker’s phone number.  Caroline wont’ let him call the police, though.  He didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  You have to let it go Caroline says.  She has put Rick through enough.  Please don’t call the police she begs.

Ridge thinks she is extraordinary, and he thinks they can be extraordinary together.  Let’s leave Forrester and start our own Design Company he says.  He wants to see her happy.  Run away with me Ridge asks.

Brooke Asks Maya what is going on?

Maya covers up and whishes that Rick was here.  He will be glad she’s back.  Brooke wonders what Maya is doing in Eric’s home.  Maya says the portrait wasn’t her idea.  But she’s getting used to it and everyone else should too Brooke supposes.  Last she heard Rick and Caroline were having problems but she never expected this.

Maya doesn’t feel comfortable discussing what has happened dressed in her underwear.  Brooke says she’ll put Stephanie’s portrait back.

Maya returns and Brooke notes that the portrait wasn’t in the garage. Maya tells Brooke she loves her son very much.  And what about Caroline? Brooke says.  Maya simply says Caroline turned to someone else.  Ricks wife was unfaithful with Ridge Maya says calling Brooke Mrs Forrester.

Maya fills her in on what happened.  And you were there to pick up the pieces Brooke notes.  Maya says she respected his marriage until Ridge and Caroline gave Rick and her reason not to her.  Brooke changes her tune.  Now she wants to know how Caroline could do this to her son.

Maya is sure that Caroline and Ridge will have a different take.  Mays says supporting Rick has cost her.  he’s been called a golddigger and a home wrecker.  Rick needs someone in his corner besides me Maya says.  You’re his mother; I know we can count on you.

Ivy and Liam

After making love for the first time, Liam tells Ivy he loves her. Liam tells Ivy he has a spare toothbrush for in the morning so she doesn’t have to rush home.  Ivy wonders who’s home it is.  Rick is pretty volatile, Ivy notes you never know what he is going to do. They decide not to discuss Rick and instead think about what they will have for breakfast in the morning.  He wants stroop waffles for breakfast like they had in Amsterdam.

Ivy tells Liam this isn’t something she does easily or takes lightly.  Liam assures her this wouldn’t have happened if he had any thoughts of Hope.  He wants her he tells Ivy.  And stroop waffles Ivy jokes.



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